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The World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) have indicated their concerns about the rapid increase of anti-microbial resistance. Due primarily to the inappropriate overuse of antibiotics, bugs that can make people the sickest are increasingly able to fight off the strongest antibiotics currently available.[1]

The consequences are severe. Infections caused by resistant microbes fail to respond to treatment, resulting in prolonged illness and greater risk of death. Treatment failures also lead to longer periods of infectivity, which increase the numbers of infected people moving in the community and thus ex­pose the general population to the risk of contracting a resistant strain of infection.

The only answer to this problem as I can see is Homeopathy. With the given case of infection a Homeopath knows what to do? As rightly said by the Dr.K.C.Bhanja, Homeopaths do not give dose or drug to the patient, they give small small stimulants, which I say helps body to heal it self. I also say Homeopathic pills as Healing pills powered by nature.

The growing concern about making the body handicapped by using antibiotics, where the body can heal itself, has raised serious question about the nexus of so-called advocates of antibiotics & the pharmaceutical industry.

I would recommend you to read some more articles:
So, before we go to the world, lets us collect data of our clinical findings to substantiate our claim that Homoeopathy answer to Indiscriminate use of antibiotics.

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I know Duesberg's theory but it is not borne out by the facts.
I have treated Aids and if you look at the medical records and the pharmacopoeia you will find Aids is the Antibiotic-Induced Deficiency Syndrome.

I lived in Amsterdam for many years and there drug use is excessive, yet Aids is seen only in those with excessive repetition of venereal disease, which is always treated by antibiotics.

Up to 100kg in 10 to 15 yers is consimed by these people and if you consider the side effects, you see that they are the same as the disease pattern in Aids.

Duesberg is a virologist and not a drug expert. He speculates and cannot make any of his statements hard, except the kaposi sarcome from nitrate abuse - laughing gas and heart stimulants. Nitrous oxide.

HIV does not exist and there is not a single protocol in the world that describes it.
Here is an innovative alternative to antibiotics. Let nature clean it up.

As gross as it sounds, this is another ancient practice that involves the use of insects that has recently gained growing popularity within the medical field. It is mainly used to treat non-healing wounds. Also sometimes just called larva therapy, this type of healing technique requires the use of disinfected fly larvae. The larvae are applied to the wound and for about three days are kept thee in a special dressing that prevents any type of migration. Maggots not only help a wound to heal by speeding up the healing rate, but they also help to clean the wound by eating away at dissolving dead or infected tissue and killing any present bacteria.

She has taken steps to improve the diabetic condition and quit smoking.

What's missing? Homeopathy.

I was told that arnica in low potency , diluted and succussed, could also be used to clean the wounds of diabetic that are not healing.

The problem with wounds in diabetics, particularly in the extremities, is the poor circulation. Anica opens up the blood vessels. Leeches with their anti-coagulating agent in their saliva, also has similar effect and had been found to be effective in healing wounds of diabetics.

The whole notion and premise of anti-biotics is that the patient has no healing powers and potentials to heal itself. So the intervention is to seek and destroy the invading bugs with many deaths from "friendly fire". it would seem that there are enough pathogens in even the healthiest of us to kill us all but what kept these pathogens from becoming virulent is our body defence. Once this is weakened we become ill.

The key to homoeopathy is not to kill the bugs but to help the body return to health and the rest will take care of itself.

The era of Antibiotics has come to end.


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