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I am karthiyaini.I saw 1 patient with SLE having very bad obstetric history,am treating her with constitutional remedy.Is there any specific Homoeo remedy for SLE? guidance for miasmatic approach?

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thanks for sharing your patient
homeopathic approch toward Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic autoimmune disease
A history of suppression of symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs is the rule in lupus patients, even if they are currently refusing recommended steroids or chemotherapy agents. Underlying emotional complexes either predating the illness or in response to it are also common. These two conditions argue for the value of homeopathic remedies or flower essences, traditionally used to treat deep seated emotional conditions or the ill effects of suppression of symptoms with drugs.
i will say that tri to cover miasm is imprtant in case
thank you
dr ajay yadav
Thanks for ur reply.But I need some more information regarding this.she is in 30+,no issues.If possible give me some more information.Thanks once again.
I agree with dr. AJay
Well put.
A long distance discussion of "Try this try that" remedy selection just will not do.
This type of problem stems from an abuse of allopathics.
Not only must this be detoxed but iatrogenic symptoms must be antidoted.Only then can constitutional Anti miasmatic remedie protocal work.
Long term follow up monotoring is needed,each follow up visit must be re-analysed for the appearance of deep seated layers.
Thank you,
u r the one always watching and answering to my discussion.Thanks .I ll do her my Best things
thanks dr gina for sharing your skill


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