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Many good homoeopathic prescriptions are spoiled by too often repeated doses of the right remedy. We are often treating the effects of too many doses of the remedy when we think we are treating the disease. Please let us know your views.

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Is not the classical manner to treat only until a change is effected?  That's what I look for -- a change. And that change may be as simple as the patient falling into the deepest, restful sleep he/she's had in a long while.  I give ONE dose of remedy only (in chronic conditions) and WAIT. (I also dissolve the pellets in water and succuss before administration) If there is absolutely NO change within 3 - 5 days I'll repeat the dose and wait again. If no response within another 3 - 5 days I'll re-repertorize to find the correct remedy.

Water doses shaken well before use never spoil the case.They can be repeated without the danger of so called aggravation. 

sajjad .

That's good to know, Sajjad. Thank you!

I do not know why we homeopath are afraid to repeat. Perhaps we are not interested in rapid relief.However, unnecessary repetition is bad. The rule is ,stop when the patient is much better. That is all.


Let the people know that homeopathy works.If you give a single dose and you are waiting say for 7 days and  suppose the selection of the remedy is incorrect then what?


Dr Sushil,
If we are treating the disease, Is there need of repetition of doses? if it is restoration of health there is no need of repetition.
Repetition of doses is required in chronic cases ,when we select low potency .Todays environmental condition require repetition of doses in low potency & during change of weather repetition  monitoring is very-2 important .
Dr. Saraswat and Dr. Dasgupta gave good answers. The dose given before the action of first one is not exhausted, is always inimical. Too often repeatition is not advisable at all.


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