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This is my first posting. It is a great pleasure to me to join this international forum for homoeopaths.

Some years ago, I read a book by Alan Crook called, A Christian's Guide to Homeopathy. In it he cites as evidence for homoeopathy's effectiveness its use by India during Bangladesh's war for independence from West Pakistan in 1971. He claimed that homoeopathy had a far better survival rate and that the cost per treatment was a fraction of the conventional treatments.

Much has been made of homoeopathy's successes in treating epidemic diseases, but our denialist detractors make the point that we are in many cases comparing homoeopathy with medical treatments that were extant in the nineteenth century.

To the best of my understanding, rehydration therapy was the allopathic treatment protocol for cholera in the 1970s and therefore Crooks' claims are important since they compare homoeopathy's treatment of cholera with the modern allopathic treatment.

Do any of our Indian friends have any references to what Alan Crook is claiming? Does anyone have contact details for Alan Crook so that he could be asked directly what his sources are?

I would be grateful for any suggestions.

Best wishes,


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