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"Lynne McTaggart Frontier scientists around the globe have discovered evidence of the existence of a quantum energy field. The field may not only explain homoeopathy, but may be the main force we have to tap in order to heal......"

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Any comments guys?

Have a great day/night

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Thanks for posting. Have you seen the work on water by Roy Rustum too?
His paper shows the different stable structures that are formed in water and has found that the configurations are different for water as prepared for homeopathic remedies. It sure seems that these structures are nano- resonant cavities. --- nano receivers and transmitters (Much like microwave resonant cavities, but on a much smaller scale!) So it seems quite plausible that we are all in communication on this level. We communicate more with those we resonate with. We can intentionally resonate more with something in order to heal ourselves. (i.e. take a remedy!)
Hi Carol,
Thanks so much for your reply, you won't believe it, I was just reading an article from Homeopathy Research Institute on the complexities of water and one of their references was the paper from Rustum Roy, Tiller, Bell, Hoover which I downloaded. Obviously, I am meant to read this paper!! Thank you for forwarding the link to me. I will digest your reply, read the paper and go to sleep dreaming of water, homeopathy and microwave resonant cavities!! I have just uploaded more research papers on the forum, conclusions differ, some good, some bad. But we as Homeopathic practitioners see the effects of homeopathy in action every day and no amount of negative conclusions will sway me from my believe in this magnificent healing art.
Thanks again Carol. Hope to chat with you again soon.
If you want to know more about Biophotons you should examine/read the work of Fritz Albert Popp and Garaiev Pjotr. Pjotr a russian biophysicist says that DNA can be healed by Spoken language or sounds = vibrations. ... so if you make the link to homeopathy... it's easy!

Hi Jerry,
Thank you for your reply. The article I posted introduced me to Popp and the fortuitous meeting with Bernhard Ruth, absolutely fascinating information. Have you heard of the lost Solfeggio Frequencies. The link below will take you to the 6 individual frequencies and a little information about the original frequencies of the Gregorian chants. Trust the pope to change the frequencies!!

the 6 frequencies together "holy harmony"

I certainly will look further into Popp's and Pjotr work, thank you so much for the link.
and taking the time to reply
Thank you Jerry, Laura and Carol for posting these great resource links.

Lynne McTaggart

Your DNA is Changing

Rustum Roy

I would like to teach everyone how to create a LINK that opens into a new window.

After your write the name of the link, highlight it, click the LINK button in your message window, you will see the HTML code. Then you write this code after the " and before the >

Type: target="_blank" now the link will open in a new window.

thank you
Debby, webmaster
Hi Debby,
Will try and learn how to create link in the morning. The time is chasing midnight and I need to prepare and revise a case for a follow-up consultation I have in the morning and the clients extreme haughtiness borders on bullying, she actually managed to ruffle my feathers on the first consultation!! Wish me luck.
Speak soon


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