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Dear Homeopathic Colleague -
Homeopathy has suffered a very serious attack. The Young Voices of Science, a UK based group dedicated to eliminating homeopathy, sent a letter to the World Health Organization asking WHO to condemn homoeopathy in developing countries, especially in the areas of influenza, childhood diarrhoea, malaria and AIDS. WHO replied last week with statements from various Departmental Heads saying there is no indication of effectiveness of homoeopathy in any of these areas. YVoS has now circulated the response of WHO to the media and have amplified the letter as if it is a public announcement from WHO, WHICH IT IS NOT. Additionally, YVoS has stated on its website that it will be contacting the Health Ministries of all countries in the world to let them know about the WHO response and press them to condemn homoeopathy in their country.

The BBC then spread this false item and has since admitted that is was hasty and mistaken in posting the article as an official statement, without checking the facts. But if we let this go it will be too late, people will believe this dirty trick campaign. Please send emails or letters to the BBC complaint department or to any other newspapers publishing the statement.
Homeopathy not a cure, says WHO


Best regards

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there is a "typo" in my above statement

few of the things that i believe should be corrected is
1. availability of homeopathic remedies as over the counter drugs..(in india we can get anything over the counter )
2. availability of ALL POTENCIES ranging from mother tincture to CM and LM potencies throughout the globe.."

i want homeopathic remedies NOT available over the counter
i want ALL POTENCIEs ranging from mother tincture to CM and LM potencies throughout the globe
Yes I agree. Giving the 30c Remedy as being totally representative of Homoeopathy is like saying salt is the only ingredient in the cooks kitchen.
The world should know everything in our cupboard and the utility of all the remedies and what they are used for.

Spice and flavour for the next century!
A group of skeptics who have written to the Boots’ head office, chastising them for carrying homeopathic meds. Here’s just one example
that is why we have to strengthen our pathy...
strengthen our knowledge...
the only way to give a reply is by results, cures...and still those who continue let them continue...
we shouldnt waste time by replying to these people by it would be useless
only proper documentation and results will work.....
remember evidence based the key...otherwise the health of future generations is to suffer !
Dear Dr. Kambli
I agree to post a reply in these skeptic blogs only brings more traffic to their sites,its exactly what they want.
A better Idea is to keep posting in the CURED CASE DATABASE here at HWC.
See direct link.
Thanks for WHO contact detail
I have sent my experience & research paper in treating HIV in children by Homoeopathy
The sceptics are getting creative!
I am collecting all homeopathy blogs on freindfeed. send me your url and I will add it there.


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