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What can be the best ways to establish a practice for a fresh homoeopath in a simple, positive and authentic way to earn a better living early and respectfully?

On which skills should a homoeopath concentrate for covering today's demands as early as possible? A homoeopath can do better in skill based demands, which is today’s trend.

We need your advice, because so many homoeopaths do not have enough money to open a good chamber or hospital to attract people. Public preference is also an important factor.

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Thanks a lot Dr.Batra & Sajjad sir.

(Fresh Homoeopath should master to deal with simple cases like, cough, coryza, fever and headache etc and they should use only Boericke materia medica and its repertory. It is sufficient for clinical practice. )

( Don't lose confidence and hope in case of failures. Accept that there are limitations, for pathy as well as individual. Study your cases after the clinic and plan for future prescription.Plan your charges accordingly.)

Very usefull advices....

Dr. Batra ,kindly provide some more information regarding judgement of a child mentality & their management for fresh Homoeopaths . 

Thanks again..

Mother Tincture based practice.
This was adopted by late Dr.Kathuria of our city Aligarh with  great success.He used to give M.T. mix with distiled  water, cured so many cases.
Miracles of Mother Tincture by.Dr. Yudhveer Singh is a good book for reference.

Practice is a art

Practice is a passion

Practice is a worship

Practice is a goal

Practice is a love

Practice is a moment

Practice is a hobby

Practice is a duty

Practice is every thing for...bread n butter..

There are so many person in world with different style of practice & which is right & which is wrong is not a question but the question is ...whatever the person is doing ,that is for the benifit of Homoeopathy or not....

So kindly share more with  style of practice..... 

Very poetic and heart touching.. Congrates.....

Have fun.

Welcome Dr Rajneesh :-)

Maximum Number of Pt. in india are:-

From alphabets:- S , A , P, R , M.... 

Maximum quantity of medicienes a Homoeopath need in their clinic :- Bryo , Puls , Rhus Tox , Nux. Vom. , Merc.Sol. , Dulca. , Silicea , Nat. Mur. , China , Lyco. , Carbo. Veg , Heper. Sul. , Graphitis , Thuja , Cal., Ars. Alb. , Aloe , Bell. , Acid. Nit. , Acon. , Baryta. Card , Merc. Cor , Petro. , Arnica , Ruta.G. , Sulph. , Podo. , Kali. Carb, Kali. Bich. , Nat. sulph , Nat. Carb. , Sanguinaria , Staphysagria, Symphytom , Causticum , Apis. Mel , Alumina , Cina . etc.   

So try to bring-

30 potency in 100 ml packing

200 potency in 30 ml packing


1M & higher potencies in 15 ml packing


Try to use single/same company medicines.

I have two clinics . Once a pt. was given puls 30 in my first clinic & next time he came to my second clinic & requested for medicine which i provided . Third time he again came to my second clinic & complained for no relief .

I again provided puls 30 . Fourth time he again came to same place with same condition .On other side , some other pt.s on puls 30 were feeling good but this pt. was not. Then i requested him to come to my first clinic & given puls 30 & it worked.

Cause was-  medicines of different companies...  

Homoeopathy was bought to India by Dr. John Martin Hoenigherger in 1839 in the court of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh Of Lahore. About 50 years later , in the 1890s , enterprising Homoeopaths --followers of Kent & Kentian Philosophy--popularised Homoeopathy in to India.

No dought we value our old literature , our elders & their wisdome. Yet we have to change our philosophical thinking to accomodate the newer addition or changed thinking.

Reading of old journals is always good for New Homoeopaths to know the concept of treatment on some fixed line & also for the difference between old & new system...

Always try to give high potency medicines in sugar of milk & low potency/plecebo  in globules or sugar of milk ( whatever you prefer/like) .

Making PUDIA ( small packets ) is a traditional system in India & people like this system. 

Some Homoeopath put dilutions directly in the mouth of pt. & even i found few Homoeopath put few drops of alcohol/rectified sprit in the mouth of pt., when they first visit  their clinic.

This they do for an impression , which is not good.

Never do this...   

Basic Qualities of a Homoeopath should possess :-

Knowledge of Disease.
Knowledge of Medicine
Knowledge of Therapeutic relation between Diseases & Medicine.
Knowledge regarding preparation of medicine with respect to its does & repetition.
Knowledge of the obstacles to cure.


Important qualities a physician should possess :-

Hahnemann, in aphorism no. 83, states that for a physician to be able to individualize every case, he should be
(i) free from prejudice
(ii) possess sound senses.
(iii) attentive in observing &
(iv) faithful in tracing the picture of the disease.


Instructions/guidelines for a physician while taking a case:-

(i) Accurate recording of the symptoms as narrated by the patient & his relatives without interrupting them. 
(ii) Noting every new symptom on a new line and later make the necessary additions in order to explicitly explain the symptom.
(iii) Even after the patient & his relatives have finished narrating their symptoms, the physician may ask for more detailed information without asking leading questions or questions which in themselves suggest answers.
(iv) The physician should try & ascertain the mental state of the patient which is most characteristic of the patient.
(v) Lastly, the physician should note all the observations made by him during case taking.

Things to be avoided while case taking :-

(i)  The physician should avoid interrupting the patient as it interrupts the flow of thought & valuable information may be lost.
(ii) The physician should avoid asking leading questions or questions which can be answered as`yes' or `no'  

Qualities a physician should possess especially while taking chronic case :-

Aphorism no.98 gives the qualities to be possessed by a physician while taking a chronic case as
(i) having the ability to circumspect
(ii) to possess tact & knowledge of human nature
(iii) to be cautious while conducting the inquiry
(iv) to have patience in an eminent degree.


Points should be taken into consideration for case taking of chronic case :-

(i) It is important to determine the mode of living & diet of the patient, his domestic circumstances, his occupation & thus determine the presence of a probable maintaining cause.
(ii) Also certain symptoms which may seem insignificant to the patient because of its chronicity, may actually prove  worthwhile for the physician.
(iii) In case of a female patient, menstrual history as regards to its duration, flow, associated complaints & obstetric history are very important & should be elicited in detail.


Kent's 12 observations are very much important for each & every Homoeopth.

Kindly follow honestly ....


1st observation - A prolonged aggravation & final decline.
2nd observation - Prolonged aggravation but slow & final improvement.
3rd observation - A quick, short & strong aggravation with rapid improvement of the patient.
4th observation - No aggravation with recovery of patient.
5th observation - Amelioration in the beginning followed by aggravation.
6th observation - Too short relief of symptoms
7th observation - Amelioration of symptoms yet no relief of the patient.
8th observation - Symptoms of remedy administered appear
9th observation - Action of medicine upon provers
10th observation - Appearance of new symptoms
11th observation - Old symptoms of patient reappear
12th observation - Symptoms take the wrong direction.

Some Advantages of Homoeopathy

 Advantage  1 - individualization  of  treatment - treatment directed to the patient himself, through symptoms, rather than at the disease as a name. (He may not have the disease suspected.)
 Advantage  2-All drugs recommended have had  extensive  humanexperiment. We  do not depend on guinea pigs, frogs, rabbits, etc., to outline the scope of medicine. (Drug proving.)
 Advantage 3- By the homoeopathic method of using symptoms (the"totality"  which is the third principle of homoeopathy)we  can use  symptoms  as a guide, curatively, to eradicate  the  complex
(disease)  and not just palliatively in the sense that one  takes aspirin for a headache or codeine for a cough or bicarbonate  for a sour stomach.
 Advantage  4 -The time-tested usefulness of  homoeopathy.No method  of medical treatment could have lasted over 150 years  in all climates, on all races and not be founded on truth or natural laws.  Medical fads, fakes and delusions always run a course  and are  forgotten  - not so homoeopathy, it is  ethically  practiced today  by physicians who have studied it and many more  who  have taken post-graduate courses.

 Advantage  5 -No drugging effect - no possible  harm  to  the patient.
 Advantage 6 -Its modest cost and simple application.
 Advantage 7- Its non-use of serums, shots and injections.
 Advantage 8 -The use by homoeopathic pharmacists of fresh plant
tinctures  and  preparations  rather than crude  dried  plant preparations.   We claim that much of the medicinal value of  the plant resides in its volatile components.  It must be gathered at a specific time and immediately processed, usually the same day.
 Advantage   9 -The  non-deterioration  of   homoeopathic preparations,  which  consists  of  pills,  tablets  and   liquid potencies  and range from 3X upward.  They are clinically  active indefinitely.
 Advantage 10 -It is the only system of using drugs that can be put  in  the hands of intelligent laymen without risk  and  with reasonable assurance of success.


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