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What can be the best ways to establish a practice for a fresh homoeopath in a simple, positive and authentic way to earn a better living early and respectfully?

On which skills should a homoeopath concentrate for covering today's demands as early as possible? A homoeopath can do better in skill based demands, which is today’s trend.

We need your advice, because so many homoeopaths do not have enough money to open a good chamber or hospital to attract people. Public preference is also an important factor.

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Dear Dr. Sushil Bahl

I think you bring up a very important point: CONFIDENCE

Confidence cannot be learned, it can be gained by experience.

And to saveguard against disastours, -- remember we are dealing with human lives -- my suggestion is : APPRENTICESHIP

During such an apprenticeship, the apprentice takes cases, prescribes remedies, does the follow-ups under the eye of a master.

Of course, we as masters allow some mistakes to be made, but nothing what we cannot turn around and get back on track again.

The apprentice learns from first hand experience -- good or bad --.

This is the time where theory is put to the test, -- do you really know what you are doing here? What if? And where the all important questions arise.

With growing experience his self-confidence and knowledge grows. There is something to learn from every case.


I offer apprenticeship to a limited number of novices.

All my previous apprentices have become responsible and knowledgeable homeopaths.

To actually begin after completion of an apprenticeship is simple.

The --now-- homeopath takes with him those patients, he treated while under supervision and will grow his own group of patients by his reputation.


I leave the technical end of running a clinic to others, as it depends on a lot of circumstances


I agree with Hans Weitbrecht.

Homeopathy is a skill

Now i got what i want. I agree with this statement  Hans Weitbrecht  & need more focus, please....

Skill is basically an art , an inner art & any Homoeopath can utilise this thing in different ways...because HOMOEOPATHY is a science & art both....

My main purpose of this discussion is to share the utilisation of  different skills in Homoeopathic practice. 

To find out disease symptoms , skill is always usefull & Hahnemann himself use those skills, invented Homoeopathy & said that HOMOEOPATHY IS A SCIENCE & ART BOTH .
and if anybody only use some scientific prooving then it is simple a practice & earning for bread n butter not for enjoing the practice n life :-)

Dear Veeraraghavan A.R.

Here is an interesting information.

One of my junior,doing very good Homoeopathic practice on the basis of his behavior  & some extra skill ( Knowledge ) .He was not a good student during his college life. He even don't know 12 observations of Kent & never attend any seminar etc... 

He use local( typical village) language during case taking , very sympathatic , soft & charges very less.

His choice of medicine selection is theraputic based( don't mix the medicines) , good knowledge of Crop farming , Bird keeping & Chicken & Dairy farming.

He helps those people who are with these profession & provides medicine  for better growth of chicks ( Calc phos6x & Fer.Phos6x)& for good health of Cows & Bafallows. Promotes organic farming & awareness for health .He prays to God infront of his Pt. for their wellness & often vist their homes without any fee. He frequently distributes prophylaxis in his area & also provide clothes & books to poor Pt. 

With this  simple way of practice , he earn more then 30,000 per month.

This is nothing but only SKILL/ARTISTIC BASED need of jumping & shouting ....

It is a nice information sir.
Homoeopaths need to understand Homoeopathy as well as living being (Human being , animals and plants) Then only they will become successful.



Thank you sir.

Dear Veeraraghavan A.R. & all respected Homoeopath 

if we, any way, help our Homoeopath Brothers & Sisters in establishing their practice in minimum investment by providing several informations related with so many  style/types of practice from different part of the  world then it will be a real help from a distance to them & everybody, which is the main purpose of my blog.

We know that still Homoeopathic practice is not a easy job for so many people ,takes time and any thing provided by all of us to our new homoeopaths  will always be respectfull. They all know about HOMOEOPATHY but may be they need "HOW TO PRACTICE " .So kindly provide more & more informations related with style of practice.  

A Homoeopth in a small town used to sit in the centre of his clinic with Pt. around him. He used to prescribe on constitution, does not ask so many questions & his favorite medicines are-Cal.,Bell.,Thuja.,Puls.,Ignatia.,Nat.Mur.,Arnica,Phos,Bry,Acon,Rhus.Tox,Nux,& few more medicines .

With less then 40 medicines he earn near about Rs.15000 per month, good for leaving in a small town with a small family .

His main style of practice is no privacy, less asking & people used to say that-- this doctor has an unique power ( God Gift )  by which he diagnose the disease & gives medicine.... ( they dont know that constitutional medicines have their own status & picture)  :-)

So.... by getting knowledge on observation...for few constitutionl drugs, any body can do well in their starting of their practice......

 You are given an interesting fact (story) about a Homoeopath in a small town. 

We must share these kind of informations. That will help to know about the "style of Practice"

Thank you very much sir,


In the orthodox medical parlance, clinical entities of any origin, find its medical name as a specific disease, like Dyspepsia, Hemicranias, Neuralgias , Rheumatic heart disease, CHF( chronic heart failure), Gangrene, Pneumonia, URC (upper respiratory catarrh), PBC (Primary biliary cirrhosis), IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) OA (Osteoarthritis) UC (ulcerative colitis), so on and so forth.

This traditional parlance and concepts about illness prevail so relentlessly upon the mind of ordinary student that it becomes too difficult to carry them to the fundamental ideas and concepts of Homeopathic therapeutics. And the maxim, “Treat the patient and not the disease” ever remain an empty slogan. Whole of their attention and efforts remain focused towards getting rid of these entities, called disease, and caring a little for the patient as an individual.

Many of the students, while treating, simple diseases like constipation, acne, bronchitis, on the basis of each one of these as a specific disease, struggle to find some positive results with homeopathic medicines, they change from one medicine to another still to another and majority of the time, without any result. They lose their confidence; rather some of them really get disappointed, and start having doubts. I don’t blame them, since they were taught like that only.

In order to practice Homeopathy, we must come out of this vicious circle. Yes, we are required to diagnose the disease for the purpose of prognosis and elimination of common symptoms, but it doesn’t carry much value in homeopathic therapeutic diagnosis. We must understand the concept of the disease, as explained in Organon.

And Organon explained to us:

1. At the outset, true dynamic disease must be clearly distinguished from the disorders which are due to any maintaining cause, which may be physical, chemical, physiological, or psychological. In such cases the vital force may be secondarily affected, but should revert to normal soon after
the maintaining cause is removed.

2.The different clinical entities, which are named as so many diseases-are not really themselves diseases, but are effects of disease and may constitute some part of the totality of symptoms, by which any diseased condition of the vital force manifests itself.

3.The Homeopathic treatment must never be directed to any of these isolated clinical entities, but to the whole totality of symptoms, individualized by some peculiar , characteristic symptoms by which a particular diseased condition of the vital force of the individual patient manifests itself.

Thanks a lot DR. Sushil Bahl Sir for reminding concept of the disease in organon, which is the main rope for climbing .


Here is an another very interesting style of practice:-

A Homoeopath in a nearby area of Aligarh is doing practice in an absolutly unique way.

During starting of his practice he only focoused on ANIMAL BITE CASES (Dog,Cat,Monkey,Fox,Snake) a common matter of his area.

His choice of drugs were -Led.pal.,Bell.,Hydrophobinum,Stramonium,Hyosymus,Lachesis,Naza etc.& A.R.V(vaccine).

People used to call him " Kutta wala doctor--Doctor of Dogs" & still he attend 8 to 10 cases of animal bites daily along with few cases of very common problems . He earn near about Rs.30,000 per month , a good income for good  living in a small place. 


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