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What can be the best ways to establish a practice for a fresh homoeopath in a simple, positive and authentic way to earn a better living early and respectfully?

On which skills should a homoeopath concentrate for covering today's demands as early as possible? A homoeopath can do better in skill based demands, which is today’s trend.

We need your advice, because so many homoeopaths do not have enough money to open a good chamber or hospital to attract people. Public preference is also an important factor.

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General modalities and concomitance can be of great help in such cases, for selection of a remedy. (sushil)
There you are.The key for success.

Sushil is right.We are concerned with the present state of the patient.Ignoring it is a mistake.


Thanks for this valuable information DR. Sushil  & sajjad sir..


To distinguish between common and uncommon symptoms one should know all about diseases for which the knowledge of anatomy, Physiology and pathology is must you know.

To be a class one doctor we sholud be well educated.


Absolutely, Dr. Sajjad. Knowledge of all the subjects for diagnosis and prognosis of diseases are a must for a Homeopath.
Knowledge of all the subjects for diagnosis and prognosis of diseases are a must for a Homeopath,including diffrential diagnosis...

After spending 2 yrs in a Homoeopathic hospital followed by training in case taking under a senior homoeopath , establish own clinic simply with some basic facilities.

1-Proper dispensary for making/dispensing medicines.

2-Small firstaid kit including some jerm cleaner,cotton,ointment,sterilized gauge,bandage,tape,spirit/alcohol & distil water .Provide bandage to any new pt .if demand .Never say NO to them & if you can, even stich the wounds ( according to requirement) followed by information regarding benefits of Homoeopathic treatment.

3-Provide informations regarding NATIONAL HEALTH PROGRAMME:-–children diarrhoea,iodin deficiency,iron deficiency, c.pox,measels,dengue,malneutrition,physical & mental growth & family planning to your pt.

Display related  posters also.

4-Give proper time to your pt. & provide knowledge of:- good healthy living,good looking & career planning ( social factors) time to time also.

5-Update your knowledge in food suppliments,skin care,oral hyzine,hair & beauty care,body building, health & height etc.for an extra benefit in your early practice.( very -2 usefull for female doctors)

I know few female Homoeopath in Delhi & Kolkata ,who are doing very good Homoeopathic practice in skin,hair & beauty care.

I also update myself 2yrs ago in this field & now getting very good response even from nearby town areas.

Look is now an important factor for youngesters & homoeopathy along with some organic beauty products are best for this demand .


6-Always put extra efforts on the management part of  your treatment. Very important & interesting part of practice. Remember CURE=Treatment+Management

If you love cooking then please-please talk on this subject with your pt.,

provide them knowledge of healthy cooking, which every pt. will like &  appriciate,because this is the basic of management of any disease.

7-Provide informations of different types of physical exercises & their benefits for healthy living.

8-Fix a billbord in your clinic & display current news,happenings,health related informations on it. Never display photos of sick people & warning notices.Always display positive attitude materials & photos.Keep good magazines in your clinic.

Play soft music according to time,weather,mood & situation.

( once I got a very interesting information/rubric from a female pt. suffering from frequent hand washing & bathing habit, playing a situatary music, during case taking.)

Put fresh flowers on your table & some time give to children & old people.

9- Colours of walls & curtains should be soft & peacefull.Decorate your clinic with your skill.

Try to creat a family atmosphere in your clinic & see the result within few months.

If the base of any New Practice will be simple,soft,informative, familiar,musical & humble then you will soon get response from your pt.

Then your interest for Classical Homoeopathic Practice will be more stronger & you will get  real benefits from Homoeopathy & will provide benefits to others also.


. When a student comes out of the college he/she is almost zero. It is all due to lack of training. Either the staff is not competent or the students do not take interest. Reading books, learning them by heart and passing the examination is not difficult. All those who are serious and take interest in practicing homeopathy in Hahnemann’s way and according to the principles of homeopathy are scarifying much of their time and sometimes it takes years to establish them while on the other hand all those who do not care for that and right from then day one are violating the principles and are using several combinations while prescribing on disease name are very successful. They are palliating, suppressing or giving relief for the short times, are satisfied with their practice. They do not hesitate to give even 50 medicines at a time and none of the homeopathic authority is taking any action against them. It is a sad story. My advice to all those freshly qualified doctors is to avoid taking chronic cases and instead of that should master to deal with simple cases like, cough, coryza, fever and headache etc and they should use only Boericke materia medica and its repertory. It is sufficient for clinical practice. To save the time they can use less expensive homeopathic software. Some of them are available free online. Once they are successful in curing these simple acute cases they will build confidence among publics and then it will be simple and easy for them to treat chronic diseases.

Dear Dr.Sajjadakram.

It is good advice for fresh Homoeopaths.

But our people do not turn to homoeopathy immediately after any acute problems like cough, coryza, fever and headache. Their first choice is always Allopathy. Then How your advice will work?

Dear Veeraraghavan,

Your extra efforts for providing informations/awareness regarding concept of healthy life will bound the pt. for taking Homoeopathic treatment.

When i started practice in 1989 , we used to talk much with pt.( we had lots of time for this) ,provided different aspects of life , problems & their solutions.( kindly read points no-3,4,5 in my previous reply .Never try to teach Homoeopathy to anybody unless he/she is interested, provide the benefits only.If you will show your allied subject knowledge first then the pt. will be satisfied). 

Pt. then showed confidence in me ,took Homoeopathic treatment & THE WORK STARTED.....

This is a very good discussion for fresh passouts and for those also who are in the profession for a relatively longer time.
My suggestion to the new physician is to sit with the eminent, experienced homoeopaths for few months or years and observe their way of prescription. See how they tackle the acute problems and manage the chronic cases.
Be kind genuine and sympathetic. With the medicine give tips for general management also. Don't lose confidence and hope in case of failures. Accept that there are limitations, for pathy as well as individual. Study your cases after the clinic and plan for future prescription.
Money also matters, one should have decent earnings for respectable living. Plan your charges accordingly.


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