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What can be the best ways to establish a practice for a fresh homoeopath in a simple, positive and authentic way to earn a better living early and respectfully?

On which skills should a homoeopath concentrate for covering today's demands as early as possible? A homoeopath can do better in skill based demands, which is today’s trend.

We need your advice, because so many homoeopaths do not have enough money to open a good chamber or hospital to attract people. Public preference is also an important factor.

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 Practice in Hahnemann's way or Kentian way ,each & every Homoeopath have their own style & habit of practice and this is artistic part of Homoeopathy .

My style of practice is totally on " how i present myself infront of my patient ". My chamber is a studio chamber where i have not only several medical equipments but also i have  recording & editing unit which is also a part of my practice & my hobbies/other activities. Now how,when & where i should use these things is a part of discussion.

Ectually i want these types of informations from Homoeopaths , if any body use any type of skill with their practice, if they have..... 

kindly share your hobbies,other activities etc. also if you use those things in your practice.... 

Dear Member

is a hobby an expression of disease, a disease symptom? or the other way around: did any of our well known remedies bring out a new hobby in the prover? --

In a nutshell: Only information which has been brought out in provings is useful and necessary for the selection of the correct remedy. of course, for other purposes such as entertainment or curiosity, hobbies other activities may be interesting.


And Yes, -- it makes no difference to practice according Hahnemann's instructions or Kent's guidelines for someone who does not know either.

Thank your sir,

Your hobbies are also support your case taking. Very nice.

I have the hobby that wherever I went I observe people and their behavior and relate with a homoeopathic remedy ( Like he may be Ars,,She is Nat. mur  etc.) That will enrich me to get good drug picture.

May be. But Kentian way is systematic.
symptomatic treatment is necessary for the beginner. They should target the presenting complaints first. Make use of clinical tips and keynote prescription. Of course, the final destination should be classical homeopathy!
Very useful advice for newcomers.
Thanks Sir.
How can a person use or associate their skills, such as good singer, sports person, gardening, farming, photography, traveling, reading etc.with Homoeopathic Practice?

If any body involves or associates any type of skills or talent with practice, kindly explain their thoughts and experience here with an interesting case, if any.

This can be some time very helpful for a newcomer for providing confidence in patient and for a good impression in public.

It can help us to get some patients from the fields we are involved!

I am not a singer (though my name is similar to Mohammed Rafi), but I have many friends involved in singing and Conducting comedy shows in TV Channels. On several occasions I have prescribed them, especially for their throat problems. Homeopathy works better than any other systems in the management of hoarseness. Some of my patients are also there in music reality shows (Asianet, Kairali TV). When they perform nicely, it gives more satisfaction. Similarly, Our hobbies can also help us to sharpen our memory. Once in a month, i go for backwater fishing at Vypin Island (near Cochin). There is lot of connection between fishing and homeopathic practice - both needs patience, accuracy, sharpness, alertness, gentleness, and avove all interest.

There is lot of connection between fishing and homeopathic practice - both needs patience, accuracy, sharpness, alertness, gentleness, and avove all interest.(Dr Rafeeque) 

No doubt.Sometimes after hours and hours of fishing you get


Thanks Dr.Rafeeque

Homoeopathy is a science & art both. We some time use our artistic skill in form of humanity , friendship  etc.

Kindly provide any interesting case if any body handle ,using these skills..



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