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What can be the best ways to establish a practice for a fresh homoeopath in a simple, positive and authentic way to earn a better living early and respectfully?

On which skills should a homoeopath concentrate for covering today's demands as early as possible? A homoeopath can do better in skill based demands, which is today’s trend.

We need your advice, because so many homoeopaths do not have enough money to open a good chamber or hospital to attract people. Public preference is also an important factor.

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I think the structure and design of the consultation chamber is the basic factor in starting a successful practice. The size and area of the place never matters. The thing which matters is the accessibility of our tools. Materia medica, repertory and text book of Philosophy should be at hands distance. The textbook of PM should be  in laps. Case record form ready on table top and the ears near to the patient's mouth. Eyes should be very restless, keen to search and discover something valuable from the surroundings. Attendents should be present at times if needed. If using computer, Repertory software and ebooks of Homoeopathy should always be open. A page from MS Word should be ready to note down any thing new and valuable for future references.

The atmosphere should be Homoeopathic. i. e. decoration, notes, posters etc. whatsoever may be, must be related to Homoeopathy. Hahnemannian oath, master's photos etc. should be there to remember their genius every time the doctor's eyes try to wander to and fro. This will make him more concentrating on the patient. The only motto should be to take the case and then after the repertorization or discussion with materia medicae. He must feel free and bold to discuss with seniors on phone if needed, any time.

He must have courage to be daring, bold and wise with a craving for learning from every patient, but with patience.

Dr Dasgupta,
I am agree with Dr Sharma.Specially I will follow-- A Homoeopath should be have courage to be daring, bold and wise with a craving for learning from every patient, but with patience.

Thanks a lot Dr. Rajneesh & Dr. Sarswat for providing such a beautiful basic structure of a clinic. Lets wait for more advice on skills also.

My main aim to start this discussion is to involve new Homoeopaths, who are only members of HWC, but not ACTIVE.

There may be several causes. May be they are not finding any thing helpful for their practice, or according to their choice or skill or may be they are not able to match the knowledge available on HWC with their knowledge or skill.

eg:If any female Homoeopath is very good in skin care knowledge then she can do very well in running a Homoeopathic skin care/beauty care clinic & earn good in short time...

Now it will be our duty to help them & involve them for showing their knowledge & skills .

It will be the best way to help fresh Homoeopaths for doing best in practice.


Here is my humble request to beginners: Never start a clinic at your home, because your relatives, friends, neighbors may not trust you as a complete doctor. They will hide so many points that are vital for a prescription. Whereas people in a new area will respect you and follow your advice strictly.

You confirmed my experience.


Absolutely, a wise advice Dr. Rafeeque & Sajjad sir.

Please provide some more guidelines on "How to show your skill."  

In the beginning of homeo practice I advise every new comer to use specifies because to select a single remedy needs skill which you can gain after a lot of experience otherwise you will lose patients and to bring them back is impossible because to homeopath people do not give much time for experimentation therefore, one must be careful.


Mother tinctures and specifics can save new comers from collapse.

Yes. But if it is continued they will go to patten remedies and combination of remedies and their journey as a good homoeopahs will derail. So from the beginning itself they try to prescribe in Kentian way. That will help them to become a eminent homoeopath.


--Better again: practice not in Kentian way. Practice in Hahnemann's way. kents way will cause many problems and a lot of  doctors with best intentions left homeopathy because it was simply not practial. Sankaran already noted -- and promoted Synoptic Key.


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