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I wonder how many homoeopaths have tried them?
And in what kind of cases.

I myself had a case of a woman with rheumatoid arthritis and her biggest complaint was the lack of energy. I began by giving her Yellow in homoeopathic form, after one week her energy had risen and I gave her the indicated remedy.
She is doing very well, and her energy levels are higher than they have been in years.

Please share your experiences in using colour remedies.
Many thanks



Homeopathic Color and Sound Remedies

Homeopathic pioneer Ambika Wauters explores the healing properties of the electromagnetic spectrum in this updated and expanded guide to using color and sound äs potentized remedies for emotional and physical ailments. Weaving together ancient knowledge and new evidence from recent findings about the effects of color and sound on the human energy system, Ambika presents complete profiles of the major chakras, a primer on using the vibration of color and sound waves to heal energetic flow and repair damaged fields, and thorough descriptions of each remedy and its qualities.

Charting new territory in the field of homeopathic medicine, Homeopathic Color and Sound Remedies is an ideal guide for novice practitioners, homeopaths seeking to broaden their repertoire, and energy healers who want to address a broad range of conditions.

AMBIKA WAUTERS, Dip Hom Med, SHM (UK), is a homeopath, psychotherapist, teacher, healer, and author of sixteen books. She is the founder and director of the Institute for Life Energy Medicine in Tucson, Arizona.

Colors in Homeopathy Textbook

The Power of Color

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Dagny - I would like to learn more. I know that Scholten connect colors to his remedies on the periodic chart. I do not understand how to determine the color? Please help.

The Ferrums contain the red energy, as do Mercury and Fluorine. Red Plant remedies are Berberis, Arnica, Carbo Veg, Carbo Animalis, Belladonna and Nux. With the Ferrums it is pretty easy to see and also Arnica and Belladonna. The Red face of a Belladonna and the red bruising of Arnica.

Orange are Berberis, Calendula (the flowers are orange) Bellis P, Rhus Tox and Ruta. Natrums also have an affinity for orange because the control fluid retention and emotion

Yellow are Silica, Arsenicum Album, Sulphur, Fluoride, Antimony, Cadmium, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Helioanthis.

So when you look at these three colours, the colours of the lower three chakras, you can see how the remedies would relate to the chakras. Sometimes because of emotions and mentals but other times because of their distinct colour.
At least this is how I understand it. And how I use it. If I wouldnt want to complicate the case by using for instance Fluoride, but the person was lacking in yellow I would go ahead and give them yellow in homoeopathic form. And also it is good to use this as a diagnosis tool when you´re stuck. So you know the person has got issues with the ego and confidence, you look into what colour resonates with the solar plexus,"yellow" and there you can look at remedies that contain the yellow ray. It has been amazing how this works when I was stuck, sometimes because of my own bad case taking (yes! not perfect yet) and sometimes because of mixed picture. I have a background in healing and so I have been able to relate these two together. Try to look at one case through colour, I promise you´ll be amazed.

Best regards
Hello Dagny - I use the colour remedies as well, but not as part of my homeopathic practise, rather as part of my work with energy healing. I'll prescribe colour remedies according to the chakra of the patient that requires the most support as a follow-on therapy from the healing sesson. They are wonderful and the work of Ambika Wauters illustrates this particular approach to chakra diagnosis.
Homeopathic Colour Remedies

Spectrum I'll use from time to time for protection from mobile phone, geopathic and electromagnetic energies. I've only used them twice with clients who came to see me for homeopathy - once when I gave pink as a support remedy to a patient for whom I prescribed Carc. She was in a phase of being very critical and self-critical and pink carries levity and forgiveness in its essence. Another where I was treating a woman for gynecological issues and gave her Orange 30c as a support remedy for her 2nd chakra. I have a colleague who resolved infertility in one case using energy healing and Orange.
Here are some nice information on Chakra, color remedies and more interesting hints:

First, Root or Base Chakra
Place – Base of Spine
Colour – Red
Number – 1
Tone – C
Sense – Smell
Endocrine Gland- Adrenals
Element – Earth
Planet – Saturn
Soul Lesson – Service

This chakra faces downwards towards the earth and picks up and transmits geodetic forces. One becomes grounded. The glands and organs influenced are the blood, the spine, the nervous system, the male sexual organs, the testes and the vagina.

Blocked: The will to survive. Life is a struggle, difficult. Family obligations come before the individual. Lacks confidence, feels unloved, suicidal, weak willed, feels sexually inadequate, fearful, insecure, anxious, restlessness, frustration, alienation, separation.

Excessive: Life owes. Nothing stands in the way of own desires
Egotistical, domineering, bossy, addicted to wealth, greedy, highly strung, hyper-active, addicted to self, violent, dishonest, cunning.

Open: Life is worthwhile, enjoyable and good. Individual creativity is important. Feels safe, trusts the process of life, open to change. Trusts self, can manifest creative desires. Balanced, centered, grounded, fully alive, able to trust, independent, determined, feels safe, feels secure, stable, constant, committed, ambitious, patient, and passionate.

Use Red for : Depression, lack of energy, ungrounded, low blood pressure, bladder infections, shock, poor circulation, cold feet, impotence, infertility, flaky skin, aches and pains in the lower back, buttocks, legs and feet.

Bach Flowers.
Cherry Plum: Learning to let go.
Clematis: grounding.
Gorse: Integration of joy and sorrow.
Pine: Taking responsibility for your own life.
Sweet Chestnut: Trusting your own development.

Crystals: Garnet, Ruby, Smoky Quartz, BloodStone, Black Onyx.
Essential Oils: Cedarwood, Veti-vert, Cypress, Myrrh, and Clove.
Angel: Gabriel. Angel of Harmony, Beauty, Purification. Friday is his day. Ray 4, Harmony and Beauty.

Affirmation: The Red Ray is pouring into my being, stimulating, grounding and uplifting, giving me all the courage I need to be strong and successful.

Second or Sacral Chakra
Place – Below the Navel
Colour – Orange
Number – 2
Tone – D
Sense – Taste
Endocrine Glands – Ovaries, Testicles
Element – Water
Planet - Neptune
Soul Lesson – Peace and Wisdom

The glands and organs influenced by the second chakra are the skin, the mammary glands, the female reproductive organs and the kidneys.

Blocked: I’m not sufficient. I’m not enough. I’m inadequate. I’m a failure. Love and pleasure are blocked out. Gives self away to prove worth, or through fear of rejection. Doesn’t trust sweetness of life. Shy, timid, hides emotions, overly sensitive, emotionally hurt, feels guilt.

Excessive: I don’t need anybody. I don’t care whether I succeed or fail. Looks after own needs to detriment of others. Manipulates to get wants. Angry, full of rage, explosive, aggressive, self-serving.

Open: Looks after needs. Shows concern for others. What is best for “us”. Allows pleasure. Expresses feelings. Friendly, creative, intuitive, good humoured, balanced desire for pleasure, full of vitality, sexual fulfillment, discerning, prosperous.

Use Orange for: Kidney problems, constipation, muscular cramps and spasms, lack of energy, insufficient lactation, skin and skin problems, allergies, repression and inhibition.

Bach Flowers.
Crab Apple: Getting rid of what you cannot digest.
Elm: Turning your ideas into reality.
Mimulus: Freedom within a struggle.
Oak: Surrender.
Vervain: Accepting others.
Wild Rose: Taking part joyfully in life.

Crystals: Carnelian, Coral, Jasper
Essential Oils: Geranium, Sandalwood, Jasmin.
Angel: Gabriel again. Base and Sacral chakra were one in an earlier period of human development. Fourth Ray people are Architects, Builders, Musicians, Artists, Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Scientists.

Affirmation: The Orange Ray is pouring into my being, recharging me in mind, body and spirit, making me feel alive and well

Third or Solar Plexus Chakra
Place – Below the Ribcage
Colour – Yellow
Number – 3
Tone – E
Sense – Sight
Endocrine Gland - Pancreas
Element – Fire
Planet - Mars
Soul Lesson – Human and Divine Love

This is who I am. This is who I want to be. This is how I want to be seen.

The glands and organs influenced by the third chakra are the diaphragm, the adrenals, the skin, the digestive system, stomach, duodenum, pancreas, gallbladder and liver.

Blocked: Needs status, power, achievement, validation to prove worth, adequacy and confidence.
Unworthiness, fear, giving away power, fear of failure, victim, lacks confidence, feelings are easily hurt, confused, poor judgement and apathy.

Excessive: I am right. All other opinions are invalid. Do as I tell you. Perfectionist, judgmental, demanding, critical, needs help to relax, rigid.

Open: I am whole as I am. I know my boundaries. I do not depend on external factors for self worth. I can break dependencies. Outgoing, cheerful, has respect for oneself and others, open and expressive, intelligent, strong nerves, self confident, flexible and decisive.

Use Yellow for: Digestive disorders, gas, food allergies, liver problems, diabetes, hypoglycemia, hyperthyroid, gallstones, muscular cramps and spasms, mental and nervous disorders, depression, exhaustion, breathing problems, lymphatic activation, dispelling fears and bone building.

Bach Remedies.
Aspen: Overcoming Fears.
Hornbeam: Being able to achieve personal goals.
Impatiens: Patience.
Larch: Self-Awareness.
Scleranthus: Balance within yourself.
Star of Bethlehem: Ability to act from Joy.

Crystals: Topaz, Citrine, Amber, Tigers Eye, Yellow Fluorine.
Essential Oils: Lemongrass, Lemon Balm, Juniper, Amber.
Angel: Uriel. The qualities of Grace, Mercy and Compassion. Uriel is associated with Thursday and Ray 6,( Idealism and Devotion.)

Affirmation: The Yellow Ray fills my whole being with golden sunshine. God’s love and wisdom is pouring into my mind, body and spirit. I feel renewed, full of confidence, cheerful and full of ideas.

Fourth or Heart Chakra
Place – Centre of the Chest
Colour – Green and Pink
Number – 4
Tone – F
Sense – Touch
Endocrine Gland – Thymus Gland
Element – Air
Planet - Venus
Soul Lesson – Brotherhood and Love

The glands and organs influenced by the fourth chakra are the heart, the lungs, the immune system, the thymus and the lymph glands.

Blocked: We put conditions on love…. if…. We have negative patterns. Resentment, hatred, guilt, fear, unforgiving, undeserving, suspicious, self-pitying paranoia, indecisiveness and need for reassurance.

Excessive: Uses money or power to control others. No-one or nothing can satisfy my desires. I need to own everything and everyone. Dictatorial and cruel. Demanding, overly critical, tense, moody, hateful, avaricious, selfish, callous, resentful and malicious.

Open: I feel joy in the moment and worthy of love and acceptance. I feel deep compassion for others. I can see good in all. Relationships, life and work take on true lightness. Balanced, compassionate, humanitarian, nurturing, empathetic, individuality, adaptability, generosity, purity, gentleness and innocence.

Use Green/ Pink for: Heart and lung problems, high blood pressure, negativity, fatigue, breathing difficulty, tension, insomnia, anger, paranoia, the immune system, the thymus and lymph glands, soothing the spirit and the nerves, loneliness, harmony and balance, emotional stability and calming the fear of death.

Bach Remedies.
Centaury: Service.
Chicory: Overcoming distance.
Heather: Unconditional Love.
Holly: Free-flowing Love energy.
Honeysuckle: Living in the here and now.
Red Chestnut: The ability to express true love.
Rock Rose: Overcoming ego limitations.

Crystals: Jade, Malachite, Emerald, Peridot.
Essential Oils: Elemi, Violet, Rose
Angel: Chamuel. Unconditional Love. Monday is his day, and he channels the Third Ray of Active Intelligence.

Affirmation: The Green Ray is pouring into my heart, bringing me peace and harmony, making me feel free and full of life, compassionate and full of love.

Fifth or Throat Chakra
Place – Throat
Colour – Blue
Number – 5
Tone – G
Sense – Hearing
Endocrine Gland – Thyroid, Parathyroid
Element – Ether
Planet - Uranus
Soul Lesson – Divine Will

The ‘Holy Grail’ of the chakras because it holds information from all the other chakras.

The glands and organs influenced by the fifth chakra are the throat, the thyroid, the nerves, the ears and the muscles.

Blocked: Suppressed emotions (anger, sadness). Unable to express thoughts. Creative energy is destroyed. Criticizing, boasting, lies, nothing worth saying, scared, timid, shy, unreliable, devious, inconsistent and dependent,

Excessive: Talks of others with malice. Talks a lot and doesn’t listen. Vitriolic. Arrogant, self righteous, dogmatic and a malicious gossip.

Open: Reaches for and touches the realms of the spirit. Creative expression flows freely through the body. Expresses self and reaches out to others. Listens to others. Contented, centred, good speaker, artistically inspired, lives in the present, mediator, sincere, truthful and independent.

Use Blue for: Hyperthyroid, sore throats, inflammations, burns, skin irritations, fever, fever, ear infections, over tiredness, mental exhaustion, gum inflammations, ulcers, digestive disorders, nervousness, colic, back pain, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, hyperactive or violent behaviour, those whom are dying.

Bach Flowers.
Agrimony: Fusing thinking and feeling.
Mustard: Trusting yourself, even in the face of adversity.
Wild Oat: Communicating from your deepest levels.
Willow: Making space for creativity.

Crystals: Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, Blue topaz.
Essential Oils: Lavender, Aniseed, Blue Chamomile.
Angel: Michael – Strength, Protection and Truth – Ruler of Wednesday. The Ray associated with Michael is Ray 1, that of Will or Power.

Affirmation: The Blue Ray of healing fills my whole being, bringing healing to all cells and organs in my body, making me feel relaxed, happy and at peace.

Sixth or Third Eye Chakra
Place – Centre of the Brow
Colour – Indigo
Number – 6
Tone – Om
Sense – Thought
Endocrine Gland - Pineal
Element – Electrical or Telepathic Energy
Planet - Mercury
Soul Lesson – Detachment and Intuition

The glands and organs influenced by the sixth chakra are the pineal and pituitary glands, the brain, the eyes, the ears and the nose.

Blocked: Fear and doubt are overactive. Attitude can block the goodness longed for. Coldness, intellectualism, unfeeling, mean, ungracious, non-assertive, undisciplined and over sensitive.

Excessive: Dictatorial. I am right and you will do as I tell you or else. Ego mania, proud, manipulative, religiously dogmatic and authoritarian and bitter.

Open: Trusts insight and intuition. I am open to Universal, creative energy and go towards fulfillment and purpose. Feels at one with the divine presence. Says “Yes” to life. No fear of death, telepathic, shows wisdom, perceptive, opens to healing, has deep knowing, unconditional love, spiritual and master of self.

Use Indigo for: Pain, diarrhea, any agitation in the intestines, eyes, ears and nose, psychic exhaustion, clarity, releasing negative patterns and promoting inspiration.

Bach Remedies.
Beech: Tolerence.
Cerato: Following the inner guide.
Chestnut Bud: Being open to learning from Life.
Gentian: Acceptance.
Olive: Trusting Cosmic Harmony.
Walnut: Being able to listen to the inner voice.

Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Sodalite, Sapphire.
Essential Oils: Melissa, Camphor, Elemi, Eucalyptus.
Angel: Raphael. Healing, Abundance, Creativity, Truth, Vision. Fifth Ray of Science, Knowledge and Research. Raphael’s day is Wednesday.

Affirmation: The Indigo Ray links me to the knowledge and understanding of all that is. Filling my whole being with intuition, guidance and spiritual energy for all I wish to do.

Seventh or Crown Chakra
Place – Just Above the Top of the Head
Colour – Violet
Number – 7
Tone –EE
Sense – The Seventh Sense
Endocrine Gland - Pituitary
Element – Cosmic Energy
Planet - Jupiter
Soul Lesson – Be at one with the Source

The glands and organs influenced by the seventh chakra are the pineal and pituitary glands, the nervous system and the brain.

Blocked: No spark of fun or joy. Unable to make decisions. Catatonic, lack of memory, diminished concentration.

Excessive: Destructive with no sense of own power. A sense of frustration and despair. Depression, sometimes passionate at other times distant, egotistical and can have addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Open: I surrender my small limited self to the protective and guiding force which moves me through life. True destiny unfolds. Open to divine energy, lighter, freer, radiates love which nourishes our self esteem, inner peace and well being, spirituality, service, faith, beauty, joy and gratitude.

Use Violet for: Depression, migraine headaches, baldness, dandruff and any neurotic behaviour. Use violet instead of red for those that are highly-strung or nervous.

Bach Flowers. None suggested for this chakra.

Crystals: Amethyst, Quartz, Diamond.

Essential Oils: Lavender, Clary Sage.

Angel: Jophiel. Enlightenment, Health and Wealth. The Second Ray of Love Wisdom is focused through Jophiel, and Sunday is his day.

Affirmation: The Violet Ray pours into my being purifying me and bringing me new life and energy for all I wish to do. The Violet ray gives me the gifts and the high ideals and the power to use them wisely.
This is fascinating! Thanks for so much information!
Thanks Gudny,Love the info you posted-
A couple years ago a study group proved various potencies of color remedies. It was quite an amazing experience to discover the effects that colors can have on the body and mind. I believe a book was going to be written about the results. We got our remedies from Ambika Wauters in the UK of the Institute of Life Energy Medicine.
i do not understand about color Remedies please explain it?
I've been using color remedies for about one year. I have found them very helpful for support and adding vitality.
I have been wondering....I have a friend who is an alternative optometrist. He has had remarkable success with people with macular degeneration having them stare at the color bluegreen (one gel on top of another). I tried giving a woman eyedrops with 3x and 6xblue-green, but I have not heard back, she was elderly and forgetful so I don't think this was a useful experiment. Anyone out there wanting to try this (of course it must be in a saline solution, or a spray might work over the eyes). Jana
That's very interesting! I would like to try it, I know a lady who is under treatment for macular degeneration and she would do whatever she finds..
What color is bluegreen? is it in that color chart that is in this same forum? what number would identify it?
do you use both, green and blue, one on top of the other, and that is what people stare at? could you tell me more about how to do it? for how long? how many times a day, a week? do they cover the other eye?
I am sure she will try it, only I have to explain to her how to do it very clearly.
Very interesting indeed!
thanks a lot
Hi to all,
there are more theories about chakra colours, for example one will say that the second chakra is orange, and I´ve heard for some theories where second chakra is white, or 7th chakra is without colour because it is beyond mind, so it can be without colour, or take all colours at once. So thinking about all those possibilities I think it is important to ask the patient how he or she experiences the world of colours (like we ask for any other symptom) and give the remedy according to it.... (if the pateint is enough intuitive and likes this thema it will be easier, but there are perhaps some patients who are not so into colours...)
For example personally I find 3rd chakra red and green and 6th chakra blue or white....
I think many chakra theories are done by subjective expriences and there were many interpretations. If it would happen that a new guru comes and says third chakra is violet, his followers would ideate with it and believe in it. It´s ok. In some cases chakra theories and patient´s feeling coordinate, but in some the feelings and needs of a patient can be totally different then those theories...perhaps I am wrong, but this idea just came to me....


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