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Hello everyone - and a special thanks to Uschi Kraus-Harper for inviting me here!

This is very short notice, but I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for a patient coming tomorrow for the first time:

Healthy 2-year-old boy.
Mother wants him to have homeopathic vaccinations, not allopathic ones.

I will, of course, provide her with some standards, but does anyone have information or advice?

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Hi Heidi
I see alot of children/toddlers/babies
I never use homeopathic vaccines on anyone,if a symptom presents itself only then are the remedies applied (following a casetaking) for that individual child.

I did do an interview with the Famous Isaac Golden(Hom/PHD/ND) who does uses homeopathic prophylaxis protocals.
see Isaac explain all this via this link;
Ezine nov 2008
my Interview with Isaac
Thanks for responding, Gina. I have one of his books and am going to use it as a guide, unless there are suggestions that seem to make sense.

By the way, I don't think of homeopathic prophylaxis as a vaccine, but as a treatment to help the body effectively fight disease, or probably more accurately, as a way to use the opportunity to best advantage.

Do you see any harm in homeopathic prophylaxis?
Do you see any harm in homeopathic prophylaxis?

my reply to Heidi;
It might cause a homeopathic "proving",so yes I personally think it may cause harm.
Homeopathy in my oppinion should not be used if there are NO SYMPTOMS.
I have Never used homeopathy "Just in case of this diseases, that disease".........................Never.
Its simple to prescribe remedies if and When a baby/child does get sick with symptoms,why jump the gun?
I find there is no need.
Many others have of course their own oppinions.
This is something on which I've thought quite a lot. It seems to me that continuing to give a remedy if it induces a proving would be a terrible thing to do. However, everything I've read and heard about provings indicates that people end up better off when they do have such a reaction.

So, my view is that, if a child does "prove" the remedy, then the child is healthier as a result and better off for having taking it. I think it demonstrates that the child needed it.

As you note, of course, there are different views on this issue. Thank you for telling me your views.
Hi Heidi and Gina
Homeoprophylaxis is almost as old as homeopathy. And we have quite a lot of evidence that it works. I am have no time to find all the literature now but go to Rallf Jeutter's website (find it on Google) and you will find lots of information. I will have it on my website soon. Isaac Golden did his PhD about this, of course, so it is well worth looking at this books. And don't miss Tinus Smits website for dealing with what he calls vaccine damage syndrome!!
Sorry, it should be Ralf (not Rallf ) Jeutter - he is a homeopath here in the UK.
Thanks, Uschi!

Thanks for directing me to those websites. I'm looking at them now - nice information. One of Golden's books is sitting open next to me right now and will be going to bed with me. I do appreciate his efforts.

Gina's comments got me thinking in a new direction. I'm starting to wonder if the positive effect from homeoprophylaxis might simply be a proving, and that perhaps the concept of a proving doesn't need to be negative, unless one continues to take the remedy.
Hello again Heidi
To step back a bit and think of the bigger picture here.

Why has allopathy invented "Vaccination"?

1-Does it work-No- No vaccine has stoped diseases.(I can post a link if you want to see the charts)
2-Does it have adverse reactions-Yes-more so than most people care to know.Causing iatrogenic long term diseases.(I can post links to horriffic adverse reactions)
3-Does it make you immune-No,it does NOthing for the immune system but destroy it.
4-Does it benefit the patient-No it benefits Big Pharma's Pocket book,make bILLIONS each year,its the Cash Cow of Allopathics! It has NO bennefit for consumers.(again I have documentation to prove this)
This said: Why would we as humans need Vaccines in the first place?
Homeopathic or allopathic type vaccines?
Because we are manipulated by Big Pharma into thinking WE NEED THESE CHEMICALS TO PROTECT US.
All a big fat lie.
People that DO NOT vaccinate are some of the healtiest people on this planet.
It becomes so clear if we stand back and see the big picture.
Homeopaths can become sucked into this manipulation game just like allopaths.
I say this with all due respect Heidi,its a good subject,hope everyone adds their coments.
I've written on the subject of allopathic vaccinations myself:

Childhood Vaccinations Hoax—Not Effective and at Worst, Harmful
Smoking Gun Study Shows Clear Link Between Vaccinations and Neurolo...
Life-threatening Pneumonia Is Caused by Pneumonia Vaccine

I agree completely that allopathic vaccinations are a disaster designed to fatten the pockets of Big Pharma and allopaths.

However, the methods of allopaths and homeopaths are entirely different. Homeopathy does not vaccinate. It doesn't use toxic materials. I can't see conflating allopathic vaccinations with homeoprophylaxis. They're two different things.

Hahnemann successfully used homeoprophylaxis when he gave Belladonna to a child who had not fallen ill. Isn't the theory of homeopathic remedies that they give the illness - rather, a similimum of it - that they're curing?
At our clinic called Access Natural Healing Centre, we (Classical Homeopaths) use Dr. Isaac Golden's protocol because it can be backed up by his research (parents feel good about this information).
Let me know if you have any questions. We have been doing this for almost two years now.
Elena Cecchetto DCH, CCH (Pending)


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