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The largest study in the world on the long-term health effects of homeopathic immunisation was completed at Melbourne's Swinburne University (Australia) in 2004 (by Dr Isaac Golden). It found that:

* Homeopathic immunisation had a 90.4% efficacy against epidemic childhood diseases - a rate similar to or better than that of conventional vaccines.
* In contrast to vaccines, homeopathic immunisation was non-toxic and safe.

The study also looked at the relationship between four different immunisation choices (homeopathic immunisation, vaccination, a mixed naturopathic approach, and nothing) and the development of chronic disease in 781 children over a 12-year period. It found that of all groups, those who had been immunised homeopathically had the lowest incidence of chronic health problems. They suffered less asthma, eczema, allergies, and behavioural issues. The sickest children came from the fully vaccinated group. On asthma alone, they had a fifteen times greater incidence of the disease than un-vaccinated children.

"Homeopathy is one of the rare medical approaches which carries no penalties - only benefits." -- Yehudi Menuhin

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This study and the results of it are really good news!!! Thanks for sharing!!!



sir i am student of homeopathy final year and if i want to do MD in uk then what is the procedure please guide me
Thank you. Isaac has made great headway here against some very strong opposition. My wife treats many ASD children, in fact our books are full for the next few months for her and Michelle who has been trained to specialise in Autism. We basically follow Isaac's approach with homeoprophylaxis though some changes have been made to instructions and potencies mostly to avoid confusing parents. As a result of our work, we have come under attack with visits from the TGA and now 2 complaints designed to intimidate us.

You occupy an interesting and important position. I hope you are over run with new students Dr Sharma!
Dear Trevor,

Thanks for the prompt reply to my message. I am sad to learn about your problems. Please note that even our master Dr Samuel Hahnemann had a very rough time and experience having strong opposition of then time allopathic doctors. We have to continue our efforts silently as we have to continue the mission of helping the community without arguments and confrontations etc. Our goal should be rational thinking and obtaining the desired results.

I wish you all the best and if you need any support, then please remember me.
To the question of vaccine, " How do you handle it". Just say NO. It's that simple.
I have a question , What is your view regarding the use of vaccination against cervical cancer in the young females?
Dar Garima, I whole hea revor. Homeoprohylaxis is the way to go. As for conventional vaccine, in my opinion is absolutly the wrong direction in all cases. It does in fact create an anti body for a specific disease, however it compromises the entire human system many times lending to chronic conditions, especially today. Read the article "Vaccinations: An Alternative Perspective" by Peeka Trenkle. Here she delivers her perspective on physical, emotional, political and global aspects of the vaccination process.
My take on disease is, it starts on the energetic level and manifests itself to the physical level and this being the case, disease can only be prevented and cured on this same level. We are our own masters. We create ourselves. We create our sickness or we create our health. We create our destiny. How? By what we think. Read "AS A Man Thinkth" by James Allen, "Key To Yourself" by Dr. Venice Bloodworth. Our subconscious mind is what holds the key to our destiny, however we can change the impressions of our subconscious mind through our conscious mind, (Read the "Power Of Your Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Murphy) thereby creating health and prosperity or disease and despair. This is why Homeopathy is so extraordinarly powerful. It is a vehicle into to the subconscious. Homeopathy is dynamic, spirit-like and only effects cure on this dynamic level. If one treats disease on a physical level, one can only expect at best palliation or suppression unless somehow the designated treatment effected the dynamic plane. ( There may be some word fragments in this. My ignorance in the use of how to correct)
Thank you for your reply sir, In India at many places, it is being advised to girls who are to have sexual intercourse for the first time(girls who are about to get married), the vaccination is supposed to reduce the risk of cancer of cervix. What is your take on that?
This is an absolute nonsense. The girls it is being given to are at no risk at this point to cervical cancer.

This is from the AVN:
"One of the newest vaccines to be added to the Australian vaccination schedule is called Gardasil. It is produced here in Australia by CSL Pty Ltd. The national program to vaccinate girls against cervical cancer began on 2 April in South Australia, with other states and territories to follow. This campaign will cost $537 million over the next five years – the cost of the vaccine alone being $437 million.

"Initially, the vaccine will be ‘offered’ to girls aged 12-13 years with a catch-up programme for those aged 13-18 years and others aged up to 26. It is planned to eventually include infants in this vaccination programme once the catch-up has been completed, with Gardasil being added to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Schedule for both boys and girls."

And recent news:

"The recent deaths mark the fourth and fifth to occur shortly following vaccination with Gardasil and the first in Europe. Previously, three young women, aged 12, 19 and 22, died in the United States within days after receiving a Gardasil shot. In addition, 1,700 cases have been reported of patients suffering non-lethal adverse reactions."

This is currently being offered to boys in school. Why? I doubt they will ever catch cervical cancer. The interesting thing is that the vaccination needs to be repeated later. As it is currently being given to girls who are in no way likely to be at any risk of cervical cancer and they are dying and becoming ill in the reported cases WHY are we allowing this to happen?
Thank you for your reply sir, In India at many places, it is being advised to girls who are to have sexual intercourse for the first time(girls who are about to get married), the vaccination is supposed to reduce the risk of cancer of cervix. What is your take on that?
Garima Please read the warnings for this tOXIC GARDASIL VACCINE
New Website Launched for Gardasil Victims

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two North Carolina women who met when their daughters both became sick after being vaccinated by the same lot of the controversial Gardasil vaccine, have launched a new Web site to help victims find information and support.
is the brainchild of Marian Green, 42, of Boone, North Carolina and Rosemary Mathis, 45, of nearby North Wilkesboro.

Unknown to one another at the time, both women decided two years ago to have their daughters vaccinated with Gardasil, a vaccine created by Merck & Co. which protects teens against several cancer-causing strains of the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus.

“Holly used to run six to 10 miles daily – she was at the top of her game,” said Mrs. Greene about her now 18-year-old daughter. “But within a few days of getting the Gardasil shot, she couldn’t walk and could hardly breathe.”

Rosemary’s now 14-year-old daughter, Lauren, received a vaccine from the same lot number. “Within 14 days, she started to become sick and is now completely disabled,” Mrs. Mathis said.


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