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Hats off to Louise McLean for her years of Homeopathic News Reporting and the opening of her new website 


Some of the 60 attendees included: William Alderson, Phil Edmonds, 
Francis Treuherz, Cristal Sumner, Dr. Sara Eames and others.  The Society of Homeopaths had a banner as did the League of Friends 
of the RLHH, and we had a Homeopathy Heals poster which said "Homeopathy: 
Waiting for Science to Catch Up!".  

One lovely 97-year-old lady, who had only used homeopathy for her heart condition for the last 20+ years, stood under the League of Friends 
banner for the press to take photos.  

The press took photos of one dog who had been treated with homeopathy.  

The journalists included BBC Sussex (radio) and a local newspaper.  

One young patient, Amanda Holly, spoke to the BBC Sussex.

Good news! The new Health Ministers  of the Coalition Government and Health Select Committee appear to support homeopathy. 

All Conservatives voted very strongly against further EU integration apart from Burstow (LibDem).  

The EU has taken over public health in the UK since Maastricht Treaty in 1992 and causing massive restrictions for all natural health therapies - vitamins, herbs, etc. because of massive pharma lobbying there.  (Also BMA confirmed in a recent letter reply sent by Lionel, that the Gov expects CNHC to regulate all CAM).
DoH Health Ministers:

Paul Burstow - LibDem

Earl Howe - Con

The Government's future plans for the NHS may be announced between July and September. 

NEWS: Should homeopathic remedies be NHS-funded? 

Coalition MPs split on controversial treatment 

Last updated at 10:54 AM on 30th June 2010

A row over whether homeopathic remedies should be funded on the NHS broke out on the coalition benches today. Liberal Democrat Julian Huppert called on ministers not to spend money on methods which 'simply do not work'. But Tory David Tredinnick backed the treatments and urged his frontbench colleagues to dismiss Mr Huppert's 'illiberal views'.

New Coalition Government: Health Select Committee
David Tredinnick is on the Parliamentary Health Select Committee which will consist of 5 MPs of each political party - Conservative, LibDems and Labour.  
Health Select Committee
(Chairman) STEPHEN DORRELL, MP for Charnwood in Leicestershire.
(signed Early Day Motion 1240 in 2007 to save NHS homeopathy)
DAVID TREDINNICK, MP, Bosworth  (our hero!)
NADINE DORRIES, MP, mid-Bedforshire. (signed Early Day Motion 2007 to save NHS homeopathy).
CHRIS SKIDMORE, MP, Kingswood, Bristol.  (Bristol very pro AltMed)
(new MP) SARAH WOLLASTON, Totnes, Devon. (Totnes is extremely pro AltMed)

Andrew Lansley
Simon Burns signed EDM 1240
Paul Burstow signed EDM 1240
Anne Milton (grandmother was a homeopathic nurse!)  A must read! by Earl Howe
[Submitted by Louise Mclean, LCCH, MHMA]
Dear Homeopathy Supporters and Practitioners,
Yesterday we drove to Brighton to the protest outside the British Medical Association (BMA) conference and we held up a banner which said 'Homeopathy Heals - Waiting for Science to Catch Up!'  The Brighton Argus covered the demonstration quite well with a balance of facts.

There has been the predictable response from the media with most of the newspapers publishing articles calling for a ban on NHS homeopathy. The Independent had this on Sunday 27th with a good patient story, and the Daily Mail says there is a split in the Coalition government over this 'controversial treatment.'

The important thing now is how the Government is going to respond to the BMA and the Homeopathy Evidence Check Report. They have stated that they will do so soon and at the latest during the summer recess break, between end of July and beginning of September. We feel there is still hope,
as we have been looking at the make up of the new government's Department of Health Ministers and House of Commons Health Select Committee, as long as they are not affected by intense Pharma lobbying and European Union behind-the-scenes pressure. New DoH Health Ministers. The EU took over Public Health in the UK since the Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992; this is causing severe restrictions for all natural health therapies - vitamins, herbs, etc., because of massive pharma lobbying there.
~ Homeopathy Heals Team ~

[Submitted by Carol Boyce]

The British Medical Association is the doctor's trade union, set up to protect the interests of its members.  At its meeting on 29th June the organization voted 3 to 1 to ban members from practicing their therapy of choice - to demand the labeling of homeopathic medicines as placebo and to prevent any Junior doctor from spending time in homeopathic hospitals. As part of their list of demands they also asked for closure of the nation's homeopathic hospitals on the basis that there is no evidence of efficacy. The BMA chair retracted the description of homeopathy as witchcraft put forward by Junior doctors earlier in the month.
This action by a medical trade union mirrors the AMA action in the USA at its inception in the 1840s, when doctors who even communicated with homeopathic colleagues risked a ban.

A patient from the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital does a really good job talking about her case and then an interview with Dr Hilary Jones and Carol Caplan.

BBC Southeast - afternoon news show (4 min 20 sec)
A really good piece from a local BBC station by the reporter who covered the story - interviews and shots of the protest -

BBC Sussex -radio (1 hr 41 min)
Dr Sara Eames up against a Junior doctor

BBC Sussex-radio (1 hr 20 min)
Dr Dolphin and Kiti Miranda (a patient at the protest)

British Homeopathic Association and Faculty of Homeopathy statement on the BMA meeting:

Society of Homeopaths press release

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Dr Peter Fisher Video | More about Peter Fisher

The news article below is a bit of good news for homeopaths.
"This will be good for homeopathy and CM because patients will be more involved in decisions concerning their own health care, and GPs have a better understanding of the complexity and failings of health care," he says.

Dr. Fisher is the Clinical Director of the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital.

c/o John Benneth

Analysis - Companies set to profit from healthcare revamp
By Paul Sandle LONDON | Thu Jul 15, 2010 9:37am EDT
(Reuters) - Handing English family doctors control of healthcare budgets in a shake-up of the country's state-run system opens big opportunities for British and U.S. healthcare companies keen to sell more services to physicians.

The government announced plans on Monday to scrap local health authorities and make family doctors, or general practitioners (GPs), responsible for 80 billion pounds of the healthcare budget.
Thousands of bureaucrats in 150 Primary Care Trusts and 11 Strategic Health Authorities will be cut in the reforms and doctors will club together to buy drugs and services.

The plan creates a new need for financial management services in GP offices, which private firms aim to provide although they say the market's potential size remains unclear.

Tribal Group, along with Bupa and the British arms of U.S. healthcare insurers UnitedHealth, Humana and Aetna, already provide commissioning services to the National Health Service (NHS), and they intend to offer more to doctors in future.

"The opportunity for us is in the provision of commissioning services and analytical services," said Kingsley Manning, business development director of health at Tribal.

"(Health Minister Andrew) Lansley is right in identifying that the GP is the person controlling the tap in the whole system. If you get the GP to make more informed decisions, you can have enormous benefits throughout the system."

He said his company wanted to tie up with a global IT services provider. "We are in discussions with major IT players because the back-office IT of this is going to be very, very heavy," he said


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