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Homeopathy World Community

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In six short weeks Homeopathy World Community Network has over 750 members representing 54 Countries around the world. Members are physicians and professional health providers who have years of training. Some are students presently taking degree programs at universities, colleges and certificate seminars around the world. Other members joined the movement to learn more after experiencing positive effects from homeopathy.

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Dear MS. Debby Bruck,

To add more countries of the world in HWC , I have invited one homeopath from Singapoor just before few minutes. I am also going to invite some of his email-group friends of other countries.


dr. M. Ahmed.
Very nice!
You are most welcome.
Dear Debby and dr. M. Ahmed,
I am doing the same: inviting more people from different countries.
This network is a great initiative.
Best regards,
Ildiko Nagy
No one from Indonesia?
I think I am the only one so far,I certainly have not found any there in all the 17,000 islands.
How sad is that!
Saeed Hamad and Sony Arsona are both from Indonesia. It's in the video.
Hi Debby Thanks for this wonderfull news,I just sent them both a message.
This is a surprize.
Hi all

HWC is still growing - today we reached 1600 members - lets welcome Alena Tetreault to our loving, helpful, wonderful community :D

The HWC facebook fan page is also rapidly growing with now 666 fans :D

Lets celebrate these growing community websites with huge smiles on our faces and donate to Kaviraj´s volunteer mission in Haiti - it´s easy - just push the PayPal button on this site

Every penny counts - THANK YOU
Hi Gudny ~ You took notice of this milestone. Yes 1600 is a good number. I'm waiting for the 2000 to make a big "Broo-ha" "Whoopee!" Thank you sweetie. Love, Debby


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