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I was reading the principles and when it came to potentisation, it was stated that a remedy at every potency is shaken about 100 times by striking against a, say, thick resilient leather bound book. If it was done for say about 1000 times what will happen? Or if done only twice what will happen? I read in one of the posts that the good doctor said he has given the remedy using only two succussions. What does it mean? In my understanding perfect and homogeneous blending of the drop of remedy and drops of alcohol is the criteria. Or is it?

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Dr. Anand,
Thanks for your comments. I would invite other members also to put up their views on this topic freely, without inhibitions of trespassing any conventional beliefs. Thanks again.
Kuldip Singh

Me too.
Homeopaths please--

1. A remedy is homoeopathic - an only then - when it is capable of producing the set of symptoms you seek to cure.
2. When the remedy cannot produce that same set of symptoms, it is allopathic.
3. It does not make any difference in what form the remedy comes to be either of these two.

The remedy, when not covering the symptoms although perhaps made in the same manner as homoeopathic remedies, can still act allopathically.
Both crude and potency at any range of potentisation is always capable of producing symptoms, provided it is repeated several times in a proving, unless the prover is a sensitive. Moreover, it needs to fit the constitution of the prover, since some remedies cannot produce any symptoms in some provers, because it has a different vibrational rate than that of the remedy.
Hi Chandran,
I do not think that a few drops once or twice daily can harm and you know that it is always wise to stop or reduce medication once you feel better.
And i always advise my patients not to take any medicine for two days a week unless there is an emergency.

Chandran, as usual you complicate matters. A remedy is always homoeopathic if it can produce the symptoms in the healthy that you seek to cure in the sick. The form in which is given depends on the location, the intensity, the direction, the speed, the time and the period of the symptoms and the vitality of the patient. Mother tinctures are not in any way as dangerous as you like to portray, especially when covering the totality of symptoms, and a lot less dangerous than the quackery of mixopathy.

To declare the use of MT as allopathy, ayurveda or herbal therapy is to misunderstand what homoeopathy is. It is spurious as a doctrine, because it is not in accordance with the facts - the homoeopathicity of the remedy used, as compared to the symptoms. The different components are also present in any of the potencies, so the reasoning is not exactly scientific. Regardless of the fact that above Avogadro there are no molecules present, all components of the original tincture are present as information.

A Remedy, be it in mother tinctures or trituations or potency IS ONLY HOMOEOPATHIC IF IT IS GIVEN ACCORDING TO THE PRINCIPLES OF HOMOEOPATHY.

Isn't it that simple?

I  completely agree with you. i have also replied the same in my above post and their i have quoted Clarke's opinion.

Oh Yes Dr.Vikas

Ask yourself, could a remedy such as, say, Ars. Alb. 10M be given allopathically? Yes, it could. If an inept provider said something like "Oh, anxiety, I'll give Ars. Alb. in the 10M because it is a mental symptom" without looking at the totality of symptoms, then it would be allopathic prescribing. Might temporarily allay the anxiety, too, just as Xanax would, prescribed on the exact same basis. It would not cure the underlying illness causing the anxiety given in this manner.

So, it is not the preparation that makes a remedy homeopathic. If it is offered to the patient on the grounds of the totality of symptoms, on the basis of Similia similibus curentur, and in minimum dose, then mother tincture would be homeopathic.

The preparation of the remedy which Hahnemann devised, -- dilution and succussion -- is not to make it homeopathic, but to refine the operation of the remedy so that it causes the least distress possible to the patient.
According to your opinion the totality of symptoms is must for similarity, regardless of any potency, mother tinctures and low potencies like ix,2x,3x---are all homeopathic and to go above the Avogadro limit is nothing but to avoid aggravation.

Hi Sajjad,
That is also what I get and with which I agree wholeheartedly.


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