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I was reading the principles and when it came to potentisation, it was stated that a remedy at every potency is shaken about 100 times by striking against a, say, thick resilient leather bound book. If it was done for say about 1000 times what will happen? Or if done only twice what will happen? I read in one of the posts that the good doctor said he has given the remedy using only two succussions. What does it mean? In my understanding perfect and homogeneous blending of the drop of remedy and drops of alcohol is the criteria. Or is it?

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My Dear Dr. Sajjadakram, it is not just my opinion that these things are so. In Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine, he points out that the homeopathic system is comprised of the similar remedy, or similimum (aphorism 26 et seq.), prescribed on the totality of symptoms (aphorism 82 et seq.), and given in minimum dose (aphorism 242 et seq.)

In particular I would draw your attention to aphorism 148 in which he summarizes these findings.

He later goes on to note that homeopathy has discovered a way of preparing the remedies which is of the greatest value in providing a gentle and lasting cure (aphorism 269 et seq.) He does not say that the remedies must be prepared in this way in order to be homeopathic. He has already described what makes a remedy homeopathic. Now, he is merely telling us how to prepare the remedy for the patient's best benefit. I hope this answers your comment.

Hi Chandran,
I am quite happy to read what you have stated above. In fact I have tried to convey similar thoughts in my posts above. I absolutely agree what you said, “Use of mother tinctures and low potencies will have to be considered as identical to Ayurveda, Allopathy or Herbal treatment, even though we use the label of homeopathy…. Hence in my opinion, it is ideal to treat patients using potencies above 23c, which do not contain any trace of the drug molecules of the original drug.” Your views given above, I find, is an endorsement of my belief projected in my above posts. You being a scientist a zoologist could explain very well with all the relevant and appropriate scientific parlance. I have earlier seen each one of your scholarly write-up on ‘Dialectical homeopathy’ looks like a master piece. I am sure you are ultimately going to succeed in your attempts to provide a scientific explanation to the theoretical and practical riddles involved in Homoeopathy. Your firm determination in this direction is amply shown in your loud conviction that, primitive forms of nano technology and modern molecular medicine lay hidden encapsulated in the two century old theory of ‘similia similibus curentur’, and the wonderful art of homoeopathic potentization. God bless you.
Kuldip Singh

Here we are talking about what is the proper potency, and what makes remedies in whatever form homoeopathic, not about what other people do. We talk about what makes a remedy homoeopathic, and you come with so many stories that people do this and that,and that is allopathic, but you do not follow the method of single remedy which is equally allopathic. So first clean up your own house before you say another's house is dirty.

Maybe you don't understand what you are saying. You are simply a system builder and you don't like being called out for it. I do not spit venom. I tell the truth.


Maybe this "guru" should not invite me to his discussions and then complain about being pulled up for mixopathy. Like criticising the pharmacies with a long letter saying the pharmacies are dishonest. Claiming they throw away millions of litres of water, whereas they simply distill it. since that neutralises the remedy. Being sanctimonious does not save you.

“We know very well that in the old school there is no plan laid down for acquiring a knowledge of medicines except by experimenting with them on the sick. This Hahnemann condemns as dangerous, because it subject the sufferers to hardship and because of its uncertainty.”
(Lectures on the philosophy. page 170)

“The curative power of medicines, therefore, depends on their symptoms, similar to the disease, so that each individual case of disease is most surely, radically rapidly and permanently annihilated and removed only by a medicine capable of producing in the most similar and complete manner the totality of its symptoms.”
(Organon § 27)

Kent elaborates on this in the following manner:

“Then it is not sufficient merely to give the drug itself, regardless of its form. It is not sufficient to give the crude drug, but the plane upon which it is to be given is a question of study. In a proving the crude drug may bring forth a mass of symptoms in one prover, but when a person is sick those symptoms will not be touched by the crude drug.”
(Lectures on the philosophy. Page 93)

On the other hand, as he mentions the plane of action, that can also be the action of a tincture, which in my view is more than the crude drug.

I think the perfect tool to give it a strike with was the Bible. Probably King James version? Hahnemann's references to God are an interesting one with that too, but that is another story :) 

He preferred the Bible - German Statenbibel - because it had thin, rice-paper pages and was flexible.

It has been very interesting and fruitful discussion as above. From the varying view points expressed above I have come to a conclusion that a mother tincture(MT) is also a homeopathic remedy provided it is given on the basis of totality of symptoms and depending upon the sensitivity and status or stage of suffering of a patient. But it should only be given for a reasonable length of period and if it fails to provide the desired relief, though it is still indicated, this remedy then should be given in suitable potencies. Indiscriminate and long term use of MTs has to be avoided. I personally believe that if the choice of remedy is correct it will work faster in low potencies rather than given in MT form. The use of MTs therefore should be avoided in the interest of faster relief. If a remedy works in MT form, it will also work in its low potency and faster it would be.

Potentisation incorporates dynamization in a drug. It increases its efficacy resulting in faster reaction.

I would request the members to voice their valued opinion on my observation.



It all depends on the case. If the MT is the similimum it works as fast as a potency. That similarity determines the speed of action, based on the speed of the disease. Like to like. I have cured with Chelidonium Q cancer of the liver, which did not react to any of the potencies.

Thanks Kaviraj for your feedback. Such valued feedbacks and mutual sharing of each other’s experiences provides a deeper understanding of homeopathy and bridges the gap between theory and practice.

Thanks again.



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