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I was reading the principles and when it came to potentisation, it was stated that a remedy at every potency is shaken about 100 times by striking against a, say, thick resilient leather bound book. If it was done for say about 1000 times what will happen? Or if done only twice what will happen? I read in one of the posts that the good doctor said he has given the remedy using only two succussions. What does it mean? In my understanding perfect and homogeneous blending of the drop of remedy and drops of alcohol is the criteria. Or is it?

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Dear Participants

there is a lot of good information and also a lot of shortcomings -- a topic which would need exact answers.
Time does not permit me to do that, but a few corner stones should be remembered.

medicines affect human live by altering it from health to artificial disease. they do that because they have the virtue to do so, otherwise they are not medicines but just materials.
This means, that not every material has medical properties.

Likewise, preparation plays a role in unlocking medical facilities.

Hahnemann changed his procedures many times, the latest results being publiched in the Organon 6th and the Chronic disease third ed.
Both can be taken as a firm foundation for further developments.
Homeopathy has lot of fantasies, your annotation is one among hundred. Take in that sense till we arrive some definite conclusion :)

It is spelled "Succussion" and not "Succession"
These two words have similar meanings in that there is an increase, or series of linear information or a sequence of events.

Succession in the dictionary is a NOUN. This word can be found in most dictionaries.
However, succussion is NOT found in the dictionary. When you type it in this window you will see it is underlined in RED because it is not recognizable as a word.

succussion is to succuss. It is an action and a VERB used specifically in homeopathy to potentize.
succession - noun 1 a succession of exciting events: sequence, series, progression, chain, cycle, round, string, train, line, run, flow, stream.
2 his succession to the throne: accession, elevation, assumption.

wikipedia: Homeopathy (also spelled homoeopathy or homœopathy) is a form of alternative medicine, first proposed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, in which practitioners use highly diluted preparations. Based on an ipse dixit axiom formulated by Hahnemann, which he called the law of similars, preparations which cause certain symptoms in healthy individuals are given in diluted form to patients exhibiting similar symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are prepared by serial dilution with shaking by forceful striking, which homeopaths term succussion, after each dilution under the assumption that this increases the effect. Homeopaths call this process potentization.

Note: The rest of wikipedia definition of homeopathy is hogwash. Do not listen to their anti-homeopathy diatribe.
Thanks Chandran!
Dr. S. T. Hassan,
Thanks a lot for explanation that how potentisation takes place. A very easy way to understand for every homoeopath.
Dr. Ravindra Sarswat explained above that Potentisation or Dynamisation is a physical process by which latent curative power of medicines are aroused in to activity, those were inactive in crude state. In this context there is a widely prevailing confusion among homeopaths. Many homeopaths do not prescribe homeopathic mother tinctures ( MTs) to their patients as they believe that MTs contain crude drugs and are not potentised, thus having no curative power. I know of a highly established old veteran, homeopath in my adjoining city of Chandigarh who is held in high esteem in all homeopathic circles, he never prescribes MTs for the above stated reason. I would like to know the views of the learned homeopaths on this forum.
Sir, when it is needed,i.e. to palliate a condition the need of material dose comes. E.g. diabetes which is not controlled by constitutional medicines because in some cases the patient is incurable because of irreversible changes occurred in his body.
But where the disease is curable it is rarely indicated.
Dr.Nilanjana, in reply tp Dr.Bhapkar’s post you said, using mother tinctures (MTs) is as good as using allopathic medicines because MTs contain crude form of drugs. You know allopathic drugs work on law of opposites as against homeopathic remedies working on law of similars. So question often raised is why should MTs be prescribed at all when they are in crude form and their effect is like those of allopathic drugs. As regards your view, of the need to give material doses to provide palliation in cases having undergone irreversible changes, in such cases why not to give remedies in low potencies like 3C, 6C or even 3X & 6X etc. Because according to homeopathic principle crude drug is converted to homeopathic remedy only on dilution & potentisation.
Dear members

Drugs are defined as such material agents, that possess the power to change human health into an artificial disease state, expressed by signs and symptoms.

A drug becomes homeopathic by its application according homeopathic principles.

This is independent of the drug being diluted, potentized or dynamized.

I recommenced for further discussion to read hahnemann's observations.
This is independent of the drug being diluted, potentized or dynamized.

I could not get you.Please make it clear.Do you want to say that mother tinctures ,2x,3x etc are all homeopathic.
Dr. Sajjad, By saying 2X, 3X in fact I meant triturised biochemic forms.
Dear Kuldip singh,
Thanks for the clarification.
Best regards.


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