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With the end of flu season approaching, some are suffering with lingering coughs.
For homeopathic remedy suggestion, read article here, and contribute your own findings of remedies for this flu season.

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Hi Melanie,
This is a great idea, coughs are always challenging. I am putting together some new notes myself which I will add when I have finished them.
Hi Melanie
Coughs & skin diseases are two challenging for all the homeopaths, in my daily practice I find deep antipsoric in 50th milicimal potecy is very effective what do you think about this? family history with miasmatic history to select a remedy is more effective than opt for usual cough remedies .
Gosh. I really needed this forum a few days ago and am happy its up now. I needed to treat patient for cough post-flu. The cough was not very productive, still had yellow-ish color. She is still low on energy, but is pushing herself to travel (flight attendant). The patient also had headache in the vertex with an "as if someone was screwing down on my head" sensation. I wanted to treat with hepar-sulph, but the patient had an allergic reaction to sulfur medication in the past. Although I felt the homeopathic remedy was appropriate, she was not comfortable with the choice of remedy and she was travelling (I was not comfortable treating and not being able to see her). She will be home soon and I need suggestions for this situation if you have any.

I forgot to add...I asked her to use Rescue Remedy until she returned.

Hi Sharon - Regarding the allergy to sulphur, my son also had an allergic reaction to sulfasalazine, an antiinflammatory med, and yet he was at one time prescribed Sulphur as his constitutional remedy a while ago. He did well with Sulphur as his consitutional remedy. No issues.

Thanks for the confirmation Martha. She happens to feel quite well now. She is still traveling back and forth to South American countries, so we are vigilant about any returning symptoms and she will be prepared. While she was recuperating, I asked her to order several remedies, just in case.

A friend of mine has cough problem, it is like combination of a post flu cough and allergic cough. Respiratory infections come quite often so it is always a cyrcle of all symptoms. The terrible cough happens mostly when the person calms. It starts like little tickling in the throat but then like suffocating. It is completely unproductive and dry but she feels mucus in the throat. It goes out only in the morning. This cough brings tears in the eyes. It takes 5-10 minutes then stops for some hours. Worse in the evening, but it can happen also during daytime in closed spaces like underground, train, rooms, stores. Also, a little bit of dust is provoking the cough. Doesn't happen on fresh air. What remedies would you suggest?
Tihana, it sounds like a Belladonna or Rumex Cripus cough (dry, tickling), according to the article linked above. Check these two for hours and "worse closed space or indoors".

Hi Sharon, Belladonna didn't really help.... I'll check the other remedy. Thx!
Rumex and Spongia have tickling coughs. Or if this is chronic, look for the cause, maybe tuberculinum.
Another great Article by Melanie
I do have something respectfully to add.
These suggestions posted in your article are mostly for acute symptoms,and yes they do all work if prescribed for the well indicated symptoms.
But with chronic deep long acting cases (of cough) with much suppression of pathology/emotionals/mentals you have a massive analytical overhaul ahead of you as the practicioner.The standard list of acute remedies wont work.
For this anti-miasmatic consitutional prescribing will access the imbalance (and the cough).
part 2;
To remove the maintaining causefactor is most often overlooked by homeopaths.
Some examples;
Dietary ellimination of- milk/dairy products=mucus formation-congestion
dental glue/rinses/toothpaste/rinse for dentures...........all contain chemicals that may cause irritation to the throat causing chronic tickle+cought+mucus.
Chemical inhalants outside and inside the house may cause irritation to mucus passages
Water proving furniture/clothing-cause allergies+coughing
this is only a short list.
But What I am getting at is that these maintaining causefactors need to be addressed+removed as well as finding the correct remdy.


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