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It is said that a mind with a positive attitude works better. Positive thinking helps to overcome problems in innovative ways.

The recent war against homeopathy should also be taken up with pragmatic and open mind.

The scenario seems tough and bleak but let’s looks for the silver lining around these black clouds.

Let us imagine the situation from a positive angle. Yes, we are at odds with those on the other side of the divide, but look at it this way, the mud slinging and the brickbats being hurled by the skeptics, and such august organization as BBC and WHO are catapulting the homeopathic world into limelight. This publicity though negative keeps the name and spirit of homeopathy alive. Under normal circumstances we would not even be mentioned by the media. Now we can be grateful to them and the skeptics.

Many who never thought or heard of an entity called homeopathy are becoming aware and curious about it and would like to cautiously explore it.

This exposure to homeopathy, though bad is bound to bear fruits in future, as people become aware of homeopathy and start exploring its many faceted benefits.

It’s like Hollywood scandal of a forgotten star, which normally would be ignored but now has to be scrutinized more closely. Now many who look into its besmeared face will find the beauty they ignored and be willing to learn about it. This will bring the change and revise their opinion. That will be the winning point of homeopathy. Call a rose by any name but it still smells sweeter.

It’s time for reflection for all of us to work sincerely for the cause of homeopathy, to present its pretty face to the biased and ignorant world.


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Wequar posted:" present its pretty face to the biased and ignorant world............................"

My reply:
Oh so true,Homeopathy HAS NOTHING to hide,no corruptive practices,No scandals,NO fraud in its science,does not need to pay bribery fee's,not pay writers to trump up its value-Homeopathy speaks for itself-Homeopathy ALWAYS works! Without the vile toxic stains that allopathics carry throughout history.
I Sadly agree, It is an Ignorant world Wequar................
Amazing how many people are so stupid and so easily manipulated when "greed" is presented.


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