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Yesterday while watching "THE DOCTORS" show on TV,i was taken aback by one of the four panelist (all MD),stating that he uses Homeopathic medicine for children for cold symptoms and found it effective.I gathered that it was a combination homeopathic cold remedy as he mentioned the name of the company which sells its medication throughout USA.He also showed a number of Homeopathic medicine medicine which was on the counter for display; Another member of the panel agreed but one of them stated that it should be used with great caution.

Today while visiting a very popular Supermarket i found in the shelf ZINC cold remedy with the caption HOMEOPATHIC.This caught my attention and i glanced through the ingredients and noted that it had ZINCUM GLUSOMINE mentioned as Homeopathic.

This remedy is not Homeopathic,in the sense that the ZINC is not mentioned as to what potency was utilized.In its absence how can it be called homeopathic?

Another Cold remedy in the market is ZAICAM also advertised as homeopathic remedy.

From what has been stated above,i do feel happy that Homeopathy is being recognized by MD for its effectiveness,but very difficult to embrace it with open arms.How ever it augurs well that homeopathy is winning, slowly but surely.

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I'm so happy with your posts to HWC Dr Wequar. You are keeping us up-to-date on what you find happening on the recent shows and in the local stores. Since I do not watch hardly any television I did not know about this show. THE DOCTORS probably has a large audience and very effective educational program to viewers. I did a 'search' on their site for "homeopathy" and "homeopath" where nothing turned up. I searched "homeopathic" and one of the shows was listed, but nothing there about homeopathy.

It will be up to the homeopathic community to educate the public and be ghost writers and advisors to television shows about health issues in the future. We will need professionals to provide valid correct information to base their definitions and descriptions of how a homeopath practices, diagnoses and manages a patient case.

We will need more prevalent wide-spread magazines, flyers, tabletop and store-shelf information to the public about homeopathy to set the record straight. We do not want to be confused with herbal therapy or any other type of alternative treatments.

We will have to develop organizations that can speak up and monitor when pharmaceuticals or other medications [such as described above] are labeled as 'homeopathic' when in truth they are not.

We need a speakers bureau of people available when opportunity knocks. We are now just getting noticed. Let's make the best of it.
Thanks for your comments and encouragement.


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