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In the photograph below on the GP Website, they compare homeopathy to aroma-therapy. How absurd and what a deception! We can see from this effort by 1,333 individuals their determination to cause harm to the time-tested scientific medical system which uses energetic substances for healing. Living organisms are energy and we respond energetically.


Pharmaceutically prepared homeopathic remedies through the process of dilution and succussion are only homeopathic when WELL SELECTED based upon the principle of SIMILIMUM and MINIMUM DOSE. When will people learn that we are more than substance and also have spirit? We must resonate with everything around us. Everyone knows when they feel 'in-tune' and in 'harmony' with those around them.

Government rejects calls for homeopathy investigation

By Tom Ireland 7 December 2010

The government has rejected a petition calling for NICE to evaluate whether homeopathy should be funded by the NHS.

Homeopathic treatments such as aromatherapy are not funded by the NHS

Homeopathic treatments such as aromatherapy are not funded by the NHS


The petition, which attracted 1,333 signatures, requested that ‘NICE urgently investigates why scarce NHS resources are being committed to this seemingly unproven form of treatment.’

But the government response pointed to an examination of homeopathy by the The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee.

In the committees' report ‘it is made clear that the DoH will not stop allowing the funding for homeopathy on the NHS and that decisions on the provision of such treatments are the responsibility of the NHS,' the response says.  

The petition’s creator, Dr Alan Bennett, writes: ‘Many new medicines are unavailable because their cost to performance ratio, as judged by NICE, does not equate with NHS norms. Many people feel that homeopathy has not been evaluated with anything approaching the the same rigor.’


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