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There is a great deal about Homeopathy being attacked, and hiding from skeptics, and all this other continuous conflict which has no end.

This is not the case though. Its not an attack on homeopathy, its people attacking people.

Its actually homoeopaths on homoeopaths. 

This is why homoeopathy wil not become effective. 

The problem is not the discipline, it is not the art, it is homoeopaths themselves. 

My experience of entrepreneurial spirit so far has been matched with People who are  totally fearful and distrustful of each other, hiding behind petit and meaningless labels, excuses, protective mechanisms,  or social statuses when they have really achieved little in the big wide world with regards to sustainable systems,  and only really interested in their own ego-centric survival. 

I shamelessly say this with great resent and dissapointment. 

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Are you saying this is the reason homeopathy is not favored from the very beginning of homeopathy with Hahnemann?

What do you think Debby? 

I didnt know Hahnemann. Didnt experience him. I can imagine, but that is imagination. 



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