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Homeopathy is a Verb | A Response to WHO Safety Issues by Manish Bhatia

Homeopathy is a Verb

A concerted effort on the part of homeopaths to secure the definition of homeopathy as an energy medicine based upon 'the dynamic' similimum that connects person to remedy, and not a physical entity or theoretical proposition, must be made at this crucial time. 

Why do I say Homeopathy is a Verb?

Because it requires a synergy ~ a dynamic relationship and action between individual and remedy as a catalyst. Like a chemical reaction (which is only a metaphor, not a definition of what takes place) there is a form of 'communication' between substance and spirit. 

For Homeopathy to be Only Action is Unfathomable

What is difficult for people, and specifically scientists, pharmacists, researchers and medically minded people to understand and grasp hold of is the writings of Samuel Hahnemann. The deep insight taught takes rethinking, relearning, reprogramming the mind to a new way of understanding our universe. Why else does it take years of study and constant and consistent refreshment to see the world not as only a physical place that can be mechanically manipulated only? The secrets of the universe are "secrets" because they are hidden under the surface, and yet right under our noses!

A Catalyst Only Works Under Certain Conditions

What needs to be stressed time and again is that homeopathic remedies do not act in a vacuum. Homeopathic remedies act under certain conditions that are thoroughly explained in The Organon. Recognizing those conditions is the job of the homeopath, healer and true physician. 

WHO Has Governance?

This is a play on words. Can we hand over the right to govern and regulate our powerful method of treatment to those who have no concept of what they are dealing? It is like giving over the RED BUTTON on the atomic bomb to an child who does not know the meaning of this button. Thus, when a governing body wants to place regulations upon the use of remedies to supposedly protect people from harmful substance, they have NO idea what they are talking about. When they claim that diseased matter in homeopathic form can spread disease or be toxic, they simply do not understand how homeopathy works. 

What We Know Without Question is that Homeopathy Works

We know that only those susceptible and sensitive to a particular remedy will react and that we have the ability to fine-tune and adjust that remedy dose to a gently acting catalyst so the body heals itself to remove dis-ease. AND, that once the remedy is no longer given there will no longer be any action, and definitely no harm. How, one might inquire, could something so powerful also be gentle? 

Homeopathy Needs Experienced, Trained & Knowledgeable Homeopaths

Homeopathy is only a verb and only "acts" and has "action" when the homeopath, as mediator, brings the remedy near the patient who is in need of that particular energy modulator. The homeopath "joins" and "brings together" that medicinal substance which can alter in a positive way the being who is out of balance from more than a physical aspect. 

The homeopath takes into consideration the mental/emotional state, as well as, the physical alterations. The homeopath "listens" and "learns" about the individual in order to bring the knowledge of his craft into being. These concepts are foreign to those outside of this healing system. 

Humanity Continues to Seek Answers

And, although I find it commendable and necessary for all the scientists, researchers and homeopaths to continue the search for understanding "How Homeopathy Works," and proposing possible theories, I feel this can lead us into hot water. These 'speculations' as Hahnemann calls them creates a 'limit' and 'boundary' and definite, "ah, so this is the answer." In a way, a complacency, that mankind can actually 'know' the workings of spirit. Are we so bold and haughty? 

Speculations and Theory Can Easily be Misused

Everything has a positive and negative force. As an example, atomic power can be used for good to provide an energy resource and it can also destroy. Are humans capable of harnessing this power safely to ourselves and our environment? When this power gets into the wrong hands, watch out! 

Providing speculations and theory moves us forward and provides meaning and purpose to our lives. We are tinkering with the unknown and is wonderful discussion. Concerns occur when these theories get into the wrong hands. This provides something tangible for conventional western medicine and pharmacy to take and manipulate and twist to their own liking. Just like statistics can be manipulated and adjusted to prove any point, so too, giving them fodder to say, this memory of water, or that quantum theory, or...whatever, now you have thrown the ball into their court.  

Invest in the Finest Parts of Homeopathy

No! The finest part of homeopathy is that we do not know how it works, we only know that it does work and that is what we must perfect. We must perfect our skill at utilizing these basic principles of nature. 

To be human means to be fallible and to accept there is unlimited knowledge and a force and power beyond our knowing. We can see it in birth, a flower, the wind, the sun and stars and everything miraculous all around us. But, to hand over the key to a door that unlocks this power to those who do not know how to use it is dangerous. 

Protect Homeopathy Through Community Cooperation

To have division within a community that loves and adores this system of medicine that works would be unfortunate. As with a family, where each member has their own personality and needs, we, as a homeopathic family, will also contain many different personality types. Please speak with respect and loving care. Honor those around you. 

Comment To Create Awareness 

Please click the Hpathy Advertising Image link on the right column of this page or click to visit Manish Bhatia's review of the WHO report on the safety issues in the preparation of homeopathic m...

[Excerpt] "In February 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a report on the ‘Safety issues in the preparation of homeopathic medicines’. Since then I have received many messages about parts of it being against homeopathic fundamentals. I decided to give it a thorough reading and explore the philosophical and scientific problems in the document.

I wrote to heartily thank Dr Manish for this investigative report and inquire what responsibilities we have to work out any possible problems that may arise. We can only move forward with a unified effort to spread the truth about homeopathy and dispel any myths or misunderstandings that Homeopathy is not a 'noun.' Let's create some verbiage by vibrating the venerable verifiable 'verb' we call homeopathy.

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I endorse the views expressed by Dr Manish Bhatia in his article “WHO REPORT: SAFETY ISSUES IN THE PREPARATION OF HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES --- this report of W.H.O is a very positive development, and we have to give a serious thought and importance to.
1.Standarisation of our Manufacturing process- Lets have a stand that Potentisation is an manufacturing process only, let’s not talk about high or low dilution,. It would take some more time for non Homoeopath to understand potentisation.
.SAFE PREPARATION / POTENTIAL SAFETY HAZARDS. At Government Homoeopathic Pharmacopeia Laboratory Ghaziabad India study has been done on this subject under the guidance of Dr P.N.VERMA, where in safe dispensing potency have been recorded, but there is lack of awareness of the same, yes it could constitute potential safety hazards, and we have to work on this ,subject without further trying to delay –Modify .or commenting –“Homoeopathic remedies are USUALLY given in very small quantity and so such do not have any potential toxic effect.” We need to take up TOXCITY study of our drugs especially Mother tinctures, AND CERTIFY SAFE POTENCY
.The recommendation mentioned should be taken up in right spirit, for further improvement. As this report has removed the stigma “HOMOEOPATHY IS PLACEBO’
We should thank the W.H.O. for this report.


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