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Homeopathy In "Patchwork" Families and Families With Adopted Children

There are families or communities where children were raised by people without any family-blood connections, like in patchwork families or adopted children.


How can we know about their miasmatic predispositions, we can only guess and what is more important in this case: the miasm or current family situation?

An example: I know one case where the mother was in a marriage with a man who was a nice person (sulphur type, very open minded and creative), but unfortunately once in a month alcoholic without control, aggressive and couldn´t stop to drink for 2 or 3 days at once. She left him because of this, married another man, but the influence and "spirit" of the ex-husband was still in her mind, or "under her skin" so to say.


The baby was born, had physical similarities with the biological father, but his mental state was very like the one of the ex husband!

Or let us look at the patchwork families. When the mother's or father´s new friend or husband/wife are accepted by the children, they will identify with them and can develop symptoms according to their stepfathers and mothers. So, is it possible that in homeopathy, influences of other persons can be stronger than influences from one's family members with the "same blood?"


Is there a kind of collective miasm that shows that we are all connected on a higher level?

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Dear Tihana

We cannot know, and we do not need to know for the selection of the appropriate remedy.

Homeopathic remedies are selected by symptom similitude and not according to a class ( constitution, kingdom, miasm) the patient belongs to. It is the disease-symptom picture, which determines the remedy, nothing else.
If symptoms are due to a "miasm" or not makes no difference.
Dear Hans,
I absolutely agree. The family predispositions are not so important when some situations can have a greater impact on the child than close family members. Of course in homeopathic consultations we are concentrating on the disease-symptom picture but don t we also sometimes concentrate on the cause - and the cause can be sometimes the influence of some other kind of source, sometimes even kept as a secret... It reminds me a little bit on Hellingers Family Constellation, and sometimes I think it can be of a great help for "hard cases" in homeopathy...
Dear tihana, dear members

Maintaining factors for ill health have to be removed first. Often it does not need a remedy at all.

A family does not predispose to any particular disease, all members of an F1 generation differ in size shape, habits and patterns.

if it were for the cause, we could never give Arnica after an accident, as Arnica did not make the provers fall and break their bones or bruise themselves by accidents.

We can give arnica in cases who arrive with bruising soreness regardless whether those were caused by accidents or not. It is a specific set of symptoms that points Arnica in this case and in a similar case to remedies like: Pulsatilla, Symphytum, Rhus-t, Calc, Nat, sulph, and Petr.

As impressive as hellingers family constellations are, they are dangerous too. People belief in those and get completely mixed up.


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