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Homeopathy Helped Attention Deficit Disorder Case Benefited Family & Consider That A Miracle)

This is a case of a boy aged 16 yrs, Tall, thin, fair, good looking & jovial.  He is a student of high school.


D:What is bothering you most?

P: I don’t have license.  Nothing much…, small things / mistakes I did in the past in my life, low grades at school

D: How “not having License” is affecting you?

P: No transportation. I have to call my friends to go outside.

I have to Figure out ways to get it.

D: Tell more

P: You never know when one’s last day would be, so I like to get most out of the present day.

Not worried of anything.

Careless (his mother says)

No fear at all.

D: Do you have any problem at school like in understanding what your teacher says?

P: No, I can understand what my teacher says, when it is repeating the same then I get bored and I can’t focus for continuous 8 hrs.  I gets distracted easily…talking to friends etc.

No motivation

D: What you don’t like to do?

P: Taking time to do work which I don’t like it.

D: Hobbies?

P: skateboarding, skiing or activities that involve outside

D: How do you feel when you don’t get license?

P: Angry

D: What is that you experience when you don’t get license?

P: makes me feel kill some bodyanger in me will never go away until I achieve it.

Very angry, throwing, yelling screaming blow up.

D: what other factors makes you angry?

P: If other kids have and I don’t have that makes me angry. Most of my friends have license and I don’t and now I am 16 so that is making me angry.

Jealousy of others.

If someone is stopping me from achieving my goals that makes me mad.

D: How do you feel at that time?

P: I feel let down, so focused on…take or let anger out.

Hit the door (and broke the door also).

I let anger out by active violence

D: What makes you happy?

P: By doing things which I want or by being with people not stopping me (friends)

Friends calm me down, do comfort stuff,…fun activities out side.

For getting anger, I blame on license or parents and not myself.

I don’t believe on my parents.


P: I want a car which is expensive than my friend’s car and my parents won’t give me…showing off (Pt mother said)

Competition….I want to be on top.

I am a very creative person…

I Love drawing and design.

Embarrassing…I love impressing myself….want to show I am better.

No fear of anything.

They put hard on me and I put hard on them.

D: Is this revengeful?

P: Not really.

Dreams: good dreams: championship turbike. I made the girl happy as I smashed the opponent.  He loved a girl and then their relationship was broken, now this girl is liking pizza guy (the opponent) so in his dream he smashed the opponent and made the girl feel happy/smile)

D:  Now tell me how can I help you?

P: I want my parents to be happy.

I can’t be like every one and I want to be in a different way.

I am Athletic.

D: How is your body feel to you?

P: Feel warm

Food: Loves meat, beef (Takes out fat doesn’t like in the meat) but eats french fries etc.

Wants to make new sandwiches, creative.

Allergic to mushrooms….vomiting.

First thing in Morning desires sweet- candy,

Strong desire for company

Hate being alone.

I like outside more.

I fee sad when emotional & physically attachment…is lost or dead

I build strong relationship

D: How do you feel when something happens to that relationship?

P: when it is lost I think is it gone for ever or for time being.

It makes me feel sad,

Impulsive…somebody is responsible for that (pt mother said)

Appreciating me who I am.


Desires warm food.

Memory – don’t remember things where I left.

Lost my phone, jacket.


Doodle; outdoors, anything is possible…so many diff ways to look. (He did a beautiful doodle…it is very impressive and shows his talent)

Likes bright colors.


He drinks alcohol occasionally, smokes, takes marijuana and was on ADD medication since he is in 1st grade (class) until now.


Interview with mother:


How is his health in his childhood? E.g how often he gets sick and if he is sick how he reacts during sickness?


- In his first 4 years, in Romania, he had very often sore through infections associated with high fever, which required a lot of antibiotics and doctor visits (almost every change in seasons, 4 x year, he had a major problem like this).

Since we came in the US, when he was 5, maybe he got sick 4 times in 12 years - cold and flues. he is very "easy" when he is sick, he can take a lot of pain, he sleeps a lot, does not eat because all the time he has also a sore through and he coughs sometimes for several days.


- Other illness I do not recall, however he has a lot of accidents with his "extreme sports" : broken bones, cuts, scars, bruises...he likes all these sports like skateboarding, snow-boarding and biking and try all kind of dangerous tricks which make him end in the emergency rooms...again, he takes all this terrible pain like a man..never cries or complains!


What physical complaints he had so far?


- He had growing pains few years ago especially knees pains and articulations, nothing else really..


He is so in a hurry to experience every new thing,...good or bad..


D: How were you during your pregnancy (any major stress)


- Yes - I was in my sixth year of college finishing my Master Degree in Chemistry - I was very stressed out with my exams, especially the summer session (June) before he was born (in September)


D: How much restless he is mentally and physically?


- He can stay extreme long periods of time without sleep - very, very late every night and going to sleep almost in the morning in the week-ends, but then he sleeps till 2 - 4 pm in the day (of the weekend, of course)


Remedy selection:

He received Apis Melifica 200 single dose in water potency.


Bees:  they are social workers.  Need community for their well being and survival. The dance they perform is a celebration of living.  They symbolize courageousness.  They have bad temper.


Competition.  Victim and aggressor, hierarchy or survival problems.

Insecta: restlessness, agility, sudden attacks, intruded, encroached etc.

Doing a job over and over is frustrating , feeling of being a slave.

Apis mel: Restlessness, fidgety, hyperactivity, hurry,frantic pace,

Social colonies, Industrious, busy, fruitlessly busy

Miasm Tubercular


Comparison , competition

Dominance, dictatorial

Extremely hot patients

Violence amounting to frenzy

Ailments from fright, rage, vexation, jealousy

The bee flits from flower to flower , never concentrating her effort on one, yet often returning to the same one. So the apis patient flits from one idea to another , finding it impossible to concentrate on any line of thought, yet always swinging back to it at intervals.

Fear of being alone.




He was given Apis 200 water potency.


They noticed change in his behavior (very good positive changes) right away.


Follow up 10 days after the remedy


Client mother emailed me like this


“Good Morning Dr. Kukunoor,


He had the best week of his life. As I explained last Friday he was calm, he actually listened to us (I believe he was not listening before, or not hearing us in his busy mind), he spent the whole week-end at home with us (this has not happened

in years) helping around the house and cleaning his room.


However, based on your recommendation I stopped giving him the remedy on Saturday night (when he took his last dose) so on Sunday PM (around 6:00pm) he started acting out, raising his voice, being angry he does not have a car and something wrong went with his phone, slamming doors and going outside to smoke a the old XXXX (pt name) was misbehaving again. I gave him another dose of the remedy and in about 1 hour he was calm again, apologizing for his acting out, hugging us and saying we are the best parents and he does not want to upset us.


Later we told him that if he will have another good week and not misbehave, we will take him for the drive test to get his license and start looking for a car. He was very, very happy and agreed to be only good from now on. We are so happy seeing him happy, before he was so angry and nervous all the time.


I have to mention to you that he never takes the allopath medication (his hyperactive medication – Vyvence) during week-ends, unless he has big projects for school

to prepare, because the Vyvence cuts his appetite so much that we want him, at least in the week-ends, to eat well. So, it might be that on Sunday he was completely off of both medications and that is why he returned to his old problems.


Thank you again for bringing hope into our life - we can not stop talking about this true miracle happening to us!


Kind regards,

XXXX(Patient Mom)


Follow up after 17 days (given by patient mother in email)


“I talked to him over the week-end about his positive changes and he mentioned something very surprising...that he does not

want to take the remedy anymore because he feels so different, like is not him anymore and he does not want to loose his personality.


 I think he is not used with the new sensation of calm, he is not used to hear the silence, to hear us and understand actually what we are talking, not used not to explode at every remark we make. I think is such a new world for him, less noisy, that he does not feel comfortable into it because is just new to him”.


First follow up after 8wks :


Feels very calm…and he said he doesn’t want to be like that…his original personality is changing it seems. No new symptoms. Fought with a person (the day before the follow up) whom he didn’t know.  Got bruise on his face. He also got license…Happy for that, but his parents didn’t buy car for him so he is still unhappy.

He said his concentrating power has improved.

But Mother is still concerned about his school grades as he was still not getting good grades and he still has problem in concentrating and he still doesn’t prefer to do work


Gave Apis 1M

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Great Case! Congratulations!!!
Please do not title the case as Miraculous...Homeopathy is scientific and has not scope for is based on application of defined principles.
I appreciate your feedback. Thank you.
Dear Kavitha ~ Quite interesting case taking. Can you tell us the rubrics that were used? It is interesting that we do not specifically see some inflammation, swelling, stinging and other keynotes to Apis. He wants sweets when waking. I will have to remember that one.
Dear Kavitha,
Do you agree with these rubrics for repertorisation?

MIND; COMPANY; desire for; alone, while, agg.
MIND; AMBITION; much, ambitious
MIND; ANGER, irascibility; tendency; violent
GENERALITIES; COMPLEXION; fair, blonde, light
MIND; KILL, desire to
MIND; RAGE, fury; contradiction, from
MIND; HEEDLESS, careless
Hi Dr. Paul,

Great, you got all the rubrics.perfect, those were the rubrics that were considered for repertorization.

Though the client said that he feel like killing, but for some reason I didn't take rubric mind; kill desire to as to me he is not having desire to kill..and I came to know that after I probed much about it...Based on that I understood that it is only an impulse to express his violent anger at that moment but he didn't mean to kill.

Dear Kavitha,
I have repertorize this case with the rubrics you have approved , Apis covered 4 rubrics with 7 points and Lyc. 8 rubrics with 14 points. Nux Vom has 7 rubrics and 14 points.
Then my question :- what is the criteria for selection of Apis in this case?

Mind; COMPANY; desire for; alone, while agg. (K12, SI-150, G10) (Fear; alone; of being) (Anxiety; alone) (Dullness; alone) (Fear; death, of; alone) (Inconsolable; alone) (Irritability; alone) (Rage; alone) (Sadness; alone, company) (Weeping; tendency; alone) (20) : ambr., Ars., bov., brom., cadm-s., calc., camph., con., dros., elaps, kali-c., lyc., mez., pall., Phos., rat., sil., stram., tab., zinc.
MIND; AMBITION; much, ambitious (SI-24) (37) : acon., alum., anac., ars., asar., aur., bov., calc., camph., carb-an., caust., cina, cocain., cocc., coloc., con., cupr., cycl., dros., graph., kali-c., lach., lyc., nat-m., nux-v., pall., phos., plat., puls., ran-b., sars., sil., spig., staph., sulph., tanac., verat.
MIND; JEALOUSY (K60, SI-674, G48) (Ailments from; jealousy) (Delirium; jealousy) (Delusions; wife; faithless, is) (Envy) (Quarrelsomeness; jealousy) (Selfishness) (Suspicious) (65) : am-s., anac., anan., apis, ars., bamb-a., bar-c., bar-s., bell., calad., calc., calc-p., calc-s., camph., carc., caust., cench., cham., chin., cocain., cocc., coff., coloc., con., crot-c., ferr-s., gall-ac., gels., hell., HYOS., ign., ilx-a., ip., kali-acet., kali-ar., kali-c., kali-s., LACH., lil-t., lyc., mag-c., mag-s., med., morg-g., nat-m., nat-s., nux-m., NUX-V., op., ozone, petr., ph-ac., phos., Plat., puls., raph., sac-alb., sep., staph., stram., sul-ac., sulph., thuj., verat., vip.
MIND; ANGER, irascibility; tendency; violent (K3, SI-39, G2) (Impetuous) (Kill) (Rage) (Violent) (92) : Acon., aesc., ambr., Anac., androc., apis, ars., Aur., aur-s., bamb-a., bar-c., bell., bor., bry., bufo, cahin., calc., camph., cann-s., canth., carb-v., carbn-s., carc., caust., cere-s., Cham., chel., chin-b., cimx., cocc., coff., croc., cupr., cypr., dros., ferr., ferr-p., germ., graph., grat., hecla., Hep., hydrog., hyos., ictod., ign., iod., kali-c., kali-chl., kali-i., lach., led., lyc., lyss., m-aust., mag-c., mag-s., med., meli., mez., mosch., nat-m., nat-s., Nit-ac., Nux-v., oena., olnd., ozone, pall., petr., ph-ac., phos., pitu-a., plat., prot., puls., seneg., sep., sil., stann., Staph., stram., stront-c., sulph., Tarent., tell., thyr., tub., tub-k., verat., zinc., zinc-p.
GENERALITIES; LEAN people (K1370, SII-345, G1130) (Emaciation) (58) : acet-ac., alum., Ambr., arg., arg-n., ars., ars-i., bar-c., beryl., bry., cadm., calc., calc-f., Calc-p., caust., chin., coff., cupr., dys-co., ferr., fl-ac., flor-p., gaert., graph., ign., iod., ip., kreos., lach., lyc., mag-c., mag-p., mang., merc., nat-c., nat-m., nit-ac., nux-m., nux-v., perh., petr., ph-ac., phos., plb., prot., psor., rat., sanic., saroth., sars., Sec., sep., sil., stann., Sulph., tub., v-a-b., verat.
GENERALITIES; COMPLEXION; fair, blonde, light (SII-90, G1111) (81) : agar., am-m., ambr., ang., apis, ars., aur., bar-c., bell., bor., bov., brom., bry., Calc., camph., caps., caust., cham., chel., cina, clem., Cocc., coff., coloc., con., croc., cupr., cycl., dig., dys-co., euph., ferr., gaert., graph., hell., hep., Hyos., ign., iod., ip., kali-bi., kali-c., kreos., lach., laur., lob., lyc., lycps., mag-c., mag-m., merc., mez., mosch., mur-ac., nat-c., nux-v., op., Petr., ph-ac., Phos., plat., Puls., rheum, rhus-t., ruta, sabad., Sel., Seneg., sep., sil., spig., Spong., stann., staph., stram., sul-ac., sulph., thuj., vario., verat., viol-o.
MIND; RAGE, fury; contradiction, from (SI-817) (Anger; tendency; contradiction, from) (9) : aur., grat., ign., lac-c., lyc., nat-ar., nux-v., olnd., thuj.
MIND; HEEDLESS, careless (K51, SI-573, G41) (Chaotic) (Fearlessness) (Impulsive) (Indifference) (Indiscretion) (Inquisitive) (Loquacity; heedless) (Rashness) (Reveals; secrets) (Sensitive; want of) (Unobserving) (92) : abies-c., agar., agn., ail., alco., alum., alum-p., am-c., am-m., ambr., anac., apis, arn., asaf., aur-m., bar-c., bell., bov., bufo-s., calad., camph., cann-i., cann-s., canth., carl., caust., cham., cic., cimic., clem., coff., con., corn., cortico., cot., croc., cupr., cur., daph., euon., gels., guai., gymn., hell., hep., hyos., ign., ind., kali-c., kali-sil., kreos., lach., laur., lyc., lyss., m-arct., m-p-a., manc., merc., mez., myris., nat-c., nat-m., nat-p., nit-ac., nitro-o., nux-m., nux-v., olnd., op., ped., ph-ac., phos., plat., puls., rhod., rhus-t., rib-ac., ruta, sabad., sep., sil., spig., staph., stram., sulph., thuj., tub., valer., verat., zinc., zinc-p.
Dear Paul,

Sorry for delay, I just checked your post.

You are right, based on above rubrics Apis scored less marks but still I gave the remedy Apis. I follow Dr.Rajan Sankaran's sensation method.

Here there is no sensitivity like plant kingdom (if that is true then I would have given Lyco) but more of the victim aggressor type (Amimal Kingdom)

My basis for selecting Apis are as below:

Competition. Victim and aggressor, hierarchy or survival problems.

Insecta: restlessness, agility, sudden attacks etc.

Doing a job over and over is frustrating , feeling of being a slave.

Apis mel;

Restlessness, fidgety, hyperactivity, hurry,frantic pace,

Social colonies

Industrious, busy, fruitlessly busy

Miasm Tubercular


Comparison , competition

Dominance, dictatorial

Extremely hot patients

Violence amounting to frenzy

Ailments from fright, rage, vexation, jealousy

The bee flits from flower to flower , never concentrating her effort on one, yet often returning to the same one. So the apis patient flits from one idea to another , finding it impossible to concentrate on any line of thought, yet always swinging back to it at intervals.

Fear of being alone.



In future I might think of giving him a nosode (Medorrhinum - "Avoids responsibility" ...Doesn't feel responsible, wants to enjoy his said by his mother) but right now client is doing good so don't want to disturb so early.

Fantastic insight Kavitha!
Thanks Stephanie.
Kavitha - You've started something good to think about. Learning more about the bees.
Thanks Debby. I wonder how well you gather all the helpful information, knowledge over to this website. Hatsoff to you. I wish I should be like you.

You know the parents of that client gave testimonial for my website (I am pasting the link here).

With love,
Thank you sweet Kavitha. We keep learning from everyone's experience.


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