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What's the Story About Genital Warts?

New York Times Article| Vaccine Against Virus in Girls May Be Given to Boys

I feel the Debate Will Continue to Heat Up as Time Passes and We Learn More About the Effects of Drugs and Vaccinations Upon the Human Mind, Heart and Body. I do not think we have enough evidence to presuppose the effectiveness on young people, without taking into consideration the long-term effects. Injecting a mix of chemicals and toxic substances into developing organisms is going to create havoc.

The Scientific Method | After listening to a radio show with Barbara Low Fischer, I found out that the studies were not up to standards in comparing the test group against the control group. The conclusions were not statistically valid because the supposed 'control' group had aluminum or some other substance.

The New York Times article opened with some background about who is targeted to receive Gardasil, the vaccine used to immunize girls and young women against the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer.

A federal advisory group debated the use of gardasil for boys and young men to protect them from genital warts. Who was on the panel and what are their affiliations?

Gardasil, made by Merck, works against four strains of the virus — two strains that are responsible for 70 percent of cervical cancers and two strains responsible for about 90 percent of genital warts. But it is expensive, requiring a series of three injections that cost $130 each.

FDA APPROVAL | The vaccine was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in boys and men ages 9 to 26. Wednesday’s action, by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is intended to guide national policy on use of the vaccine; its recommendations are typically adopted by professional medical associations and set the standards of practice for physicians.


  • Loss of freedoms with National Policy which forces people to have a vaccination
  • This is not prevention when it is delivered to young children who have not warranted this invasion to the body of an organism.
  • They say “cost” is a factor, but if it really were effective would cost matter?
  • Why are they advising to give a vaccine manufactured for vaginal warts to a male?
  • Do we REALLY know the total effects of this vaccine to the body and mind?
  • Is the outcome a more promiscuous society?
  • This vaccine is recommended for young girls, even with the potential dangers as sited by many medical experts.
  • What is scary is that these vaccines may be administered “at the doctor’s discretion… boys and men ages 9 to 26” What happened the parents’ rights and the individual’s rights?
  • Then, in the next breath, they state that “health insurers may choose not to cover the shots..” Please explain that if this is now National Policy, that medical coverage is not available?
  • Many suggest just having a pap smear can do more to reduce cervical cancer in the U.S. than the Gardasil vaccine; and would certainly be more cost-effective.
  • Social inequality is an issue. Because the shots are so expensive, only the wealthy can afford them. And, if you were to believe that Gardasil could actually benefit anyone, then that would leave the rest of the population unprotected. However, in my opinion, the expense is actually a good thing, because it reduces the number of people who will be effected by potential side-effects.
  • Dr. Richard M. Haupt, Merck’s director of research for Gardasil there are at least 250,000 new cases of genital warts in males
  • The NY times article reported that “A clinical trial of about 4,000 young men, sponsored by Merck, reported that the vaccine prevented 89 percent of genital warts.”
  • The debate rages on with the vaccine advisory committee questioning whether it was “appropriate and cost-effective to vaccinate boys for a problem that can be embarrassing and uncomfortable but is not life-threatening.” These get to the heart of the ethics on this vaccine. They are weighing the financial investment for an invasion of privacy into individual’s personal problems for conditions that are not life-threatening. Do they mandate medications and vaccinations for acne, which also may be embarrassing and uncomfortable? Who knows, maybe that is next on their agenda.
  • What bothers me is that they would mandate a vaccine for a “potential” problem that may happen years in the future for when a person begins dating, having sexual relations or marriage. Each person should be given the freedom to take their own path and that may mean abstinence, selective partnering, and testing before sexual encounters. In a way, this vaccine is saying that everyone who has sex has a high risk of contracting this virus. I would like to question that presumption.
  • Mike Adam’s reports , The King County Health Department in Washington, the "average age of women newly diagnosed with cervical cancer is between 50 and 55 years," and "risk of developing this cancer is very low among girls less than fifteen." And he questions whether giving this vaccine in young children could cause infertility in their reproductive years.
  • I wonder why they are pushing this on the male population when, “Harrell W. Chesson, a health economist at the disease control centers, said that to reduce HPV, it would be more cost-effective to increase vaccination among girls than among boys.” And, it is fascinating to me that there are specialists in this area of “Health and Economy.” This brings it all down to dollars and cents.
  • Next on their schedule is to evaluate the data on male partners who have anal sex to compare prevention statistics in that demographic.
  • I would like to know how they could claim this vaccine to give ‘life time’ immunity when no one has lived 20 years since taking the vaccine. We do not really know the long-term outcomes. Loyola News Story
  • Natural News on Gardasil Indicates that there has been controversy since 1997 when it was mandated for girls in Texas and then rescinded. How soon we forget.
  • And the British vaccine program ended in 2009 when a young girl died from the Cervari GlaxoSmithKline vaccine
  • Gardasil has been associated with fainting, convulsions, seizures, blood clots, extreme fatigue, swelling, pain in the joints, severe rashes and sores, brain inflammation, paralysis, and 32 deaths. Doctors are not required to report adverse reactions to Gardasil, and the FDA's Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS) website isn't set up to gather the information that would be needed to prove whether the adverse effects and deaths were caused by the vaccine. In fact, “A federal report has concluded that the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil, marketed by Merck, has a 400 percent higher rate of adverse effects than another comparable vaccine, the Menactra anti-meningitis shot.
  • Natural News Petition
  • Visit the National Vaccine Information Center | Gardasil and HPV Infection
  • October 28, 2008: Barbara Loe Fisher talks with Gina Cloud on Contact Talk Radio about the hazards of the HPV and Menactra vaccines.
  • New York Times | Cervical cancer is cancer that starts in the cervix, the lower part of the uterus (womb) that opens at the top of the vagina.
  • A Lifesaving Tool Against Cervical Cancer Remains Underused By Carol Weeg Cervical cancer is a cancer killer in women, but most don’t get vaccinated against the virus that causes it.

  • Gardasil & Swine Flu Vaccines: Inconvenient Truths

    Gardasil and Menactra vaccines were licensed within a year of each other and recommended by the CDC for universal use in 11-12 year olds. Although Menactra is given to boys and girls and has already been mandated in many states for high school and college entry, Gardasil is only given to girls and is not yet mandated. Menatra is given as one-dose series and, by February 25, 2008, the CDC reported that about 15.5 million doses of Menactra had been distributed in the U.S. Gardasil is given in a three dose series and the CDC reported that, by July 2008, about 16 million doses had been distributed in the U.S.

    This means that about 15 million doses of Menactra were given to about 15 million boys and/or girls and about 16 million doses of Gardasil - if every girl got three doses - were given to about five million girls. It is individuals - not doses of vaccine - who collapse, convulse, become paralyzed, have heart attacks, develop lupus and other chronic health problems after being vaccinated. The fact that death and serious health problems are reported 3 to 30 times more frequently after Gardasil than after Menactra is highly significant and it is irresponsible for federal health officials and Merck to blow it off as unimportant.

    NVIC Vaccine News | Gardasil Death & Brain Damage: A National Tragedy

    • The common side effects include pain, swelling, itching, bruising, and redness at the injection site, headache, fever, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and fainting. Sometimes fainting has been accompanied by falling with injury, as well as shaking or stiffening and other seizure-like activity. This may require evaluation or treatment by your daughter's doctor or health care professional.
    • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have reviewed all the safety information available to them. Based on data available to them as of May 2009, the CDC and FDA determined that GARDASIL continues to be safe and effective, and its benefits continue to outweigh its risks. In August 2009, the CDC reaffirmed its continued recommendation for vaccination with GARDASIL.

    Homeopathic Care for Genital Warts

    Is it a coincidence that the main homeopathic remedy for warts is the same remedy that is used to counter-act the effects of vaccination? This remedy is also in the family of remedies used for cancer.


  • Taxol Pacific yew tree, Taxus brevifolia Taxus brevifolia (Pacific Yew or Western Yew) is a conifer native to the Pacific Northwest of North America. It ranges from southernmost Alaska south to central California, mostly in the Pacific Coast Ranges, but with an isolated disjunct population in southeast British Columbia, most notably occuring on Zuckerberg Island near Castlegar and south to central Idaho.
    - Wikipedia

    The chemotherapy drug paclitaxel (Taxol), used in breast, ovarian and lung cancer treatment, is derived from Taxus brevifolia. As it was already becoming increasingly scarce when its chemotherapeutic potential was realized, the Pacific Yew was never commercially harvested from its habitat in the large scale; the widespread use of the paclitaxel was enabled when a semi-synthetic pathway was developed from extracts of cultivated yews of other species. Unlicenced pharmaceutical production use of closely-related wild yew species in India and China may be threatening some of those species.[1]

    Murphy's Repertory


    FEMALE: Warts: genitalia: calc, euphr, lyc, med, merc, NAT-S, NIT-C, sabin, sars, sep, staph, THUJ

    UTERUS, CERVIX: aur-m-n, calc, med, NAT-S, NIT-AC, sabin, sars, sep, staph, THUJ

    VAGINA: calc, euphr, lyc, med, merc, NAT-S, NIT-C, sabin, sars, sep, staph, THUJ

    WARTS: Genitalia: calc, caust, euphr, lyc, med, merc, NAT-S, NIT-C, sabin, sars, staph, THUJ

    WARTS: Genitalia: Penis: calc, euphr, lyc, merc, NAT-S, NIT-C, sabin, sars, staph, THUJ

    WARTS: Genitalia: Scrotum: calc, euphr, lyc, med, merc NAT-S, NIT-C, sabin, sars, staph, THUJ

    Sensitive to touch: NIT-AC

    Other interesting notes:

    Aurum-muriaticum-natrum is known for use with genital cancers.

    Calcarea carb guiding symptoms include warts and polyps, as well as, defective nutrition to glands, bones and skin.

    Causticum is another remedy for ulcerations, burns and burning sensations, jagged warts and bleeding warts of all kinds, old injuries and scars. Warts on nose, face, eyebrows, etc.

    Euphrasia is an immune booster and listed for condylomata, measles, prostate disorders, scrofula and staphyloma.

    Lycopodium is a liver remedy of first order, also used for chronic hepatitis, constipation, colic, stones, condylomata, tumors and impotence. Drysdale recorded a woman “whose hands were covered with warts.” [Murphy p. 1061]

    Medhorrhinum is a remedy used for those who have over active sexual lifestyles and transmit contagious disease.

    Mercurius has a proclivity for thick foul burning discharges, ulcerations and mouth sores.

    Natrum-sulph was discovered by Glauber in 1658 and is a chief ingredient in mineral spas for those sensitive to humidity, rainy weather and water. Although best recognized for alleviating side effects of head injury, it is listed for condylomata and skin vesicles and suppressed gonorrhea.

    Nitricum acid is excellent for ulcers, chancres, warty tumors, stones, tuberculosis and syphilis. Murphy [p.1235] states Nit-acid is one of the chief antidotes of Merc and it is in cases of syphilis that have been overdosed with Merc that its action is most brilliant”

    Sepia is the woman’s remedy for exhaustion and female problems, especially irregular hormonal activity or when they have taken “the pill.”

    Staphysagria is commonly used remedy for rape and suppressed anger.


    Application of mercury was given by mouth, by rubbing it on the skin, fumigation and by injection for Syphilis in the early 1500’s. Only later were antibiotics used for STDs.

    (NaturalNews) Several doctors and women's groups in India are lambasting advertisements puts out by drug giants GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Merck for their human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine. Objecting to the claims being made that the vaccine protects against cervical cancer, The Sama Resource Centre for Women and Health, Saheli Women's Resource Centre, and a group of doctors are sounding the alarm that the ads are misleading and inaccurate.

    Marketed in the United States as Gardasil, the HPV vaccine is being touted by its manufacturers as the greatest thing since sliced bread as far as preventing cervical cancer. Even in India, the marketing campaign for the vaccine has been so successful that pediatricians all over the country are urging parents to have their adolescent daughters vaccinated.

    Budev Chandra Das, a professor of biomedical research at Delhi University, and Dr. Sidharth Sahni, a surgical oncology consultant at Artemis Health Institute, have both been questioning the legitimacy of the vaccine, noting that there are many different types of HPV that the vaccine does not prevent and that there are other conditions that cause cervical cancer besides HPV.

    The vaccine is allegedly only effective on young girls who have never had sex, another important piece of information that doctors and researchers are saying GSK and Merck have failed to effectively communicate. Rather than divulge the truth of the matter, the two drug companies seem only to be interested in convincing as many people as possible to get the vaccine.

    Vani Subramaniam from the Saheli Women's Resource Centre also pointed out that the drug giants have concealed the truth about the many horrific side effects caused by the vaccine. Merck's public list of Gardasil's side effects include headache, fever, vomiting, fainting, breathing problems, seizures, chronic fatigue, chest pains, and stomach pain, just to name a few.

    Many young women and girls in the U.S. have developed severe, debilitating conditions after receiving their Gardasil shots. Aside from the known side effects, some girls have become paralyzed while others have developed chronic illness that has left them unable to function properly. Many girls have actually died from receiving Gardasil shots.

    The harm caused by Gardasil is obscene, leaving one to wonder how such a dangerous product can continue to be marketed and sold legally with no repercussions on the villains who are perpetrating it on the public. Not only is the vaccine a failure at accomplishing its stated purpose, but it continues to destroy the lives of the next generation of young girls who receive it.

    Merck's cervical cancer vaccine ads are inaccurate and misleading

    Wednesday, March 03, 2010 by: E. Huff, staff writer

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Since the original post in 2009, this issue now being discussed on New York Times has many pro-gardasil advocates. Seems that the pharmaceutical companies have public citizens out selling their products. Some arguments sound pretty good and scary for fear of genital warts, head and neck cancers to have all your children receive these vaccines. 


While only a handful promote non-vaccination. And, some testimonials such as this one: "Because my husband had HPV-related cancer of the tonsil, I was initially adamant about my teenage boys receiving this vaccine. As No. 3 notes, however, doing even the smallest amount of research uncovered numerous, numerous instances of extremely serious side effects:CBS NEWS.

There is even a website devoted to cataloging the cases of harm that are alleged to be caused by the vaccine:  While there may be millions of young women who receive this vaccine with no side effects, the seriousness and seeming frequency of side effects have made me reconsider my decision to have my sons vaccinated. Frankly, it seems extremely unlikely that a pharmaceutical company (especially Merck, e.g. Vioxx) is going to be entirely forthright regarding the potential side effects of this vaccine. Finally, there are many, many strains of HPV -- this vaccine only protects against a few. While it was terrible watching my husband go through treatment for head and neck cancer, I don't think this vaccine is the answer for my sons."


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