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Homeopathy is based on natural law of vital force and like cures like, so Homeopathy can't fail. We who don't understand the basic laws of Homeopathy may fail.

Since mistakes are not allowed in medical practice, therefore a homeopath who fails to individualize the case selects the wrong similimum or uses the wrong dose (either high or low) with the wrong repetition will not be able to get the desired results.

Homeopathy fails when we try to expect more than it can offer. It has its own limitations but in common practice most often homeopaths fails because of lack of knowledge and proper training in case taking and selection of the correct remedy.


True. But we all commit mistakes. Even the best of best are liable to commit mistake, but the idea is we must follow the laws of Organon. And use our common sense.

Mistakes are the stepping stones to learning and experience is the road to success. I am recalling a quote by J.ELLIS BARKER as " Mistakes are unavoidable . He who makes no mistakes never does anything useful . Even the best and the most careful homeopathic prescribers make avoidable mistakes in treatment and every conscientious homeopath should occasionally review not only his success but also and particularly his failues". 


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