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Homeopathy Helps Cure Traumatic Ulcers

A Recent News Article on Web NewsWire
Homeopathy helps to cure Traumatic Ulcers

How Does One Get A Traumatic Ulcer?
Traumatic ulcers generally result from mechanical, chemical or electrical trauma. The ulcer bed consists of newly developing tissue with areas of swelling and infiltration by inflammatory cells and occurs when people suffer from accidental injury.

How many times have you accidentally bit your lip resulting in a canker sore?

Demonstration example of type of case healed with homeopathy
Mr. Kapil Shrivastav (name changed), 47 years, was suffering from severe pain in the calf muscles that developed after an accident. This resulted in a non-healing injury in spite of not being a diabetic. The nature of his job at a retail store demanded standing for hours together at a stretch, which aggravated the pain further. Unable to withstand the pain any more, he visited Dr. Batra's®.

Interesting to note that this patient was not diabetic. An important point will be illustrated later

Full Medical Evaluation
At the clinic, after recording a detailed case history, the doctor conducted a thorough clinical examination and diagnosed Mr. Shrivastava’s problem as a traumatic ulcer. The affected area revealed a deep seated ulcer with a thick bloody scab. The surrounding area was swollen and had a blackish discoloration. The doctor prescribed a homeopathic medicine on the basis of his symptoms as well as his constitution, and within 4-5 months of the treatment, the ulcer started healing. In 10 months, as the treatment progressed, he improved considerably. The ulcer healed completely and the swelling disappeared. He hasn’t had a recurrence of the problem to date and is pleased by his recovery.

This case illustrates that patience is needed to heal such a deep-seated case. Perhaps this is why the people in India have the belief that all homeopathy works slowly and not rapidly. There is a blog about this and how when a person is in great pain they want immediate relief.

The Body Heals Itself
Homeopathy acts upon the immune system and restorative energies of the body so that it heals itself. While other systems of medicine simply suppress symptoms and treat the body in parts, Homeopathy recognizes the body as a unified whole of physical as well as psychological components and confronts the problem from deep within. This is why it offers hope to many cases deemed ‘incurable’ by other medical systems.

This article concludes by educating the public that the individual does the healing, not the remedy. It is important to let people know that they have a strong immune system with an innate ability to heal. I believe that in India there is more knowledge of the mind-body connection
  • In Dr Ajay's Article 12 Tissue Salts in Homeopathy we learn that Calcarea-sulphuricum even in low potency has a powerful effect on healing skin, including abscesses and ulcers.

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