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Dr. Satchidananda Choudhury opened up discussion on bone fracture.

Dear Friends, Do you have any experences to cure fracture? Just 2 months ago, an woman of 85 years old, came to Dr Choudhury with a history of fracture of ribs, very painful, feelings of broken down, when any movement. Freequent urination and wants to stool. Dymentia. All pain relived by lying down to the affected side. Thirsty. 

He prescribed Bryonia Lm/1, 12 doses, 4 times daily, followed by same medicine Lm/2 in same manner. After 6 days, she get 80% relife in pain. He prescrived Bryonia up to Lm/6, till today. She has no pain at all.  Please share me with your case. 


Karen Ray Farreira replied
So many successes has homeopathy in the realm of fractures.

A nine year old boy with a fractured tibia; excruciating pain night and day, with no relief from prescribed pain medications; after one dose of Bry LM1 he was pain free and required no more meds; he took the remedy over the following few days, as needed when the pain would begin to return.

An elderly woman was in a car accident and her back was broken in five places; the pain was severe and morphine gave only slight relief. 2 days after the injury, during a hospital visit she was given Bry LM1; she reported great relief immediately, continued to take the remedy for a week as needed upon return of the pain, was able to walk after one day on the remedy, to the surprise of the hospital staff. Her complete recovery was complicated by the emotional trauma of her granddaughters death in the accident, for which her daughter (also in the accident) received Ign LM1 with excellent results.

A man presented with few symptoms other than gnawing pain in the arm of six weeks duration since a fracture; Symph 200c was given and complete relief of pain was reported after one dose.

May all be blessed with health & joy!
Dr Choudhury would be interested to learn more.

Fosamax Drug Effects Causing Sever Femur Fractures and Brittle Bones


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Important rubrics from Kent. Generalities chapter-

SLOW repair of broken bones :
Asaf., Calc-p., Calc., ferr., lyc., merc., mez., nit-ac., ph-ac., phos., puls., ruta., sep., sil., staph., sulph., symph.

BRITTLE bones :
Calc., symph.

Bone :
Calc-p., calc., Ruta., sul-ac., symph.

Periosteum :
Dr. Hassan.
In his our daily routine practice we also done the same but Debby present a unique case of Bryonia because in homoeopathy we treat the patient....... according to modalities. I have done same few cases with Bryonia30.
A patient fallen from the roof and femur head got fractured. He only use symphytum and calc phos and today I see joints are intact and no pain.
A subject not covered here is Bone loss due to Iatrogenics of allopathic prrescription meds such as Fosamax.(many Allopathic cancer meds do this aswell)
In the USA I see this alot,elderly are manipulated into taking "Boneloss medication'',such horrid prescription meds in fact cause bone loss and make bones verry brittle. Dentist are reluctant to work on such patients in fear of severe adverse reactions (such as in the Jaw area) Bone just crumbles when dental work is done.
"Remove the causefactor" is my motto-
Thanks for letting us know your personal experience.
Whenever I get fracture cases, I refer to Orthopedic surgeon for reduction (Open or closed reductions as per the requirement). But, as a first aid I prescribe medicines like Arnica, Ruta, etc. It works better than any other medicine. Our medicines like Symphytum, calc phos can also promote the healing process. Early callus formation after homeopathy has even surprised many surgeons. Homeopathy has got scope in orthopedic cases. Even for long lasting pains at the fractured site homeopathic remedies act better. I feel that, we should work in close association with Orthopedic surgeons. Unfortunately, that situation is very rare!


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