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I have begun to write a blog for the Huffingtonpost. Please see what I've done so far...and I have a lot of plans for the future to help spread our wings to fly into the minds and hearts of the world. Please join me at:

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Dana ~ we are all so very proud of you. As our lead spokesperson advocating for homeopathy, I hope many people will support you by purchasing your E-Book as an excellence resource for their blogs and comments.

The more we back up our talks, rebuttals, replies and comments with factual information, data, historical notes and research evidence the better we all look.

I'm sure everyone on HWC has your Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicines on their shelves. The next step for our members is to go to the Huffington Post register, sign-in and begin RATING UP and commenting on your new articles.

Good luck!
Excellent article on the "flu" vaccine. Here at a university of 44,000 people we had a micro-epidemic of influenza about a month ago. Today- with no vaccine influenza has died down to a few people/week.
Viral epidemiology has been extensively studied and more often than not - the disease runs its course and dies out. Even with 500 initial cases- no one has been hospitalized. Symptomatic students are told to go back to their dorms, food and drink is delivered to them by volunteers and 3-4 days later they are fine and return to classes. Seems like the government and Pharma will try to vaccinate several hundred million people with the sole purpose of getting rid of several billion dollars of vaccine. Sounds like good science to me?!?!


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