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When a person is in a car, boating, skiing, athletic sport or other accident where their neck gets twisted and muscle strain, can you think of some common remedies that would be helpful?

We often keep Arnica montana with us for all sorts of shocks and bruises in the accident emergency kit. 

What if the physical response occurs the day after the injury?

I would like to hear some stories and recommendations of what has been useful in such instances. 

Do you also provide yoga stretches, physical therapy exercises, heat or cold applications or bed rest?

I'm sure it will depend upon the actual physical, emotional and mental symptoms that arise. 

The impact of the head against a surface could give rise to an immediate headache and then we would need a description of quality of pain, location, radiation, and concomitants. 

Often, the following day the stiff neck shows up. The person feels pain on moving the head or there may be one spot that is especially painful. 

Step 1 | Rest the Injury

. Rest will allow your body to proceed with healing. You want to prevent further damage to the injury. Your injury may be minor but continuing play or work may make it worse and more difficult to treat.

Step 2 | Ice the Injured Area. 

A bag of frozen vegetables like peas or corn will make a perfect ice pack, the contents are small enough to allow the bag to conform to the contours of your injury. You might need a towel or T-shirt placed between the ice pack and your skin to more easily tolerate the cold. Do not leave the ice pack on for more than 20 minutes. A good rule of thumb is 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off.

Step 3 | Apply Compression

. Swelling can delay healing and cause additional pain. Use an elastic ACE bandage and wrap just tightly enough to provide compression. You do not want to wrap the compression bandage too tight, if you feel a throbbing, unwrap the bandage and re-wrap looser. You may need to loosen the bandage a few times, you do not want to restrict blood flow.

Step 4 | Elevate the Injury

. Try to elevate your injury above your heart. For example, if you twisted your knee, try to lie flat with several pillows under your leg to keep your knee above your heart level. This will help reduce swelling. Rest in this position for as long as possible with ice and compression for fast healing.

Step 5| Be a Patient of Patience

. Allow your body to heal itself. Do not workout or play with an injury. Many injuries will heal quickly on their own with R.I.C.E. and if not, you will not have done more damage. If after two days, your injury has not improved or gotten worse, then you will need to seek medical help. 

After a few days of healing, you will want to gently massage and stretch the muscles to keep limber and prevent re-injury. 

After two days of this treatment, the application of moist heal may provide additional relief. A damp folded towel in the microwave will provide a nice moist heat.

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For acute condition of "WHIP LASH" there is no better remedy than Hypericum. My wife had a car accident in Gainesville Florida. Her car was hit by another car from behind when her car was stationary.She was suppose to be traveling in next 24 hours.Hypericum was given in 30 and she had no problem with her cervical.It passed of without any complication.She has had no problem to date.She does yoga and teaches also.


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