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The enclosed article about the nature of scepticism and how to deconstruct it might intereste you all

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Thanks for sharing this Lionel. I haven't read it all yet but it certainly looks interesting and very necessary. I'm sure I personally will find this useful in teaching about the dialogue that goes on between sceptics and homeopaths.
Hi Lionel ~ an unlikely place to find me writing a post, but somehow I got started here on the '
'ScienceBlogging' Site. I feel the more POSITIVE talk the more people will see us in a good light and take the negativity as poo-poo. Good Shabbos
Hi Debbie,

Just got back from Paris: my daughter lives there and lent us her flat, which is situated very close to the Marais - the Jewish/gay area. Fantastic place, and in my view, the best part of Paris. If you ever get the chance, visiti it....meanwhile, my daughter was in the desert just outside LA at a rock concert featuring Paul MacCartney.....

Anyway, positive talk is good of course. But you see we HAVE to understand precisely where the sceptics and all those who wish to destroy homeopathy are coming from. Read Tzun-Tzu's, 'The Art of War', and knowing the ways of one's enemies is a big part of that. As I said right at the beginning, I ride fences looking at the boundaries between things and one thing this has taught me is that the sceptics and all who support them do not want peace and co-existence. We should always bear that in mind. As one of your famous past-presidents once said, "Talk quietly....and carry a big stick!" Well, our 'stick' (or should that be 'shtich'....?!) if you like, is the mess that conventional medicine is making of people's health especially in the reatment of chronic diseases, combined with the utterly unscientific approach used by those who attack homeopathy. And that is mainly what my articles on this are about.

I've got another big article coming out later this year on this, which I will post up when it has been published...

All the best

Thanks for this interesting article. I did not know that the homeopaths in Britain were so fractured. Homeopaths are being regulated in Ontario, Canada. There is a transitional council that has been formed and a registrar has been appointed. My experience is that we have the same situation here and I am hoping, God willing, that all of the craziness of political infighting will somehow abide and we actually do become a united profession.


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