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Dear Friends,

Thanks for your concern regarding the FLU pandemic. As there are many homeopathic remedies used in such type of illness or disease condition, it all depends on the symptoms in each individual person or case. Generally, I got good results (in flu outbreak in India in 1970's) with Influenzinum 30, Gelsemium 200 and Eupatorium Perforatum 30 in repated doses (atleast 3/4 doses for 3 days). Other remedies to be considered are Aconite Nap, Allium Cepa, Arsenicum Album, Natrum Muriaticum, Nux Vomica, Sabadilla and Sulphur.

No one can guarantee that any specific homeopathic remedy will be definitely effective in any infectious and contagious illness. We have to see the patient in person and consider the totality of presenting symptoms for the proper selection of Homeopathic Remedy. As it is a serious matter concerning lives of many, I am afraid that we can not risk any precious life only because of our so-called experting in any medical science.

Actually in the UK, we are bound by the rules and regulations of Department of Health, but as the current situation is in Mexico, So I would not minding and suggesting the use of indicated Homeopathic remedy as Preventive measures and at the same time, safety measures such as a good quality mask and distance from the infected patients are highly recommended.

I wish I could do more, but I am far away in the UK, so I can just give all honest suggestions only. I am also sad that I am missing the chance of proving the effectiveness of our divine medical science Homeopathy.

I hereby request Dear Dr Isaac Golden of Australia (expert in prophylaxis and preventive) to give his suggestions and advice.

Please feel free to give your suggestions and comments.

With sincere thoughts for all in Mexico,

Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma
Principal & Chief Homeopathic Consultant
Hahnemann College of Homeopathy
London NW10 7PN

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Dr. Sharma:
From what I have heard so far, the genus epidemicus symptoms are fever, cough, sore throat, muscle & joint pain, shortness of breath, sometimes vomiting & diarrhea....This is still in the early stages, so we do not know for sure if this is the GE. We can have on hand GABE = Gelsemium, Arsenicum, Bryonia and Eupatorium Perfoliatum, 1M potency. I use the 5th edition split dose method (1 pellet in 8 oz bottle of water with 15 drops of vodka) using succussions of the bottle to increase for the next dose of 1 tsp. as needed. Our ever faithful Homeopathy has proven itself for the past 150 years in these epidemics. It is hard to say how much is hype from the press. So for now we wait!

It is interesting to note that in my recent letter to President Obama I gave an example of the efficacy of Homeopathy in flu epidemics noting the 1918 flu where Bryonia and Gelsemium worked so well....I might add Eupatorium P. as well. In allopathic hospitals the death rate was 30% at that time, while in homeopathic hospitals it was 1.05%! You can access this letter on my website: and I have attached it here as well. Hope he reads his mail!

Yours in Homeopathy,
Mary Terhune, RN
Classical Homeopath
Dear Mary,

Thanks for your quick response. Please note that I also wrote to President Obama, congratulating him on the ocassion of his new appointment alongwith request to look into the facts about homeopathy. I think that after election, he is too busy minding and sorting out other problems.

As we know more about the efficacy and novelty of Homeopathy, so we must continue our efforts for the suffering humanity and propagating and promoting homeopathy simultaneously.

With best wishes,

Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma
Principal & Chief Homeopathic Consultant
Hahnemann College of Homeopathy
London NW10 7PN
Dear Shashi ~ it is one thing to write to Pres Obama. His aids read these letters and emails. In addition, I feel it is in our best interests to reach "the people." Once they try and find out the results of homeopathy, they will cry out to the leaders for trained professionals and remedies and knowledge to use them.

We are trying to make this happen on this site. Thank you for everything you do.

I woke with chills this morning. Here are my sx.
6 am
Stool for third time in half hour. Urging, burning. With ticking cough and chills and cold sweat. Tongue white with crack in middle.
Mucus clear but sticking and stringy when pulled
Fingers cold, esp rt hand more than left. SRP, but I have had this before. Tickle in throat feels rt sided, too.
I'm very anxious about my health.

6:30 am
stool is watery, burning, and maybe reddish. Urge to stool immediately continues after void. Cold chills.
Rt hand still colder than left at finger tips. Watery eyes- I had this yesterday I recall. Left eye running. Still clear sticky mucus, lots of it. Cough, I am very upset.
I don't feel brought down by this, as in other debilitating flus. I am working and mind is pretty clear. i do have a dull headache.
Throat does not seem sore.
took sambucu and vit c 1000
I can’t get warm. I don’t want to get into bed to infect charles.
Stomach hurts.
Do I have a will. who would come to my funeral?
Another stool urging. Very cold.

7 am
vomiting. Nauseaus, but maybe from vit c. left eye tears with vomiting. Stomach ache, weird feeling hard to describe, belly hurts and I’m very cold.
Very cold, burning water diahrea. cough, rt hand cold, runny sticky clear mucus.
srp is the inability to feel warm and the constant urge for stool, and watery stool. cold rt hand. i'm starting to get foggy headed.
Has anyone heard of this?
email sent to me....

While black elderberry has been used successfully for some flu strains, it may be contraindicated for H1N1 (swine)since this virus may be similar to the 1918 virus that is suspected of killing its victims by causing a cytokine storm in the vigorous immune systems of healthy young adults. Black elderberry works against the flu virus in part by increasing cytokines in the body, so it actually could do more harm than good. It is not yet known if this virus has that mechanism, but it seems prudent not to list it as a remedy (especially when most people know nothing about these things) when so much is unknown. :)
Two of the herbs you mentioned -- echinacea and elderberry -- are listed by the CDC as being herbs to avoid for this particular strain of flu. They also listed Chlorella, which I thought would be an excellent source of defense.

It's not that I disagree with you. The fact is, I think something is a bit screwy with the CDC et al, so I'm loath to go by what they say to take or avoid. I believe all of the above herbs work quite well for the flu, since I've taken them myself and they worked fine.

If you'd like to look at the website from where I obtained this info, check out John Jay Harper's blog at He lists the URLs for 3 different sources. I tried to locate the specific page where John obtained the info, but was unable to do so.
Melanie ~ I am searching his site and cannot find your references.
He has this ABC article about the woman with flu. I left a comment on his page to inquire about the above information. Don't know whether I will get a reply.
Dearest Melanie ~ I did not see this notice previous. I hope you are well after so many days. For myself with the anxiety I took Gelsemium and felt better the next day. Your symptoms were more severe. I did not repertorize. Do you have a constitutional remedy you typically take? What about arsenicum? " ...anxious about health, chilly, and all this diarrhea...



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