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From the homeopathic point of view, pills or some other contraceptive methods are suppression leading to side effects. Almost every woman today (especially young girls) are taking the pill. On the other side, it is advisable and secure and saves women and girls from unnecessary sleepless nights. How can we treat the problem of contraception homeopathically? If a woman does not use contraception, she will have fear and insecurity. Or is it best to let her take the contraceptive methods and try to support her homeopathically to minimize the side effects; is that possible at all?

Women and Menstruation Throughout The Ages and Delay Onset

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Contraception is very necessary, but the use of oral contraceptive pills is not advisable since many diseases and conditions are directly liked with the use of hormone pills. Even modern medical books say this! Barrier methods and calendar method are the best option. The use of IUCD (non hormonal) is also useful. It is very difficult to treat the side effects of synthetic hormones compared to other modern medical drugs. Occasional use of emergency contraceptive pill may not cause much problem.

Bad effect of contraceptive pills---Sepia, Nat.- Mur., Sulphur., Silacea, Nux vom.,
As I already mentioned in the link above regarding delaying menstruation, it is same with contraception. Homoeopathy cannot do anything that is against nature.

Dear Members

 a few years ago I had a patient who neede Sepia, and who was taking the contraceptive Pill without telling me.

At her next visit she was not pleased with homoeopathy at all, as it had greatly improved her migraine headaches and sleeplessness, but now she was pregnant. --- Sepia simply overran the oral contraceptive.

Contraceptive pills create a pseudochronisc or artificial chronic disease state in individual. But I differ in some way. If we have to treat a patient having amenorrhoea due to contraceptive hormaones, and has developed some consequences like depression, headache etc.. these side effects can be PALLAIATED with Homoeopathy. The result will be temporary but shoothing to the patient. Are the persons taking some regulat medicinally active ingredient with diet not releived (Not Cured) by Homoeopathy? No. They are frequently releived. But for a true cure, these obstacles and Tolle causums should be avoided or removed.


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