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Karachi has become a dangerous place, now even our Homeopaths brethren are being targeted and of course for no fault of their own. The hapless central government and the provincial government are just no mach for the "bad guys," who now have practically overpowered the government.

We as ordinary citizens can only pray for redemption.


Please raise your voice. Tweet, Facebook, write your thoughts on HWC, We can not take it lying down. 

KARACHI: A homoeopath and four other people were killed when gunmen attacked two clinics in Landhi area of the city on Saturday night. Four people were injured.


Karachi, located in south Pakistan near the Indus River Delta, on the Arabian Sea the country's largest city and busiest seaport.

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Can you explain why clinics are being targeted? 

Debby it is a psyche which is very difficult to ascertain.But the fact of the matter is that ONLY innocent people mostly are targeted.The tentacles of the "BAD GUYS" are so sharp that no segment of the society is safe and any one can become vulnerable, rich or poor, famous or unknown, women or children ( e.g Malala). I do not think it is the religious factions only involved, in my opinion deeper powers are also involved for their " interest". The whole world is in turmoil.

We can only pray, specially for our Homeopathic brethren.

Thank you for adding the map and embellishing the "discussion".   

It is very sad to hear this . We should all protest this type of barbarian acts anywhere in the world. We should use every way political, economical, through media or anything to condemn it.

But at the same time I feel that we should also be strong from within.

The fact is that persons are being target because of their belonging to a particular religious sect. A misguided extremist religious sect is committing these atrocities in the name of religion. Doctors are victimized because they are soft targets. it has nothing to do with homeopath.

Let me make it clear that Islam is a religion of peace and allows everyone without exception to practice his religion according his belief completely freely and without fear. Meaning of the word Islam in itself is," Peace". Persecution in any form and king is one of the greatest sins in Islam. Quran says : If some one murders a single person, it is as if he has killed the whole man-kind .

Sorry for the long sermon :-) 

Sermon was true, but sad part is humanity is being disfigured. Why must humans be killed like some pariah?

I am praying that the new government can do something serious about these crimes against humanity.

I am awaiting today's APC meeting results.  

In persian there is a saying:

aamdand, nishastand, guftand wa barkhastand, meaning: They came, they sat down, they talked and they stood and left. I sincerely hope that this would not be the case now.

Prayer sincerely done never goes waste in Gods bank.It will be rewarded but in HIS own way which may sound mysterious but if understood ,its depth and greatness can be appreciated. Prayers will be answered of the good souls who believe in him. Some day we will see better days sooner or later. Amen


Really unfortunate to know. I hope better sense prevails.

Gentlemen like Dr.Wequar Ali Khan and Dr.Sarfaraz Ahmed have put forward the right views. Hope they are able to reach out to the community.

Appreciate the kind words used for me and my friend Dr Sarfaraz. We hope and pray things change sooner than later. 

NEWS FROM KARACHI: For Many Homeopathy Is First Choice

Although most Pakistanis opt for the allopathic or “Western” medicines, a large proportion of the population, especially females, still prefer homeopathy as their first choice of treatment, a study has revealed.



This study was a non-interventional, exploratory, cross-sectional survey conducted using a non-probability convenient sampling technique. The survey was carried out in eight towns of Karachi namely: Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Saddar, North Nazimabad, Gulberg, Shah Faisal, Liaquatabad, SITE and the Clifton Cantonment Board. All patients attending either homeopathic or allopathic clinics or hospitals were selected as target population. A sample size of 200 patients, equally recruited from homeopathic and allopathic clinics/hospital settings was included in the study.



Data was collected via a pre-tested questionnaire. The questions were designed after an extensive literature search on the topic of homeopathy, keeping in view the objectives of the study. The field workers were trained for filling the appropriate responses in the questionnaire. The questionnaire was pilot-tested and all ambiguities were removed before finalisation and administration in the study population. Half of the questionnaires were filled by patients who went to homeopathic doctors for their illnesses, while the rest was filled by those who went to the medical practitioners. Permission was sought from the concerned doctor of the clinic or hospital administration to carry out the study. The respondents were informed verbally about the purpose of the study and participation in the study was taken as their consent. Confidentiality of the data and anonymity of participation was ensured to all respondents of the study who had the right to withdraw at any stage of data collection.


The inclusion criteria of the study included all patients of either sex attending homeopathic or allopathic clinics or hospitals. In hospitals, patients attending out-patient department were included. Attendants of the patients and hospital staff were excluded from participating in the study.



Out of a total 200 patients, females were in slight majority (53.5 percent) than males (46.5 percent). Among them, 70 percent were married with Muslim predominance. More than half of the total respondents were either housewives or were related to a teaching profession. The mean age of the respondents was 39.33 years with the highest number (33.5 percent) in the age group between 31 to 45 years. The monthly income of patients was between Rs5,000 to 15,000. This was applicable to nearly a quarter of the respondents, whereas an equal number either did not wish to disclose or were dependents.


Around 65 percent of the respondents – 129 of them - preferred homeopathy over modern western medicine as their treatment option, the female respondents were more in favour of it. Around 68 percent - 135 of them - admitted to have taken homeopathic treatment in the past with females using it significantly more than males.


Participants were specifically asked about their reasons for opting for homeopathy. Out of 135 patients who had had treatment in the past, half of them had homeopathic treatment on advice by others and 24.4% had it as it is preferred in the family. Only 7.4 percent were attracted by advertisements, print media and other media, 8.1 percent gave their reasons as it is economically feasible, 3.7 percent said that they went for homeopathy because of its medication (easy forms), and 6.7 percent had opted because of their fear or avoidance of surgery.



A large majority of participants, 41.5 percent, preferred homeopathy for diseases of chronic nature, followed by 24.4 percent for GIT, liver and urinary disorders while only 13.3 percent preferred it for any acute illnesses. The rest of the respondents preferred homeopathy for skin, cardiovascular and respiratory disorders and joint pain.


The majority of the patients visiting homeopathic clinics in this study comprised of women between 32 and 45 years of age were mostly married housewives. A predominance of females as compared to males was observed going for a homeopathic consultation, in many other studies conducted worldwide.



Although none of the female respondents in our study specifically identified female-related diseases for homeopathic consultation, many studies have documented the use of homeopathy for a wide range of problems and symptoms that concern women’s reproductive health.


Homeopathy is one of the most widely accepted and safe forms of alternative medical treatment practiced worldwide. Homeopathy was introduced by a German doctor Samuel Hahnemann 200 years ago. It is based on “law of similar” described by him as “let likes be cured by likes” and so named it “homeopathy”. His philosophy was minimal doses that can relieve diseases in those who have symptoms similar to those created by strong and potent doses of the drug. Furthermore due to its different laws, every individual is treated as a peculiar case in homeopathy.



Over the last many years, there is a global proportionate rise of patients using homeopathy. In the US alone, there is a 500 percent increase in overall patients taking homeopathic treatment in a period of seven years, while in European countries a considerable increase in the use of homeopathy has been documented. Similarly, studies published in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan have also brought to light the use of complementary and alternative medicine along with western allopathic medicine.


Homeopathy was found to be widely used for various illnesses of both acute and chronic nature. However, in Pakistan, there is lack of substantial evidence regarding the beliefs and concepts of homeopathic treatment among the general population.


Extract from a study titled ‘Concepts of homeopathy among general population in Karachi, Pakistan’ conducted by Syed Faraz-ul-Hassan Shah and Salman Mansoor of the Hamdard College of Medicine and Dentistry, Karachi


Debby,very informative input about Homeopathy and Pakistan.

To the best of my recollection It was Hakeem Syed, founder of HAMDARD  Pakistan, and a person who laid the foundation of HAMDARD UNIVERSITY Karachi.

He established the "college of oriental and eastern medicine", where degree in " TIBB" is granted to students, which is some what akin to TCM, He was on the verge of opening a very modern Homeopathic medical college, when he was gunned down.

Thus Pakistan lost a leader who was known for working for the health of Pakistani nation.May his soul rest in peace,

The writers of the above articles are members/student of Hamdard University and "Hamdard college of medicine and Dentistry is a one component of the many institutions under its umbrella.       


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