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Dear Friends of me in Homeopathy

Hi as you know cancerous patients may be cured by homeopathics especially in primary stages.

Dr. Ramakrishnan and some other homeopaths have cured so many patients suffering from cancer. Our remedies are also helpful in healing and managing post chemotherapy side effects like hair loss and nausea .

Good Luck


A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer

A clear, concise alternative medicine reference that introduces Dr. Ramakrishnan's method.

This book details 126 different cases, covering 25 types of cancer, in a comprehensive format and presents documentation that illustrates how homeopathy has been successfully used in the treatment of cancer.

The book's procedural analyses and observations on methodology interspersed throughout the text will help guide the practitioner to correct prescribing.

Dr Ramakrishnan is the homeopathic doctor of the Indian president and has been practicing for over 30 years, has personal experience in the homeopathic treatment of of 5000 cancer patients. His working methods are relatively straightforward, but presuppose a sound knowledge of homeopathy. The decisive characteristic is a frequent, usually daily dose of single remedies, which are mostly administered in a pattern of alternating weeks.

He usually administers his treatment alongside conventional medical procedures. Yet he has also had numerous cases – for example, of patients with astrocytoma or glioma – who had relapses after two or three ineffectual operations or radiation treatments, and who were then treated solely using his methods (in some cases with over ten years of follow-up)  

Co-author, Catherine R. Coulter has been involved in classical homeopathy since 1961. She has been teaching homeopathic doctors by means of the preceptorship method since 1975 and lectured on Materia Medica at the National Center for Homeopathy’s Summer School Course for Physicians from 1977 through 1988. She has written a number of highly valued and recommended homeopathic books.

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Dear Dr,Sajjadkram,
Normally the fear of cancer must be improved under a correct ( most correct) remedy.
If the the fear of Cancer is persistent even after that remedy then - Carcinosinum is indicated.
Ex. A cancer patient is improved in almost all the sufferings after Arsenicum but the fear of cancer persist and strong - then Carc. is indicated.
Dear Paul,
I understand.It is too difficult to get rid of fear even after much relief.Carcinosin can be helpful in these cases.Do you think that if carcinosin is indicated it will not harm the patient?.
Just a few doses can be safe.Is that right?
What kind of harm we can expect?will it flare up?
yesterday i went to see the cancer patient under the treatment of my friend.She was suffering from breast cancer for last two years.At this stage she is much better but still afraid of cancer.Can carcinosin remove this fear?
For the fear of Cancer - as indicated before .. one or two doses is enough.

I have seen patients who have taken Carcinosinum daily for some months ( plussing or non plussing methode) with an explosion of metastasis , and after that any homoeopathic remedies have no effect.
You are right.I am against its application.
Fear can be taken care by aconite, kaliphos +reassurance to the patient
Carc. is indicated if there is persistent fear of cancer even after remedies like Acon, Ars.Alb,Phos or anyother indicated remedy and reassurance to the patient.


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