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July 27,2010, The Daily Telegraph.

Homeopathic Medicines will continue to be available on the NHS despite an influence health committee condemnin them as medically unproven.

Anne Milton, a health minister, said complementary and alternative medicine "has a long tradition" and vocal people both in favour of it and against it.

A report by the commons science and technology committee said homeopathic medicine should not be funded on the NHS and called for a ban on published medical claims on labels.

Homeopathy was also described as "nonsense on stilts" at a British Medical Association conference last month.

Miss Milton said she welcomed the report but "remained of the view that the local national health service and clinicians are best placed to make decisions on what treatment is appropriate for their patients".

The wellness industry will exceed the $1 Trillion health care (sickness) industry in the next ten years. The fortunes of the next millennium will be created in the wellness industry. The greatest enterpreneurial opportunities will be in distributing wellness products and services.

This means alot for not only Homeopathy but the conglomeration of all complementary and alternative medicine.

As a single vibration entwined behind the veil of all appearences,
In the rivers of affirmation which shimmer a compassion ever constant,

Amor Vincit Omnia!



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Thank you Alex. I assume most HWC members are aware of this ruling and pleased of the outcome. Yet, there is still a long road to go, because the final word states that Homeopathy is equivalent to Placebo.

We know this is a false lie and nibbling away at the next strategic attack upon the Healing Potential of Homeopathy. They are fearful of its power and now finding ways to degrade it in the public eye via their propaganda in the media, their political attempts at changing freedom rights, their need to protect their turf as drug lords, and their desire to preserve their financial backing in the public services and hospitals.


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