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Homeopathic remedies work. They are devoid of pharmacological activity.They alter the biophysical state of the client. Biophysical changes require rearrangement of the expression profile of the genetic blueprint. It therefore follows that homeopathic remediation must be able to interact in a favourable way with the genetic blueprint. Great advances will follow when that interaction is mechanistically understood. Do you agree? 

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Many thanks. Look forward to reading "The Organon".
Join us on HWC as we read it aloud together this year on our new Radio Show.
I certainly will when I can. Many thanks.
Dear Dr. Peter, members:

One of the best contributions done by the Dr. Bernard Poitevin to homeopathy, I think that is the experimental demonstration of biological activity at the cellular level of homeopathic medicines. It is at this point where we need to do more studies.

Genetic engineering has also been invaluable to know how genes are controlled in higher organisms. Not only is it possible to grow a large number of genes and determine their sequence, but also can be considered for reinstatement after expression in eukaryotic cells, allowing a new type of genetics.

It comes to my mind that it is possible a new type of genetic analysis:

Taken from Molecular Biology by Robertis and Robertis.

In its usual form, a genetic experiment begins with the observation of individual mutants in eukaryotic organisms are generally recognized by phenotypic abnormality, for example a fly with white eyes. Through in vitro manipulations are possible now, you can introduce mutations in cloned eukaryotic genes in plasmids. For example, it may cause a deletion of several nucleotides treating the DNA with a restriction endonuclease, or induce a change in a single nucleotide using a chemical mutagen.

It can be defined with precision the mutation using new methods to determine the DNA sequences. onces test carried out the biological effect of the mutation in a sitem of eukaryotic gene expression (for example, by injecting the nucleus of microscopic living cells) and analyzing its function. We can determine, for example, what are the regions containing signals for initiation or termination of RNA synthesis. Experiments of this type, were fundamental to understanding how these act eukaryotic genes. This is a new type of genetics (called "reverse genetics") in which the gene was first cloned, then it does mutate into a form chemically defined and, finally, tests the biological activity

Perhaps this could be adjusted within the range of application of homeopathy or perhaps It has already done this ... Until now i do not know any type of study (Homeopathy) in this field. What do you know about it?

Best Regards.
Yes Dr. Peter I fully agree with you
ya i also agreed. homeopathy is the most easiest way of interacting the genetic inheritance of the human & preventing the next generation from the upcoming big diseases.
Dr. Dubey, Thank you. Dr. Marichal's New Homeopathy and Homeovitality are specifically designed to take advantage of the genomic "homing" properties of homeopathic substances. I would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.
would u plz hepl me out for these medicines
Dear Dr. Dubey, I would be delighted to help you understand more about these medicines. How would you like me to help you?
I would be delighted to do so. Please tell me what you would like to know.
i want to know d names of med. & there action of sphere & for what diseases we can use them to prevent genetically trnsmited disease
Dear Dr. Dubey,
I included a detailed response regarding this question in a previous reply within this thread to Dr. Zamora. It was posted on May 7th, 2010 at 9;20 am.
I have included a copy of a relevant part of that discussion below.

Important information for homeopaths and naturopaths.
In recent times, important scientific discoveries have been made that confirm that the parts of the genetic blueprint that Homeovitality products target also have important uses in a homeopathic setting. For example, the anti-aging Super Heart product, developed to target the KL gene and help people to live longer happier lives has now been shown to have important anti-cancer properties (8), so homeopaths and naturopaths may use this product to help cancer patients. KL also supports part of the immune system that declines with age and protects against development of rheumatoid arthritis (9), as well as slowing down the ill-effects of aging (10) and protecting against heart and kidney disease. Since KL activity decreases with age (9), most would benefit from taking Super Heart on a permanent basis.
The weight loss product targets the gene that produces leptin. Leptin suppresses the feeling of hunger, enabling people to eat less. Scientists have shown that as obese people lose weight, leptin levels fall (11). As a result, the urge to over-eat increases and weight is regained. Once weight is lost, increased leptin activity plays an important role in maintaining the desired body mass index. Consequently, the weight loss product can also help avoid weight gain when the desired body mass index is reached.
Remarkably, scientists have just proven that leptin can also correct diabetes (12). Therefore, using Homeovitality products, homeopaths and alternative health practitioners may provide support for diabetic sufferers as well as helping clients to lose weight. Again, clients would benefit by taking the weight loss product on a long term basis.
The Super Strong Bones product may also be helpful in the treatment of osteoporosis and the memory/IQ product may be used to help clients suffering from dementia or other forms of memory loss or lack of attentiveness. The memory/IQ product may be attractive to those engaged in academic pursuits.

I would be delighted to respond to any more of your questions or requests.
Best wishes,


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