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Homeopathic remedies work. They are devoid of pharmacological activity.They alter the biophysical state of the client. Biophysical changes require rearrangement of the expression profile of the genetic blueprint. It therefore follows that homeopathic remediation must be able to interact in a favourable way with the genetic blueprint. Great advances will follow when that interaction is mechanistically understood. Do you agree? 

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Let us say that vital force is that what makes me alive. And, departure of that will leave me dead.

Physically, all chromosomes and genes, all endocrine glands, whole neural pathways can still be found in non-living remnant of what once was active and alive. But absence of that is like ending of the story.

Having observed life around you in human and lesser forms (plants, other animals, bacterias, viruses), one can say that it is responsive and intelligent when it is permitted organic functioning, free of imposed designs of concepts and theories.

I know I am being naive in saying so but before this recent chapter in evolution of homo sapience sapience... life has a much longer history on this planet.. when it originated from non-organic elements, found myriad forms and functions, grew in complexity and reached to be what you and I are. And, all this without needing a physician or a geneticist!

I am speculating that during this journey every turn has registered its vibratory presence on the screen of one consciousness... All elements, their salts, simple forms, more complex forms. And each vibration-pattern finds its resonance again and again in the manifestation.. in the being/thinking/doing. If this pattern repeats itself without going further - this stuckness becomes disease.

Each Homeopathic remedy represents one of these historical pattern. When administered, on the dynamic plane IT awakens the consciousness to its stuck place. And the awareness brings the freedom from the illusory prison of being a specific pattern that is dis-ease.

Free of dis-ease, vital force can take care of its genetic and other transformational needs to enjoy its journey.The organism fulfills its sublime purpose. I think this is the bigger but understated relevance of homeopathy and other wholesome therapies.
Thank you for your informative reply. That helps greatly. The fact remains that somehow, homeopathic remediation interacts with the genetic blueprint in a favourable way. That has been proven millions of times by practitioners. It has also been proven in the laboratory. Thanks to Dr. Marichal's mode of homeopathy, we now have the opportunity to sharpen the specificity of homeopathic remediation. In treatment terms,that gives homeopathic remediation about a 15 year start on the pharmaceutical industry.

I am interested in knowing what you imply by sharpening the specificity of homeopathic remediation?
Dear Peter,
I just came across this article. Even if it does not mention the term "vital force" it provides some interesting informations...

Best regards,
Dear Katja,
Many thanks indeed. I have read the accessible part of the link you sent me. I am grateful. Very interesting. Quantum mechanics can certainly give us another view to the workings of the biology of life. I will read very carefully and digest over time.
Best wishes Katja,
Hi Peter, I actually wanted to refer to the article "The Quantic Link To DNA (How does DNA function)", but it does not have a link (its chapter 8 of the article not 12 as the link given above shows). If interested you can find it on the following website:

Just under the Chapter
Vol.XVII.1. - 2002 DNA ISSN 2041-4293

Best regards,
Dear Katja, Thank you. Very exciting indeed.
Most grateful.
bravo! Does genetic code determine ideation, thinking, conceptualization, emotions, determination of how one responds to stress, such as viewing a glass as half empty or half full?
Debby, A very interesting question. May I respond in the affirmative a little later.
If Homoeopathic Medicines interact with the genetic blueprint then what would be the consequences of giving a wrong (that is not a simillimum) Homoeopathic medicine to a patient?
A very interesting question. Presumably the "wrong" remedy would interact with a part of the genome that was not involved in the underlying disease process. The "wrong" remedy would have to promote an alternative but safe interaction with the genetic blueprint that may not be recognised.
Homeopaths may have to try a number of remedies before one is found that benefits the client. Are those that do not work considered not to be a simillimum, and if so, do they have any unwanted side effects?
Please refer and read "The Organon"
We are discussing this book now.


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