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Do you have a few trios you use frequently?

Please add yours below in the comment section.


For Rheumatic paralysis (Farrington)
Causticum/ Rhus Tox / Sulphur

Delirium remedies (Nash)
Belladonna / Hyoscynamus / Stramonium

Restless remedies (Nash)
Acontium napellus (mental) / Arsenicum album (mental & physical)
/ Rhus tox (physical)

Flatulent Remedies (Nash)
Carbo vegetabilis (upper) / Lycopodium (lower) / China (both)

Bearing down remedies (Nash)
Belladonna / Lilium tig / Sepia

Hemorrahage remedies (Nash)
Passive - Hamamelis / Secale / Crotalus
Active - Ferrum phos / Ipecauanha / Phosphorus

Pulsatilla / Silica / Fluoric Acid

Sulphur / Calcarea / Lycopodium

Causticum / Colocynthis / Staphysagria

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Sulph., Calc. and Lyc.;

Sulph., Sars. and Sep.; and

Coloc. and Caust. and Staph., which often follow each other and rotate in this way.

Do not let these facts make you give a routine remedy unless the symptoms agree, but it does help to remember that remedies are somewhat similar. It is true that Puls., Sil. and Fluor. ac. are similar all along the line as to the nature of their symptoms.

source: lectures on materia medica by dr Kent. chapter flouric acid

Dear Dr Nikhil Kambli. thank you for your contributions on trios. Have you used any extensively and how long before you change remedies?


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