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Do you subscribe to usage of patent Homeopathic products , meant for cough, Asthma, Digestion, Acidity,Hair fall,Dandruff, Fissures and piles,Flu and cold, Lack of energy,Stress, anxiety and depression, to mention a few.

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I am against proprietary products but honestly speaking the majority of homeopaths are using combination remedies based on the name of diseases and they are successful in their clinical practice and are earning money in excess with little efforts.
I have not seen them consulting any repertory or MM in their clinical practice.
Very good question Dr. Sushil Bahal, My answer is, it is not homoeopathy. There is not any evidence of synergestic(Combined) action of homoeopathic medicine. When these product work, only selected medicine is in action and this is a luck of patient not the ability of Physician. once more thing about this fact, this type of prescription only work in acute disease, totally fail in the treatment of chronic disease. for a successful prescription a physician must know.

a. What is the curative in the patient, on which disease is dependent. (Which miasm present)
b. Medicine hold power to cure which element, through symptomatic approach. (cure which miasm)
c. How to adapt medicine force to disease force. (Law of similia)
No,never this is against the divine homoeopathy, because this petent products combination are not proved by mixing many drugs. so we know every drug as individual entity by proving on healthy human being. by mixing or doing petent some people are voilating devine homoeopathy. some medicines used in petent products are may act or some antidotes to result would be nill... by using this we only supress the natural outcome of the diseases and mixing the natural and medicinal symptoms toghether and forming complex disease because this patent products has not following our founders principles, which is very difficult to treat.
I Also Dont agree with the combination Products
It is same as allopathy
All the principles of homeopathy dont agree with it.
It is an escape route for those who cant see the person in disease.

Dr. Yogesh
there was a time in my practice ..6 years ago i have given patent products ......cough syrups, ointments, combinations..along with constitutional remedy and combination of 1,2 remedies....
well one thing is that they have symptomatic relief to total disappearance of complaints if you are lucky......
but one thing further i willl tell you.........they are utterly useless...... if you want to cure people
recurrence of complaints.....patients are dependent on medicines for a long long time .....
and some of them don't even make sense.......................

these combinations act like allopathy with the label of homepathy..........

homeopathy is based on principles.....sound principles.............and you can achieve miracles.........and nothing short with proper medicine.....correctly chose on sound fundamental basis..............

and trust me you never feel like even thinking of them once you have realised what is being done...

but you can try them on ..people who expect free medicine from can write them them......especially the reckweg /schwabe germany ones............... :):P

the increase in sales in homeopathy........which we are so proud of.......... etc etc is nothing but the sale of these patented products...................sad very sad........................
Classical Homeopaths DO not prescribe Poly pharmacy combination remedies to their patients. It is the product of sales and marketing at a futile attempt to increase sales and manipulate consumers into 'shortcut' acute prescribing. We all know this does not work-but does the consumer?
These combination remedies give homeopathy a bad name.
I have heard this often "Yes i have tried homeopathy,but it does not work".............Self prescribed/over the counter store bought combination formulas. Only with proper casetaking by a trained classical homeopath,proper dispensing,proper prescribing using the principles of the Organon,will homeopathy work.


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