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I have seen homeopathic medicines are very effective in treating peptic ulcers. In the case of diabetic patients with peptic ulcers our allopathic friends give steroids, which raise the blood sugar level to an extreme high and patients have to depend on insulin. What is the best treatment and management in case of patients having both diabetes and peptic ulcers at the same time? Discuss.

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Constitutional drug after considering the whole individual can manage both. But this way of prescription in the beginning is practically not easy. So what I do in my practice is, give a short acting remedy for the presenting complaints, and once I develop a rapport with the patient, i can give his constitutional drug. Drugs like Robinia, Natrum phos, Hydrastis, Geranium mac, etc are usually helpful. One more remedy i often consider when diabetes and ulcers and digestive troubles are present is Curcuma longa, because it covers both. Totality concept works even while giving a mother tincture :) 

What is the dose of curcuma longa ?

So far I have used only the Q of Curcuma.



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