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A number of Homeopathic materia medica are available .Which one is the most updated and reliable for clinical practice and why?

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Sir, this is our drawback that every author sketches a different portrait of a remedy after reading it in materia medica pura, Herring's guiding symptoms or Allen's encyclopedia. The most reliable sources of materia medica are these books containing proving collections. If you read Nux Vom in Boerike, Phatak, Lippe, Allen, Nash, Dewy, Taylor, Clark, Boeger or any else, the picture of Nux vom is different. Overall similarity is there, but fine characters are different. e. g. A rough sketch shows face of beutiful lady. But different interpretors may recognize her as Ms. x, Ms. y or Ms. z. But the general similarity is- The face is of a lady, she is beautiful and she is fair and so on. These generals, therefore, become important and only points to consider. In my opinion, we should study materia medica by different authors and try to interpret our own impression. Another way, may be the best, to study the provings of various remedies as given in above mentioned books.


 Dr Sajjad Sir,

                      Dr Sharma is correct here, If we left our source book materia medica pura, Herring's guiding symptoms or Allen's encyclopedia, There is no complete Materia medica, so every M.M have their own imporetance so we should consider all.

The following  remarks of Dr Kent's about the Materia Medica is worth contemplation for all of us.

"They are not offered as being complete digests of the various remedies, but simply as the examinations of some of the most salient points. A complete digest would be endless. If some of the younger practitioners and students of the Materia Medica shall meet the assistance in this work they have been looking for, it is all that can be expected. There is no royal road to a perfect understanding of the Materia Medica. It is tedious and drudgery at best, but no more so than any great science. Because of its greatness, many will fail to undertake it even when it is for the saving of life and lessening of suffering, yet many will not decline to offer their services to the people knowing full well and confessing ignorance openly that the methods they offer are inadequate, useless, and often destructive. Some profess not to believe in this careful way of analyzing the symptomatology, but if some easy method is offered for a pretended mastery of it .they wildly embrace it only to return to their primitive repulsive mental aversion crying out "sour grapes."

Exactly. None of the Materia Medica is complete.I use concordant Materia medica by Frans Vermeulen.For chronic diseases and to know all about the medicine, I always consult comprehensive MM based on proving, It helps me.


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