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Dear Homeopaths,

We come across many a patient in our day to day practice with various ailments but falling under certain "temperaments" which draw us close to a remedy. I have made an effort to study the personality of a character played by Shah Rukh Khan in the film "Darr". Hope you enjoy it.

Your feedback is welcome.


Dr.Venugopal Gouri


Dr.Venugopal Gouri

Associate Editor, Medicina Futura Homoeopathica

Organizing Secretary, The Andhra Pradesh Homoeopathic Association


“tu kisi aur ki ho na jaana, kuch bhi kar jaaonga main diwana,

maang loonga tujhe aasman se; cheen loonga tujhe is jahan se”

Darr is a Hindi movie released in 1991 with Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and Sunny Deol playing the lead roles. It is a narration of a young, obsessed individual smitten by the attraction towards a young girl and would go any extent to take her hand or when he finds that it is not possible can go to the extent of harming if not killing the person. No this is not to tell you the story of the movie but how this sometimes can mirror the society as the Directors of the movie usually argue when queried about the negativism and violence that is portrayed on the screen. With Nirbhaya episode in the minds of the people and many such instances continue to haunt and hurt us there is something each individual can do to undo such happenings in the time to come. But as Homeopaths we have a way to help too. In the sense that if such a temperament or a personality comes across in the clinician’s office there are wonderful homoeopathic remedies that can temper down the individual and alter his course of thinking.

The lines of the Hindi couplet at the beginning of this article literally mean the cry of the young man who is willing to do anything to gain the love of the young woman and literally snatch her away if necessary. This clearly portrays the desperation of the young, perverted mind; a psychopath who may be sweetly vulnerable to start with in trying to achieve his objective but when spurned away is unable to face the denial and goes into a shell only to turn into a stalking, risk-taking and a violent individual as the movie portrays.

This attitude of the individual brings in a bouquet of homeopathic remedies which can rise to the occasion in bringing a sense of peace and purpose into the young fellow’s mind when counselled appropriately along with the appropriate gentle remedies. Here is a young man who is intolerant of contradictions. He is not the typical Aurum who will dwell internally and could attempt suicide or atleast hurt himself. He is not the Ignatia personality who can get depressed, drool and dwell on the episode but remains to himself but does not have the tendency to hurt others. It is not the Natrum mur type where the wounds seem to fester continuously and at every instance of their lives the incidents come up to life and haunt them and they seem to “enjoy” dwelling in the past moments. Platina may mirror the arrogance and the inability to take “no” for an answer and is also contemptuous of the person she is in love with but still does not wholly encompass the colour of the issue. It cannot be the silent brooding type of Staphysagria where indignation rules roost and the fire seems to burn within, coming in the way of a happy life. It may not be truly Anacardium in the sense that the individual does show enough devil in him; somehow reason is always lacking and never gives into moments of normal thinking as the only angel that he can imagine is the young woman whom he is seeking much against the social norms as she is already betrothed to another gentleman. Much like this remedy this person does not feel remorse or repentant. He does show shades of Hepar sulph as he has to restrain himself from violence sometimes unsuccessfully so. Anger trespasses over reason and if he were to have an object in his hand he would hurl it at the person and not to forget that Hepar sulph is very intolerant of contradictions. He does lack emotional control as in Anacardium, Medorrhinum and Tuberculinum but does not have the anxiety of Argentum nitricum as the dejection in him sways his thoughts towards hurting the one whom he loves the most. A sense of indifference and apathy towards the one he admires the most is the characteristic when he is spurned away much like Helleborus. But this remedy has a delirium  and Sepia has indifference to loved ones as he is always preoccupied by one’s own health and circumstances. It can have symptoms of Flouric acid when indifference is nigh but this remedy gives into perversions which the person here does not actually have. He does have the shade of Lachesis when jealousy is very high and the feeling of insult that he feels is similar to what Nux vomica could feel. He may have an impulse to kill the person who contradicts him much like Mercurius. Here is a person with rage and mania with a single-minded obsession. He has the unsympathetic attitude like Chamomilla and Sepia. The violent mania is also much like Veratrum album and Stramonium but in both those remedies delirium is also manifest.

But if there is a remedy which probably encompasses most of the symptoms of the study of this character in the film that is seen in many an individual in the society; Hyoscyamus is the one that fits the bill to start with. In the sense the intolerance to contradiction, desire and impulse to kill, pathological jealousy, rage, anger, mania, apathy and indifference to the most loved, possessiveness, lack of feeling for the emotions of others and a tendency to go against the social norms is all well portrayed by this remedy. This has the power to sober down the maverick hero away from the hysteria and unreasonable attitude and afford him a sense of reasoning into his vacillating and scheming mind. Well, he stammers to add with …. K, K, … Kiran.

Having said that the study of the same temperament by another Homeopath could as well direct him to some other remedy and probably rightly so! Then again that is the beauty of our system of Medicine. But there can be only one thing for sure after the application of any other remedy which could be only a partial simillimum if at all. And that is inspite of the few symptoms in such a scenario that could be matching the character it will still pin him down and wean away the tempestuous temperament from him for the moment and still give a second chance for the Homeopath to follow up with some other remedy to clear up the persona. I, for one would feel that such circumstances can be best dealt with a sequential course of homeopathic remedies.

Whatever happens it would atleast have Nirbhaya still happy and chirpy and bloom in life even as Homeopathy fights the evil in the individual. 

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Good work.

I do see a very valid point where it is stated "I, for one would feel that such circumstances can be best dealt with a sequential course of homeopathic remedies." A very thought provoking article.Thank you Dr Venugopal.

Thank you Dr.Wequar.

Adding to what Dr Venugopal discussed in his post, i would mention the book by Catherine Coulter " Portrait of homeopathic medicines - psycho physical analysis of Arch types of selected constitutional types ".

If i remember correctly, she has discussed movie Characters such as Rhett Butler, played by late Clarke Gable in the famous classic "Gone with the wind".   

nice job Dr. Venugopal 


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