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We homeopaths need to laugh at ourselves. Although this link may give support to skeptics of homeopathy, I think that it is still funny:

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Rates 10 points in book! Really funny.
I think if your a homeopath you would see the humor in all this but for those NON homeopaths? I dont know-Thanks for posting that clip
Yes, I was laughing too and agree totally :) Laughing at ourselves is absolutely healthy. This kind of clips are also spreading the message of homeopathy and other alternative methods and thus are "seriously" usefull ;) And maybe with he humor "the deeper level knowledge" of the message will be delivered better "in" since it is clear that when laughing we are more relaxed and thus more receptive and open.
Fantastic Dana, this sort of attention is surely a good thing, professional people are reknowned for taking themselves far too seriously, this sort of coverage has got to help lighten the load, I see this as no different to comedians using any other profession as the butt of a joke, brilliant, and I'm sure it certainly had people debating! What I found particularly interesting was my physical response and mental shift as I was listening, there was a lot of challenge and questioning going on inside me! I am still smiling about it now. Let's spread those smiles!

I posted a comment, but do not know whether they will accept it.
If you register at the New York Times you can also post a positive comment about homeopathy for the world to read. You can also RATE UP the homeopathic comments!

This has become a popular satirical video on the healthcare system, CAM and homeopathy. The great thing is that humor is very healing and homeopaths are laughing along because they have a sense of humor.

Why are homeopaths laughing? Because they have confidence in their trained medical skills, know that homeopathy is based upon fundamental principles of healing, have witnessed incredible alleviation of symptoms in patients who have tried the traditional medical system, and their is a homeopathy world community of professionals who use this form of treatment for every illness from A-Z.

How does this video explain why 38% of adults in the US use CAM for health & wellness or to treat a variety of diseases & conditions; U.S. adults spent $33.9 billion out-of-pocket on visits 2 complementary & alternative medicine (CAM) and they spend $14.8 billion on non-vitamin, non-mineral, natural products like fish oil, glucosamine & Echinacea based upon a 2007 National Health Interview Survey. That is already old news. The amount spent and people seeking CAM is on the rise.
Great Idea? Laughing on self is not the work of Ordinary Mortals,one needs to have great heart to do so and when somebody learn to laugh on himself ,then he starts travelling on path of being extraordinary
Thank you. I have had a long hard day and you brought a smile...several.
It is funny.And yes, we can laugh on ourselves.But for sure there is a section of the society who draws sadistic pleasure out of such creations.


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