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What is the number of patients that may be taken care by a Homeopathic physician in a day?

What should the consultation fee be for an average Homeopath?

(It may vary from country to country)

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For everyday complaints like headache or fever etc, you cannot ask them to pay you the consultation fee like Rs 100 or 200 or more because from an allopathic store they can get the medicine just for few rupees like 5-10.Allopathic drugs are very cheap for common ailments and If you insist them to pay heavy amount  then they will leave you and you will lose the patient forever however, when they are disappointed by allopathy then you can earn money from them.

While treating chronic diseases we can earn money. For chronic diseases my consultation fee including medicine for 20days is Rs; 1200 and for poor less than that.

Patients do not wait for more than 15 minutes for their turn therefore, it is essential that you should be able to decide the curative remedy within 15 minutes. If you are alone ,without any assistant then 10-20 patients are enough and if you are combo prescriber then there is no limit because 5 minutes are sufficient for every patient.

Thank you Dr Sajjadakaram , for your frank opinion.


I would say that a Homeopath, let's say that is not a beginner, could take care between 5 and 10 patients in a day, with consultation (1 hours - 1.5 hours). The long-term "overdose" of patients may certainly decrease the ability to listen and will have negative effect on concentration. Dispersion is a big enemy. Sajjadakram says 20. It's quite enough.

At the other hand, today is very difficult to say what would be the normal consultation fee because there are many poor people who can't pay even that fee, which is normal but for them is a huge expenditure. If a Homeopath has his/her Professional Homeopathic Medicine Cabinet, it can be built in the consultation fees, naturally. It's always useful to tell them in the end of the consultation (or write for them) what to do in certain cases. An example: our beloved Granny is 88 years old, she is very well and is being taken care only with Homeopathy for many years. Few days earlier she had a heavy dizziness after midnight. It was because of the sudden weather change to warm. I gave to her Carbo Vegetabilis C 12 - 2x 5 globules that day, as earlier when she felt similar after she came back from the garden from heavy sun. Here comes the detail on which i reflected above. In this particular symptom (dizziness, puffing of the vines, powerlessness) the remedies must be dissolved in 2 dl of water and drink it whiff after whiff, slowly and not at once as the effect is almost immediate contrary to the intake of the pills as usual. The very first time when she needed Carbo Vegetabilis C 12, we gave her the globules to swallow, which worked but wasn't that scenic.

The details are very important and these details are not unequivocal as they come to surface during the communication between Homeopath and the Patient i.e. when the patients call the Homeopath because they start to think in a Homeopathic way and start to ask smart questions. These expenditures and the time could be spared.







Thanks Dr. Viktor for your valuable inputs.


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