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I was going through some news on the net when I came accross this news about an Indonesian man called by name "Tree Man." I was very much moved by the news and was thinking how to approach Homeopathically in such case. For a beginner homeopath like me, it would be a good point to discuss with the experienced homeopaths and would definitely add to our knowledge. It would be really wonderful if he gets cured with homeopathic medicines. I highly appreciate if we get some input on this by other experienced Homeopaths.

News Article: Please visit the link for detail story.



Akshatha Moodubelle: 10 Year Girl Suffering from Rare Dry Broken Skin Disease

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Gina, Is there any way to we can reach this you had mentioned that you trained some doctors during the Tsunami and the docs is Indonesia are following the Homeopathic mode of alternative medicine since then? If any one of them who would be interested in taking the detail case and we can discuss it and can send the remedy from here.
Today when I had been to grocery store and saw some pumpkins with multiple outgrowths on it like a beaded necklace on it.So can we say that it too must have caused due to use of pesticides and that must have made the structural changes in them.I would like to ask is if we give Homeopathic "specifics " to the plants?can you give me some references where Homeopathy was used in plants for better yield of crops or such type of Warts in pumpkins?
Thanks for allthe valuable discussions.
Dr Nirupama ~ Please join the PLANTS & HOMEOPATHY GROUP. There is plenty of information there. There are a number of experts in this field of agrohomeopathy
Thanks Debby for the information.I have now joined the group and will go through the discussions.Thanks for providing us a platform thr HWC.It helps us to learn so many things.
Dear Dr. Desai
you posted:"Gina, Is there any way to we can reach this you had mentioned that you trained some doctors during the Tsunami and the docs is Indonesia are following the Homeopathic mode of alternative medicine since then? If any one of them who would be interested in taking the detail case and we can discuss it and can send the remedy from here....................................."
my reply;
There are NO trained classical Homeopaths to deal with this in Java.
No schools,no clinics,no hospitals,no literature-
Indonesia is a massive country of 17,000 islands,Java being only one of those islands. The word HOMEOPATHY is not even listed in their kamus(dictionary) MD's dont know what Homeopathy is,Only acute cases are seen by lay homeopaths in "Bali".No bahasa indonesian homeopathic books are avail.
No remedies avail.
This country is in desperate need of teachers/classical homeopaths.
My visits are not long enough to teach complex miasmatic protocal,something not even the average Classical homeopath fully understands.
Nov 27th 2009 report-
AN Indonesian villager dubbed "Tree Man" for massive bark-like warts growing on much of his body may be barred from travelling to the United States to receive treatment, a report said today.
Woody growths entirely cover 32-year-old Dede's hands in long, root-like tendrils that leave him unable to work - except as a member of a travelling freak show. He was in a Discovery Channel documentary this month.

In-depth coverage: Latest news about "Tree Man"
Video: Meet Tree Man

"We're clear about not giving them (US doctors) permission to bring Dede to the US," health ministry spokeswoman Lily Sriwahyuni Sulistiyowati was quoted as saying by Warta Kota daily.

"Moreover, people like Dede, who live in small villages, don't want to be taken away, especially to give blood samples. Normally village people don't easily give foreigners permission to test their blood," she said.

Anthony Gaspari, a dermatologist from the University of Maryland, examined Dede as part of the documentary.

He believes the massive growths are a combination of the human papilloma virus,(sycotic miasm)

which causes warts, and a genetic disorder that means his immune system is too weak to fight them off.

Mr Gaspari said he was disappointed by the reported health ministry decision but said it would not stop his initial plan to treat his condition.

Mr Gaspari said he was in negotiations with a US pharmaceutical company to provide Dede with an ongoing supply of vitamin A, which would hopefully boost his immune system and hinder the growth of the warts.

"My initial plan would be to send medication to Indonesia to a local doctor to administer," he said. "If it doesn't work I won't have any choice but to try to get him over here."

Possible alternative treatments, such as chemotherapy, carried higher risks and needed to be closely monitored outside Indonesia, Mr Gaspari said.

Genetic testing would also require fresh blood samples, which meant they would have to be taken in the United States, he added.

"I suppose at a university in Indonesia it's maybe possible to do the testing, I just don't know whether the expertise would be available," he said.
Gina. I'd like to ask you whether this case falls into Leprous-type miasm because he becomes 'Cast-Out' of his society? And even for treatment they are afraid of 'contagious disease'. He becomes a freak, ugly, abnormal and all the descriptions of a leper with growths. I may be wrong and it is just sycotic due to the appearance of 'warts'.
Dear Members

the case has to be taken in full, and then the correct remedy found, which should not be all that difficult,. even though I never saw such a thing before.

A quick look into the Wart remedies reveals, that it is not neccessarily Sycosis.

Remedies such as: Ars, Bell, Calc, Caust, Dulc, Hep, Nat-c, Nit-ac, Phos-ac, Rhus, Sep, Sulph, Thuj,but also: ant-c, Bar, chel, Cupr, lach, lyc, nat-m, petr, phos, ruta, sil, staph, have worked wonders.
Dr.Nirupama- Thank you for bringing this case to HWC forum.
We all know that It is a sycotic miasm and finding solution with Homeopathy is the best, safe, natural way of healing. As surgery doesn’t help and it will drive the disease inwards.
I think it would be good idea if we do as advised by Dr. Wequar contacting master homeopaths (Dr S K Banerjea, Dr A U Ramakrishan,Dr Sankaran and Dr Farokh J Master) for this complex case. And good remedy selection comes only after we take complete case…so we need to get his detailed case from Homeopathic perspective (which seems to be tough)
Gina and several others have explained their views and the disease condition very well….Thanks.
Dear Dr.Nirupama Desai,
I am sure to get positive response.-Dr.Suresh Jain.
Thank you so much for your reply sir.The only problem is how to reach that person and somebody in Indonesia who can watch the prognosis of the case is big question.I highly appreciate your reply.Lets see if find any possible solution to reach him.
Dr. Nirupama said:"The only problem is how to reach that person and somebody in Indonesia who can watch the prognosis of the case is big question....................................."
My reply;
Getting the remedy to him is actually not the problem. I have used a driver for my trip to Bandung Java. He knows this area well and can most likely take the remedy to him if its sent to the drivers office (HE is nOT a homeopath) office.
The massive problem is;
testing the initial remedy prescription
removal of causefactors
removal of maintaining factors
second prescription
follow up monotoring
analysis of progress
analysis of aggravation
satelite remedies
acute remedies
varied potency changes need to be applied
imput from the patient needs to be weekly,monthly,ongoing
it will take many years to reverse this predisposition
Dear Gina, I agree with you and its not only the prescription but the followups and the management of the case after first Prescription and it needs close monitoring and study.


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