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Parents wary of H1N1 vaccine
Tuesday, October 13, 2009 | 11:02 PM

By Dr. Jay Adlersberg
NEW YORK (WABC) -- According to the Centers for Disease Control, the group that had the worst turnout for the seasonal flu last year was children between 5 and 17. There is no doubt that parents all want to protect their kids.
Amy Milstein is the mother of two. Maya is 9 years old and Ben is 5. She home schools her children. Her pediatrician is a homeopathic doctor. It is unusual, perhaps. But what is not unusual is her attitude toward the H1N1 vaccine. She's not going to get it or have her kids get it.

"The history in my family is that the year everyone got flu shots was the year everyone got sick," she said. "And that could be a coincidence, but it's influenced how I think about flu shots."

Coincidence most likely, but apparently many other parents think as Amy does.

A recent Harvard study found that that four of 10 parents are not certain they will vaccinate their children, despite the disturbing CDC numbers. . .


Let's support and applaud Amy for being so outspoken. Amy is on staff at Center for Preventative Medicine

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